Bitcoin's Next TITANIC Trade! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin's Next TITANIC Trade! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crowns critter cave and back again with some more video analysis because well bitcoins actually been moving once again so I've actually been playing options on this because I really don't like being short you know this market right now but if I do have to play some downside I'll do with options so I'll be showing that in this video and of course being doing a little bit of analysis well I'm gonna try to keep this one on the shorter side I understand that I do say that all the time so probably but doesn't mean all that much but I really do want to make a conscious effort I've been spending all day actually putting together my office setting so I am actually going coming back to these charts fresh so it's a little bit of surprised me see Bitcoin where it is but also happy just based off my own positions anyways so with all that without further ado I do want to be the best I do want to wish you all as you know as always just wishing you well the best the best the haps is the happiest as we say and I'll initiate that good old teleportation I'll see you in the live scene and come on baby show me where the money is there it is so this is what I typically do when I want to play counter to the overall macro trends so in this situation because the macro trend has been to the upside if I want to play some short side you know activity I'll do it with options here so I basically have a up strangle and then shorten short every strike really really bad trading but overall working out running about a half Bitcoin profit right now so quite happy with that and overall you know been taking profit along the way so so pretty so I was pretty satisfied with that and so with Bitcoin looking the way that it does on the charts right and over here I really don't want to I really don't want it I I really just don't want to play either side I want to kind of sit back and watch as my phone blows up once again holy man I need a god neither I need to destroy my phone no more no more of these god-awful sounds in my face anyways umm I'm so happy to almost be done with my office but still have so much more but finally got this goddamn desk done holy man am i proud of myself it professional at IKEA services anyways what I really want to focus on today is the daily actually because the overall picture I do feel quite confident it's a lower timeframe which they're flighty and floating very variable right now so overall looking at the daily right here I do identify this as a symmetrical triangle now these are equal opportunities social justice warded patterns that typically are technically speaking have about equal chance to break out to the upside as I do the downside these statistics will technically be a little bit more on the side of the former trend in this case to the upside and the measure move is the same both ways so this one's pretty damn simple right here if we can actually close a you know a Daily Double or even a 12-hour dildo above about 12,500 maybe even a four-hour double as well you know you know being a little bit of ggressive in this region probably not probably probably not too bad would incite would would ignite a measure move all the way towards 14,500 by the same token this could vary this this could just as easily break out to the downside at that point in time we actually do see some nice structure some nice structural matching up with the tentacles here it just starts sorry structure coming from right and over here I do apologize from you know messing around my words still would you fill a little bit of lack of sleep over here and also still in the mood of building this desk oh my god I'm so happy about it though wow it's amazing man so much more space and yes this would be pointing down all the way towards about ninety four ninety five hundred does match up with the structure right here that we broke out of from what is it June yeah about middle of June so I wouldn't you know I would like both of those they do make sense from a more long-term perspective and more importantly you know I could judge the breakage of this to the downside not only if we actually break this this diagonal trendline right here which I typically don't like diagonal trend lines but also the yellow 21x entry mean average which is much more important to me as that's kind of like my governor for overall trend and you do see that you know technically speaking we are still technically still creating higher lows but remember that will be destroyed if we actually even just tick below this last prior low from about June or side July fifth which would be about ten thousand seven hundred sixty one on G Dax coinbase and that's also gonna likely be confluent with breaking the yellow twenty one I spent renewed average on the daily so whichever one happens first you know could you make this decision on a lower timeframe probably yes but technically you know if you want to be more conservative then then you know you know a daily is what you should be or is is what you're technically supposed to be doing but I do think that it would be appropriate be a little bit more aggressive just because the market is it's very very very very unforgiving with its moves right now extremely quick and extremely volatile and well that's why I be like the Bitcoin but it works both ways right anyways look at our mommy also does right here we do see daily so still to the upside so you know I you know as crazy as it sounds while Bitcoin is within this consolidation period right here which also looking at historical volatility percentile you're extremely red right now and we're still blow that moving average so we are we are quite literally consolidating I would say that it is you know I to kind of run with that symmetrical trying coming off of a you know off of an uptrend technically a bullpen it if you want to call you know if you want to call a spade a spade now does that mean that I'm like full-on gung-ho bullish right here and not necessarily but you know based off the higher time frame is that that would be my first that would have to be my first term tation bearish is what I would you know I've been avoiding the term bearish but I would get bearish we actually do break this area right here because that would really start to break structure and you know yes I would expect to bounce down around 9,500 ish region 9400 region whatever it ends up being but I do think that that bounce would end up failing we perhaps she you know accelerate lower so again you know this market is is is is that a turning point and whichever way that you kind of have your bias right now it doesn't really matter the way to trade this is the same I mean it's quite simple this is why I like these triangles it triangles are the one patterns that actually do have a lot of faith in you know most patterns I don't give a about most powder and traders I think well they yeah I don't know too many of them I do know some of them it certainly can be done but I definitely don't know too many of them but I like how it matches up the tentacles here and in overall to me this is you know this would be my first rotation of this and you know if we break out to the downside looking for looking for a big bad flush to the downside if we break up to the upside well glory times once again to new highs for the year so that's what I'd be looking at we are testing the supports right now so it's the support of the diagonal would technically be somewhere right around about eleven thousand three hundred although I do think it's more appropriate to use the yellow 21 right here on the daily which is about eleven thousand about eleven thousand two hundred so if we do close any daily doulas below there that's gonna be an issue we haven't done that since since this kind of like stutter step right here in June in early June and more and more importantly you know if we really do start to flood below this area we are gonna start to create you know lower lows which well that's the beginning of a downtrend well I mean we have our first lower high right here for credit lower low well there's your downtrend and it's time to you know that then I'll actually put on some real shorts right now I'll just do things with options so again this is why I love options right here just a very very deductive way of trading I don't really have to worry all that much and when I'm kind of putting together a massive desk which I did not realize how big this thing was gonna be holy man but you know when I'm doing it an activity like that I'd rather do it with options just because it gives me a lot more you know play with how to kind of manage this and taking some profit on this in fact you know I really dislike having I do I really dislike having like this open let me just actually I want to buy these back right now how many do I have like two she left yeah I'm two left so I had like five or ten earlier but been buying some of them back these 12,500 strike calls and I'll probably buy these back as well because why the not and let's see these 12 these 12,000 strike right here mmm I mean that's pretty much just premium right there now isn't it so I'll buy them back for for not point out not to five and do a five lot right there again just want just want to kind of reduce Delta's overall I want to go back to neutral I'm happy with that PL and I'm happy to pull that back in so yeah you know that's a daily right there I think the daily is the most easy one and if you want to just kind of cut off the video right now you certainly you very well could that is the basis of what we're looking at now we'll go down to the we'll go down to the lower timeframes like I said I won't be spending too much time on the higher time frames during this video but going back to bit Mexico right here you do see that actually this four-hour technically has not broken the blue box territory to see that we have an hour and 15 minutes left and 24 seconds if it actually does close below 11,000 for 250 then it will be broken I would be looking for that next move down well I mean we already kind of got this moved down right into this blue box territory right here we actually worked up a little bit higher but overall you know and you know until it's actually breaks I wouldn't be you know wouldn't be front run any decisions in fact this is actually a little bit lower than what than what I have designed or designated here as I do realize well how lenient you want to be you know what no I think it'd be more appropriate to be more aggressive with this one so you know what I'll keep it right here and and keep it safe and Safie so 11,400 technically we're above it right now any sort of a closure below then we got some problems so let's go down to the to our to our to actually losing its footing as well do so now we have had multiple or sorry we've had it we've had opens and closed we have a we've had our first open and closed below the white tron is simple or sorry did we have one right over here yes we did have one right over here okay nasty typically when that happens we actually do get a free ride to the blue 3 and said I spent forever so again I'll put put on these movie now just right here but what I'm talking about is these guys which are really been governing price action and giving us great insights of what the bolts and augers are doing within this market for the past six months you know ever since we've switched around the overall trend to the upside in what was it that looks like it's got filled here nice pulling points more in so my piano will diminish it a little bit more and that's okay anyways you know you know ever since we kind of switched around in uh in February to the upside the white Ron had simple in the in the blue three seven seven have been great insights into what the big BOTS and augers are doing as each and every time that we break the white Trin and simple we get a flush down to the to the blue three seven time community and when I say break I mean like multiple opens and closes below which we're actually kind of looking at right now and then again and then price action gets really mode on the along the blue three seven seven I spent remember so that's all the way down here you know you see an example right here not the most not the most impressive but the rest are we do see this example right here breaks below the white turn is simple boom down at three seven seven right back above the white turn is simple and massive girthy grain dildo party shish kebob ian all sorts of bearish bungholes along the way i have your salmon up your asshole my friends then that doesn't even make any sense then you know same thing right over here breaks and white turn it simple down into three seven seven re accumulate a little bit of time test it multiple times spend some time with in this region back up above the white tron it simple and then for a nice what four thousand dollar moved from 53 to almost nine thousand and then same thing brought in over here you know you get the idea i've been doing this for a while or sorry present this for a while super already know unless you're new here well in that case i want to say hey welcome good to meet you ha anyways you know the same thing right here breaks below the white turn it simple reunites all in the same area and then back up and on but for about a six thousand dollar move and then same thing a little bit more recently right here breaking for about a few thousand dollar move here yeah about three thousand dollar move here and then now we've actually broken the miter net simple once again so do we get that flush back down to the to the blue three seven expert remove damaged around ten thousand seven hundred do you kind of count that you know that last week that we got down to about ten thousand nine as a test like that i think that you could make the argument for that i think it would be appropriate to say something like that because what I'm really focused on right here is actually all of our low time low time frame mommy also there's a the mom y'all says the momentum also does a good old chick antennas also is that snapping fingers mom get me my goddamn chicken Tenney's and clean out my flesh like you lazy bitch I'm not paying you five Nana's proud for nothing I'll pay nothing bitch just kidding okay terrible just to be making my god if my mom is listening right now I apologize but you know stop being lazy anyways yeah looking at our to our Stokes they are actually pointed up right now and confirmed up even with the price actually drooping down and we have hourly a loudly coming down right now but it's a two hour in the three hour that I'm focusing on and the two hours and three hour both are kind of like looking like they want to come up to our obviously already fall in three three hour it looks like it wants to as well and then for our kind of lose momentum at the same time so usually when I see those line up especially with the hourly on the same side so it's not just it's not just those I'm gonna see all for those line up we typically do you know put in lows I mean that actually like the last signature that we had like that was actually right around here as you can see on your for our Stokes coming all the way down here very very similar same area and you know three hour you know we're the first we're obviously little bit before that right and over here the this is a signature that we're looking at and you see like the same sort of stutter step within this region kind of like my stupid stutter as well which is quite embarrassing but and then to and then to our right here you know same sort of st. you know same sort of signature that we're seeing right on over here and then hourly of course well the out of these gonna be all over the place but you get my point so you know I I don't want to be long I don't want to be short if I had to do something you know I would have longed ten thousand ten thousand or sorry eleven thousand eleven thousand one hundred alongside the daily twenty one which I did do on my main account and I ended up just scalping that out I don't really want to hold anything ended up putting on a bunch of options positions and now just kind of letting it ride and closing them now what I'm thinking right now is that if we actually do regain the to our two hundred again this this white moving average right here which is currently around eleven thousand six fifty then I probably will go long again but right now I mean at the end of the day really I'd be just as happy to play the overall pattern you know I stole my Long's from much much much much much lower which having no really no real reason to let go them and I'm just realizing I have no water here so man this is definitely to be a shorter string because well I am I really am I really AM down thirsty right now I didn't drink a I I have like some sort of OCD autism with putting together this desk like I couldn't stop and do anything else in between then it's like what the is wrong with you crown why are you talking to you sir from third as well he's equally as moronic anyways so yeah lower timeframes are looking to me like they are losing momentum here as we kind of crash down and in tests some major supports if you look at the volume signature right here on the lower timeframes in confluence with the historical volatility percentile I would still say that we are actually consolidating funnily enough or perhaps not funnily enough for for some out there depending upon your disposition but if Bitcoin can pop back above eleven thousand eight hundred I would be very comfortable with calling this will local low and that we are going to come back up and test twelve thousand as a target and twelve thousand three hundred would be would be second target for that but that would again that that that would imply that we actually get back above eleven thousand eight hundred first that happens then yes because I'll be happy with that we do see bullish divergence on the hourly right here higher lows on the also there with lower lows and price action what about the two hour do you have any bullish divergence here a little bit but we don't have a local low confirm just yet so it doesn't really count and that means that the three hour is gonna be the same thing actually the three hour tour did simple also getting a price section very very well as well I've redone it see once again but you get my point right this is actually been a pretty damn good you know pretty damn good moving average for the past well for this past fall mark cycle actually you see a kind of accumulating price action it does it does kind of break it a few times here and there but overall each and every time that gets around there that's where momentum is kind of lost to the downside and things get wreaking mode so what am I saying essentially like am I suggesting that bitcoins definitely gonna bounce up from here and 100% has to go up no absolutely not at all I'm just saying that if we do start to really break these areas especially if we break that the the three seven seven exponentially damaged on the two hour that's a change behavior because we just we don't really see that happening all that much for the past six months we see a couple of closes below but we don't see any open and close below and that's what I need to see if we see an opening close below this area then we have a change of behavior the bolts and August have kind of left the buy-side they forsake in the bowls and it's time to be well perhaps a little bit more bearish once again so yeah that's that's all that's all well and good I do want to get on and cover a little bit more of the medium timeframes put back on these movement averages right here and there we go and I think I'm gonna actually be able to keep this one a little bit on the shorter side I'm really happy about it today we do see six hours six hours saying anything here and not so much six hour Stokes nose-diving but those haven't been to act same thing with the arrow as well a tower actually is printing a decent well yeah yeah I don't I don't put too much weight on this it's really the low time frames actually the two hour and the hourly funnily enough are really getting the historico volatility percentile right and you me do you see this nice orderly drop-off in the storica volatility percentiles so I'd still have to say that we're overall consulting this was you know if this just kind of stops here then that's well that's a pretty damn good signal that this is still you know actually to be interpreted with a bullish twist just very very nasty drop-offs we I mean I I understand that we do see increasing voluntour the downside here but it needs to be taken in consideration of the whole and so that is you know I trust historical volatility percentile more more than more than what we see on the volume signature here I should bring up the let me actually bring up these the the the what's it called the expected moves sharp one second let's get this guy running over there and zoom in come on baby show it to me show these inspector moves yeah you do see them getting extremely well so again when whenever we play between the first standard deviation that to me is a clear and obvious signal that we're consolidating you know just by the measurement of it I mean you get you get very you know you only get to the second standard deviation or the third standard deviation for during very very very very nasty price action which happens you know putting on highs right here putting on you know low you know lows to the downside right and over here what you can't see too well but you get my point right those are outliers but when we're just playing with in the first standard deviation the 68% you know most likely area with regards to historical volatility its it suggests that we're likely consulting so I would still kind of hold back here from making any sort of brash any sort of like brash claims that you know bitcoins gonna gonna dump down to like 9500 or 8500 I know the area where I start to in corporate that believe but for right now not so much it's more of a hey if this happens then I'd be looking for it but until that happens I mean realistically the one of the better positions right now is just cash really so I don't you know if if you're kind of on the sidelines and just watching I think that that's completely valid like I said the two areas of action are just are so well defined for me and and if one of these things happens I will take positions I will actually take a short if we actually do break this area I mean we'll end up doing it with options as well yeah probably just end up doing it with options just in case again I'm you know I'm pretty happy with the results for the past six months just straight to the upside just like I was happy with the results from the bear market you know right now it's kind of the time to sit back enjoy your profits and you know play a few positions here and there but I really want to see the market resolve itself it's the higher time frames that are going to dictate the the trend here and the daily obviously the this formation right here gonna be of great importance I think also it is worth it is worth mentioning I said I wouldn't talk about any of the higher time frames but it is worth mentioning that the weekly troll under bands are gonna come into play here as well you do see another rejection from the top troll under band but remember it still is still it's still a while until the end of the week at Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time if we do crawl our way back up towards 12,500 an actually close above the top Trender band then I'd say you know that's that's obviously gonna also be breaking the the formation that we saw but so then we have tentacles lining up with it as well so you know that's that's really what I'm looking for so I like how tentacles line up on both sides 200 bands you know gonna be closing outside the top during very strong trends as well right here as well right here as we saw in 2017 as well and to the downside as well but my point is that a little bit of patience here can go a long way I'm very happy to just watch and in wait and just do things with options and kind of let the chips fall where they may not gonna get the person not not gonna get the best entry of all time not gonna be non-gay not gonna get a perfect entry but that's not what I'm that's not what I'm looking for right now what I'm looking for is to protect the profits from the uptrend that's what I'm looking for right now and again I think a lot of people fall into this trap of always need to be in position I mean you don't always need to be in position ma'am in fact I'd like to say this a lot it's almost more important to know when to not be in fact I'd say it's maybe even more important to know let's go check out seme futures for a second how these guys doing 11,500 30 so chill trading a little bit of a premium about 200 bucks and their where's the 21 they're about a hundred bucks lower than spot so that's very strange we see CMA futures trading at $100 premium but the moving average is actually hundred dollars lower that's strange that's very very strange so see any features do you have a little bit more leeway here we do see however that daily stoves are me crossing down so if we do actually see this confirmed which I believe confirms in about four minutes yeah in about four minutes at 7 p.m. Eastern a time then that would be a little bit more nasty probably get another test down here but again it's you know it's a weekly that I'll be going off of and the weekly here gonna be closing tomorrow at 7 p.m. Eastern Time remember that the weekly is actually pretty damn close to the same area so I would still be waiting for the weekly to kind of set itself in stone before making any sort of major positions and you know the DeLorean trade is is is is here once again holy man but this these messages don't stuff oh my god oh my god I'm saying yeah I I don't think I think I'll have to close down my inbox just from my own mental sanity it's it's it's it's it's in no way intended to be offensive towards I mean it's just I think that I need to take care of my own life a little bit you know it's like I think you need to answer some messages from like Elsa and Jesus Christ man it's never-ending anyways taking these guys off and let's go check out GBC clothes for the day 1489 so big massive girthy well technically Green dildo down but Sal you know it's cloak closed down on the day of course you know I do think that it's kind of setting up for a test down here actually let's go down to a 4-hour see how he's doing um yeah week I would say very week we do see four-hour Stokes actually having a fresh cross set downside don't like that what about to our yeah to our looks quite quite weak as well again it doesn't really lead price action but we do see it you know we do see kind of everything moving in unison let's go check out gold for a second just cuz golden Bitcoin have been moving so so synonymously together and we see a sell-off and gold as well does gold come back down in tests around 1397 1395 I think actually quite likely you know overall I am bullish on gold but you know we have that you even have the same formation you're a nice little symmetrical triangle rising bottoms being governed by the 21 exponential moving average is actually technically you know 1393 1394 perhaps a target for this one but still in an overall consolidation and until actually break this one way the other I don't really have a strong opinion on it if we do break to the downside would would look pretty nasty down to 1345 dragged out to the upside I'm looking at a move towards like fourteen seventy or fourteen eighty some like that so go check out link BTC link um you know still hold on to lows here as long you know as long as we don't take out the wake of yesterday at 23,000 I do think that it probably tries some upside I'm curious what the lower timeframes look like lower timeframes look droopy probably does probably does sweep the lows once again at 23500 but I'm not so confident that it breaks it right here I think I think very likely sweeps lows but I actually think that it probably tries to bounce there first and foremost what about car Johnny Oh card ano actually looking like it wants to bounce probably some bullish divergence here definitely does I'd say bounce target first target would be about 603 and we'll reassess from there if it if they got sir I can't really trust the the alternative coins they know the coins that well of course you know the reason why I say that it's not because I hate Cardoni or anything like that it's because the Bitcoin dominus chart is bullish as well is it is it finding the local high in the lower timeframes kind of we do see some bearish divergence here so I do think a pullback which would which would be good for the alts which we do see that card some like our doneΓΆ so most alter probably to be trying to put imbalances here but higher time frame still very much bullish so I do have an issue with that do you think that it still kind of reaches towards that 69 region the measure move off both this flag and this and I believe this was a special trying right here as well or or what was it sorry is in ascending triangle actually anyways what else we got baby BMP cone mr. C's Czech coin um probably just try to bounce here balance target may be back around 30 30 and a half bucks then reassess from them Z cash would see cash doing probably tries to bounce from here as well mmm 91 91 and a half dollars where I'd be looking towards but overall not and not a huge fan of that show be cash be cash really really taken it on the chin wow the weekly is atrocious here the weeklies very bad if the weekly closes anywhere below 343 345 I'd be bearish on this one actually coming down much further towards 290 would be first target and a potential targeted after that of 245 250 Tron Tron probably does try to bounce here as well but made a resistance that to spot 9 and 2 to 9 and a half looks like it just closed some more nice ok good alright so close those puts oh nice and got and got rid of some of that as well Oh beautiful man beautiful actually while there while the our buyers here let me get rid of the rest of this thank you oh wait I don't mean to go long mmm studies back well might as well just keep them long they're they're worthless they're they're worthless but I'll just keep I didn't realize I only had three fair enough them all good I can give a little bit back maybe maybe things you know maybe it's a little bit of a lottery ticket but those things are all premium right now they're only gonna be worth the parity at at expiration Terron gonna be bouncing off this area too to spot seven 200 simple on the on the daily so do you think that we get a little bit of love here maybe back up to 2 and 2 9 to 9 and a half neo what's neo doing and taking on the chin as well bouncing off this horizontal I don't know when I did this chart but still working I do you know bounce target potentially 15 bucks and then we'll reassess from there again the most of marks just gonna fall whatever bitcoins doing so Bitcoin the leader the rest mostly followers EOS hidden hidden art hidden are more bearish targets down to low $4 for 30 weekly looking pretty bad here I think that the weekly I think the weekly does bounce here maybe but maybe about two like five dollars five and a quarter but I do think that there is more downside to come actually weekly Stokes headed just nose dive in here weekly RSI headed towards bearish control zone breaking all major moving averages no support to be found this one this one can take a little bit more of a tumble towards maybe four dollars even to 380 overtime not happening tomorrow but like over the next few weeks perhaps again good bet easier to watch Bitcoin though she's either a lot of Bitcoin same thing for mr. ripples nipples I do think you know probably does try to piece together balance here but major resistance now like 34 and a half to 35 Sen and I do think that we fulfilled this target down here like 30 cents to 28 20 and a half cent over time again not not today not tomorrow but over time most likely but again you know if Bitcoin Bitcoin turns around it you know the rest of Mark can ride is strength looking at Manero cash here what do we have they're actually holding up relatively well strong support at 83 so as long as 83 does not break couldn't cut you know could put in some time here what does a weekly look like weekly yeah weekly just kind of bouncing off supports right here so you know as long as we have weekly supposed above eighty two and a half I give it the benefit of the doubt but again if Bitcoin let's take a tumble this thing very likely to stellar what stellar doing ooh really breaking it now so my rule is is that I don't I don't short into the turrets join it simple on the weekly until we actually like fully get a closure below it and it looks like that I'm actually might be happening now I don't I don't trade this thing to begin with now you probably do get it bounced within this region maybe back up to nine nine spot three but overall I think that it probably does make its way further down towards like eight spot to not so strong what about missus like point at mr. Budrow oh man I say I've saved the best for last yeah this is like coin just absolutely Shrek down there down to the downtown to the weekly twenty one so why do you think that we bounce here I do think that we try a little bit more upside perhaps back up to you know mid mid 100 or so not me all times but like 105 maybe 109 you know I you know what the best but you know overall fresh though across to the downside mmm weekly Stokes really losing the exponential here I'm not a fan of what I'm saying I do think that it tries to balance here though to be fair 100-106 first target maybe 110 if you know if it gets there and then we'll reassess what it what about mr. beter all 267 spot to yet breaking his formation as well maybe it bounced back up to 270 275 but I would be looking for big resistance there if the rest of mark comes down you can you'll likely find this one at 250 but again if Bitcoin does pull through you'll see this one rise up as well it's still above all major moving averages on the weekly so I want to get to bearish on it if it does but if it does close this next weekly dildo below to 65 to 66 then yes I would be very bearish on if looking for a move towards 230 and probably beyond over time but right now it's kind of you know it's Jesus Christ man yeah it's it's it's kind of in a decision phase so again just easier to watch Bitcoin so speaking of speaking of the the master of ceremonies here mr. Bitcoin himself like I said you know we can look at all the fun stuff on the lower timeframes which i guess i'll briefly just touch on once again if we do see a hourly or two if we just see an hourly tick above eleven thousand eight hundred I do think that we'd initiate and move towards twelve thousand one hundred and then probably would be the first target and then twelve thousand four hundred twelve thousand five hundred would be second target I mean that would confirm this as a local low here if we just take above eleven thousand eight hundred but as of right now we're about 500 bucks below that pivot so to me this actually looks looks looks like it has some venom on it so again for for myself I you know we can talk about all the fun stuff in the lower timeframes if we do you know technically speaking it's historically it's it's actually a little more likely to come back down and sweep the 377 at about ten seven ten eight but what I would say is in he'll be playing as myself is first and foremost with options just a lot more of an easy way of doing this so I've taken off almost half my profit now I just you just actually realizing that you know it's important to realize your right as I think a lot of people are finding out after this massive hunt right here after everyone got really really really really really bullish which you know long-term I am really bullish on this but remember you know this this thing hit our prior high essentially and hit a major measured move based off this area right here while everyone was getting bullish you know we knew that it was likely to pull back now I'm not saying that I was gonna tell you that it's gonna pull back all the way here no I told I tried long trades a couple times on the way down and and they end up you know not working out but now I'm just kind of sitting back and watching and watching I think it's I think it's very very valid you know it's a try to just wait for this formation to break here which is probably what I'm gonna be doing for the next you know actual position if we break again if we break daily below 11 211 150 if you want to be a little more conservative then I'll be looking for measure move down here towards nine four nine five by the same token if we actually do switch around and do the good old switcheroo and hook back around and take out 12,500 twelve twelve thousand six hundred to the upside that would be we'd be looking at a measure move well into the fourteen thousand about fourteen four hundred fourteen five hundred so that's that's gonna do it for this this early evening update I hope this video uploads fast unfortunately because I'm running like such a high bitrate on my videos which makes a resolution look really pretty it does take quite a bit to upload unfortunately on YouTube as YouTube needs across and they I guess limit me probably so again I do want to wish you on this lovely thirst Thursday yeah hey have a great Thursday have the best Thursday in your life I'm gonna be setting up here a little bit more and so watching price action from afar playing some options and trying to take a little bit more easy hope everyone's doing well and I'll be back on tomorrow with some more video and live stream else to see you there perhaps perhaps perhaps not if not well wishing you both anyways and take care

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