Brake Replacement

Brake Replacement

Let’s talk brakes. How long yours last depends on where, what and how you drive. City traffic, steep grades, towing, hauling and aggressive driving can all shorten the life of your brakes. Here are six warning signs. One: strange sounds. Two: vibration in your steering wheel. Three: a mushy or pulsating brake pedal. Four: pulling to one side when braking. Five: a hot burning smell. And six: your brake warning light. Addressing these issues quickly will do more than help you stop safely. It can also help you avoid a more costly repair. Here’s why. Most vehicles have disc brakes that work kind of like the brakes on a ten-speed bike. Calipers, with brake pads, clamp down on a disc called a rotor to stop your vehicle. The brake pads wear out over time. Wait too long to replace these inexpensive pads and you may end up damaging your more expensive calipers and rotors. So come on. Pay attention to your brakes. You’ll be safer on the road, and keep more cash in your wallet. Bring your vehicle to the Mopar brake specialists at your local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or Fiat dealer. We’ll check your calipers, your brake pads and your rotors. We’re factory trained and use original equipment parts.

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