Blockman Capital Bitcoin review clients 071119

Blockman Capital Bitcoin review clients 071119

Welcome to Blockman capital analysis, today we’re returning to Bitcoin on behalf of our clients and we’re looking at the 15 minute chart here. Now what we have is the initial volatility that we reported back on the 25th and 22nd of October. Interestingly, since then, what we’re getting into is a much more tightening range, a consolidation pattern. Now, why is that important? We know from experience we’ve seen this a number of times through the course of this year. The longer that this consolidation pattern holds, the bigger the move at the far end of it. Now, does that mean that it’s going to happen in the next day or two, It may well do. It could be a week or so. It’s very difficult to gauge. Where we are at the moment and the position that we’re taking we have stop sell and stop buy orders either side at this price pattern at the moment. What that means is we’ve essentially got very little risk on the table at the moment. But when the market moves, as we believe it’s going to in a sharp manner, we will pick up the position in the direction that the trade moves, the price moves on. We will capitalise on that on behalf of our clients. Thanks very much.

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