Bitcoin Triangle Of Opportunity (Or Destruction!) July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin Triangle Of Opportunity (Or Destruction!) July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crown scooter cave and it is a beautiful Friday early evening over here from Chicago Illinois a little bit tired myself understand once again but you know what I think tonight is gonna be the night where I get a good night's sleep so I'm gonna force one out right now but you know what we actually do have plenty things talked about as Bitcoin has taken that nice little that nice little rise if we spoke about during this morning's video hitting our first target so I do want to follow through with this and as always because it is a Friday hey do you want to say hey I wish you a happy Friday I wish you the best the best the happiest the happiest as we do say and let's initiate that teleportation wasting no more time like I said I do want to make sure that I try a little bit more consciously to make these videos all the shorter side I really I'm trying to do that I promise but we don't have too many new things to talk about today so that's all good but looking at the looking at Bitcoin right here on the for hour we do see that so the areas that we're looking at to get taken out we're taking out more importantly looking at this blue box territory right here we did actually bounce off of the lower end of it as we spoke about during this morning's videos which actually did add a little bit onto my spot so I wasn't able to show this during this morning's video because for whatever reason I was really is really up my stream and also more importantly I am told by my I am told by my by my lawyer that it's a little bit left of center if I trade on a live stream because that can be construed as financial advice so it's better to do it as a standalone video anyways holding all these positions long basically started this December long based off of the based off the 21 X pension whenever chill in the daily which we which we took a stab down towards last night at about eleven thousand two hundred then I added right here as well and now I'm just holding it as long as we you know as soon as we got above that last kind of local high right here so I do think that we have a little bit more on this to go all lower timeframes are following through here we do see for our Stokes headed back upwards and always the for our Stokes have been pretty damn good at getting overall price action last good cross that we solved was over here on the 6th of July which was during this consult Wow this is so convoluted during this consolidation right here kind of lead and time before that as you can see write it over here on 2nd of July catching this low as well kind of on a tell you know also on a test of the 200x bench moon average this program damage right here in a similar setup as we see right and over here more importantly it's the two hour that's the star of the show and the two hour really governing things quite well in my opinion it's the two hour um again you know been showing these trend lines for for a while but I just kind of want to follow up with them it's the white 210po and the blue three seven seven exponential moving average and ever since we kind of turned around the mark cycle in February to the upside these two moving averages have been extremely insightful and incredibly helpful with kind of gauging the overall malaise of this market telling us what the boss and Alex are doing each and every time that we break below the white children simple price accumulates around that blue three-sevenths ni eccentric moon average and then once we break back above that white turn it's simple well massive girthy green doodle parties you see right here as make sure that my mics actually working good very have about that and then another girthy green double party on you know on this on this one right here actually another what like four thousand dollars this one right over here about only if only a few thousand dollars and then this one a little bit more recently leading up from about eight thousand all the way to fourteen and then right on over here from ten thousand five hundred to four about mom you know thirteen thousand five hundred once again and then we actually broke it more recently in the last day but looking at this it actually is kind of printed a little bit of an inverted head and shoulders right here I very rarely call it these patterns I'm really not a pattern trainer I really just like them in general because I think that they're perpetuated by you know people who probably well-meaning people but a little bit newer perhaps or perhaps it's just like the first thing that you learn on investopedia so people typically learn that and then they go bark about it on something like crypto Twitter and they get everyone riled up so usually market movers will paint these patterns in but looking at this right here we actually do have an inverted head and shoulders and there is a measure move to be made off this baby and let's actually just put it in right now it's gonna be like something like this point us enjoy next blue box territory so I like the confluence with this area I would say that I'll our sorry our first target was hit at about 1900 sorry 1900 on this wick right here let me just confirm yeah nineteen fifty I do you like that I do you think that we probably somewhere to go you know probably do reach into this boom box territory overall the name of the game is still that of consolidation but I did want to show with these movements right here that we are once again back above the white tone it's simple we have an open and close above their and for me that's you know likely gonna lead up to a little bit more momentum mean gain we do see a momentum also to while we are here looking at the two hours still up I believe the hourly is up as well yeah our leads up as well then we have three hour up as well and then four hours so you usually want to see all four these guys align that's where you know that's that that's where I'd like to you know kind of hold trades onto so I will be holding this trade and I'll might kind of move up my stop to the low of this local low right here about what is a sixteen so our fifteen or sorry 11,500 11,500 you know some I'd still be profit about like 300 bucks price action if we do come back down around there so again you know it's kind of slowly but surely moving this one up and inland the chips follow their mate not only that what we do see for our for our RS are right here regaining the exponential so I do like that and hit it for the neutral zone as well so overall you know I do think that this has a little bit more a little bit more up to go but remember the greater picture is still doubt of consolidation in the consolidation is you know as everyone's looking the same thing right here not look I'm not I'm not saying anything crazy everyone you know everyone's got this on the charts right now and that is a nice little symmetrical triangle but not and not a little one but a big one actually and this guy really crawled his way through and I would say that's the next big move probably gonna happen in the next few days as we do get more and more full on this these things typically break once we get about 69 to 79 to 75% full so I'd say that that's in the next couple days it looks like more important we can make a measure move office so if you do break to the upside above about 12,500 12,600 measure move be pointed towards fourteen five region if we do bring to the downside would align with first sorry first we'd have to break to 21 which is 11 to 11 3 if we do break that with the daily build close below or even take out yesterday's daily total low at 10 9 then I would be looking for a measure move being initiated all the way down to about 94 and 95 region so that's what I'm looking at right here oh you know other than that nothing's really changed since we spoke this morning just kind of the lower timeframes all sitting and going around I do think it is appropriate to show that overall we do see the hourly still suggesting this is just one massive consolidation right here historical volatility percentile taking a nosedive as you can see well not necessarily knows that but it says it has a nice orderly drop in volume which is what you want to see you during your consolidations which you know yes we do have some pretty nasty moves here no doubt about that but today it is still just I mean this is just Bitcoin right now because a big number it's a big range and and yes it is a consolidation but you know it's sorry it yes it does move a lot but at the end of the day it still is a consolidation so I wouldn't be saying anything more than that I think I still lean to the upside just because well the former trend was to the upside so it is a little more physical actually we do see daily Stokes the upside as well which the last few crosses the upside basically all this all the crosses on the side of the overall macro trend have been really really really really really good the last girl said we saw was right on over here on the 9th or 10th of June that was leading up from this move from 8,000 all the way to 14 the time before that was running over here on 30th of April which led all the way up from 53 to 9000 time before that was actually all the way back here at around thirty eight thirty nine hundred Lena for this 2,000 dollar moved to 55 or about $2,000 mm just kind of eyeball on them right now more importantly or just as important to kind of like mash this up with another thing what I really want to see for the next big move to really begin is I want to see that daily RSI get back above this exponential right here the exponential moving average we see a very similar concurrent signature with the last few stoke crosses so if you remember those those dates we said 10th 10th of June well in the 11th of June we see actually the RSI cross back up to the upside of this exponential right here which that you know got the momentum a little bit better so it's got you a better entry RS I got you a better momentum and then the time before that was right on over here as you can see crossing above the exponential and then boom massive Greendale party back to the upside and then the time before that was running over here for this nice little $2,000 move as well so all those things very very very very very very very important but I would say this is the next kind of piece of the puzzle if we do see daily RSI close above that exponential I would get bullish on for a move much higher and likely gonna align with this whole formation breaking to the upside it is also goes without saying that you know we're just kind of Austin between the children in the neutral zone do you think it's appropriate to look at CME futures here as will be closing them for the week in about 25 minutes let's see how the week these gonna close in these babies we things in a close kind of nasty it doesn't look like we are gonna travel back above you know above the table Charlotte then hey get on over here you little troll in your there you go I my autistic rage is coming out once again you know if you know if if if we're gonna close back up above the top of these guys I would say that the next trend is gonna be beginning but for right now hmm you know to me just looks like you know looks well not really too much be gained off this let's look at what the dailies gonna close like dailies gonna close okay not not crazy not create another test of the 21 and in back above do be close above and regain the red 10 simple right now we are about 40 bucks above it so oh jesus christ oh my god that was loud god I'm so tired right now – and that's uh that was crazy all that sauce in them that is awesome our CDC Amy's already closed they closed that no they quote they closed at 7:00 at 70s for some time so yeah that be in 24 minutes but they look like they're closed already they look like they're closed already they look like they're they are closed they are closed so I have my x wrong must be six still getting justice in this new time zone anyways let's go check out how GBC close out the week as so yeah so so so simi's did we gain the 10 simple sodium ease are above all major moving average source so is GBC as well yes we did sell down but we did hold this area right here it's very sloppy it's very ugly but it does hold for now more importantly for for spot charts let's go back on over here take these guys off we do see that if we actually could close above that red tension but we're also going to regain at the median on the trolling events as well so that would likely incite test a little bit higher I mean technically you want to kind of test the upper of the tro under balance here doesn't always happen like that but i would say that it would be you know it still kind of insinuate that the overall trend is is still intact to the up so just you know more and more and more and more and more things pointing the upside of course not all you know it's not it's not all it's not all rosy pictures right now I would say that three-day right over here is still a little bit left of center we do see three days folks headed down kind of nose-diving right here which each every time that we've seen kind of you know one of these one of these comebacks just small bounce and then come back again typically do flood down the prices well right here you know boom up come back down bounce once then flood then we have same thing a little extra chart that's more then we have same thing write it over here boom up come back down bounce and down same thing right here if you know boom up comes that town bounce once and flood it and then same thing right here you already know I don't wanna bore you with the details of that but you do see you know it's that that would probably be the most bearish thing for me I think it is also worth mentioning what is it daily Jul looking like right now yes so the daily jewel is still a little bit true it's too premature to judge we still have not in about an hour and 23 minutes until the Daily Double close if we do close you know if we do close above 11 8 I think that this is gonna curl back up and we don't see this actually turn around but if you do have X to the jewel news you see the next the next tick angled down that's gonna be bearish but we'd have to go back down to 11 311 for for that to actually really happen right now still you know I still basically this lean to the upside as long as we're holding this area right here it's hard for me to get like super bare start for me to look for like significant downside just show my positions do you want to be transparent with that just makes people in the same positions I did I did basically start a position based off the 21 right on over here on the December futures they do have a massive premium on of about 600 bucks so so so that's why you see the entry a little bit nastier but of course you know the piano representative of what that should so I'm actually about a quarter million long right now on my Steam account which is crazy to say I mean I I the crazy thing is is that this account used to be like a little baby account and now it's not actually is okay and what's up by with lucky mill didn't scare me that much on that time huh I'm ready for you bitch hey good to meet you man sorry told me to call you that just I've since sincerely a term of endearment but good to meet you and welcome to Kate my friend anyway so let's go to the 12 hour really quick 12 hour yet 12 hour kind of turn up and in spinning around 12100 region kind of first started on this guy we actually juicy 12-hour Stokes coming down this whole way while price action has been yeah it looks like it's put in a low right here on the 50s man shows what it looks like to me 12-hour our side looks like consolidation that that's really all I do think it's I do want to mention this though daily here is very interesting if we actually do confirm this as look low which if we confirm this is a local oh it'll probably it'll probably confirm that if we close the daily above the 10 simple and then trade above the high of today this is coming for you know for tomorrow then we'll actually be looking at hidden bullish divergence here between this point and actually both these points but that would align with this you know still taking on a little bit more of a bullish nature so I just do want to show that really quick um I think I'll leave the more technical things for perhaps tomorrow's video when I have a little more energy and of course the long-term analysis video on Sunday but for now do I want to leave it there I do want to talk about the the top coins perhaps terms of endearment once again first because a mob comes after you when you say that I the problem the most bearish thing for Bitcoin is to altcoins really the all coins do not look good to me hmm then again the market typically moves together so is Bitcoin going to save the rest of the market or do the all coins take take Bitcoin down and are they kind of like a are they kind of like telling you the future right here to be fair a mr. Badal is bouncing off the ten simple right here so it's not a death sentence but we do see you know weekly stones coming down week the RSI break in the exponential I'm not a big fan of what I'm seeing here it's not not the best look on this I mean really realistically the next big support is about 250 ish region a little bit lower than that let's go check out missus like point let's let's go back and for just for a second cuz if Bitcoin looks like wants to take up here where's miss butyl looks like it actually actually someone down over here already you know do I think that we get at esta 284 probably but the but the ties don't really turn until we get back above 284 so if you do see mr. bjur well get back above about 284 and a half to 285 I'd be looking for a move actually all the way back up towards 300 bucks Nora and Plus but for right now you know still kind of struggling but likely to fall whatever Bitcoin does we've you see for our turn it around so okay you know if I'm basically just gonna go with whatever Bitcoin looks like like coins same thing exact same exact same area on the for our daily daily kind of same thing as well next major support is actually all the way down here at about 85 and a half or sorry 86 87 87 bucks looks nasty as well if it's a hard chart to love and this in this Paula strain weekly does want to bounce up so lower timeframes but you know like I said probably do you want to bounce back up a little bit maybe like 108 maybe even 110 but as long as this baby's below about 1:11 we'll call it I am questioning of it of the higher time frames again they coin once turn around I'd be bullish on this one as well but it that way holy man what's up what's up Robbie sorry Ronnie could meet you man welcome to the cave my friend Jesus Christ man it's a nice busy day let's get back on over and check out do you wanna check out gold really quick what's gold look like gold looks very constructive right now this consolidation you know still working out so I would still you know it still kind of be following it I do think that we get another test to the top side of the range here it looks bullish to me it looks looks and operates bullish and that is good for Bitcoin out of management just because Bitcoin and gold seem to be correlated if we can actually show this with a mathematical formula of course correlation coefficient right and over here where are we come where are you bat ballet boy you beautiful bastard let me bring it up just really quick so it's good the correlation is gonna be represented by this purple histogram chart right here weeklies quite correlated so of so a bullish gold does does bode well for a bullish Bitcoin same thing for a daily quite quite high correlation as well and these guys you know hitting the tops of their range so I do kind of like that I did forget to look at this for a bit coin whoops what's wrong wrong input let's do some like that there we go bring this down right around here but as well we do see this this indicator right or side this chart right here is a chart of expected moves I mean to me this is just consolidation between the first and Aviation's so we just came back down hit the lower end of this area that's also why I bought as well in the top of this area would actually be all the way at about twelve thousand five twelve thousand six so um you know just as just as an idea it matches up perfectly with our ranges a symmetrical triangle so I really like that the technicals align anyways Gold if we do actually take out the upside above about 1425 measure move towards 1466 initiated most likely link but what else is next link kind of holding its own pretty well I do think that it works way back up here towards twenty-nine I mean we already got the tape 229 actually twenty-eight spot seven and that's good enough weekly still kind of consolidating them so I'm not sure how much I trust it I think I just I think I just be looking for you know this area to get drawn out here range between about 30,000 and in our current area about 25 card ano I'm catching a little bit of a bit as well probably some bullish divergence for our in fact we certainly do hitting up all the way to the each of the 21 as we said about 602 us Toshi's so target hit there do I think this one has more upside let's go to a daily yeah yeah maybe up to 650 overtime still not a fan of most all its most also looking pretty bad versus Bitcoin versus versus $1 they product okay or they probably probably look like all the other else which I'm not a fan of IBM be coins CDs favorite coin needs to re if it can regain $32 actually would be bullish for a move back up towards 30 34 and a half to 35 for right now it still kind of in a decision phase a little bit on the stronger side as far as all codes but I do you think that the next move probably brings down to 31 on the lower timeframes Z cash probably back up look looking okay here probably back up towards 94 be cash would speak a shewing probably probably gives a little bit of a tried towards 365 Tron cash um resistance right at 3 cent even neo cash that's right there basically it's right there let's go to it daily yeah if we can close the daily back about 15 and a half dollars I would be looking for a move to bring it back into the 17 level but for now gonna fall the rest of the market eos cash for 80 getting all the way down to are bearish too even overshooting my bearish targets here probably does try to bounce off this airy a little bit more maybe like five dollars target um ripple me nipples cash where we at I for one closure below the daily 200 I we don't see too many other alts doing this not good enough not good at all if we can actually regain the true net simple maybe it's a little bit of a fake out I mean volume is pretty light on this guy but if we do regain the true net simple then I probably be looking for a move back up towards 37 and a half cent then again that's the that's one of the weaker choice manera one of the stronger charts actually we're getting all major move Navitus probably looks like an setting up for a move back up towards 107 stellar shellow rumens um kind of similar mr. ripples nipples actually it's been living below the true and it's simple for a long time now Wow powerful redit resistance probably does back off in the lower timeframes but we're well know it so it's actually okay here probably probably tests towards 10 spot 3 and I think that does it so I'll briefly wrap up mr. Bitcoin of course I'll just keep it up I'll just keep it kind of like brief the higher time frames here still working on the sending triangle break below or side not a break below but a close below 10,000 or side 11,200 or just a wick below 10 9 and I'll be looking for moves much further south not gonna happen immediately but over time it would kind of initiate that by the same token I do think that lower timeframes probably do you work their way up here towards 12 and in higher time frames if we do see a break above about 12 6 12 5 then then I'll be looking for the next big training move which I do expect happens so I think the next big training moves happens in the next two to three days most likely anyways with all that said I hope that I've kept this video a little bit on the shorter side let me know what you think of it I didn't go too deep into like tentacles I didn't go super deep on the tentacles in this one so I'm curious if people like that if people don't like that I can always save the deeper tentacles for you know for the weekend times for the people who really want to go like super you know super deep with it this one I wonder I wonder how this one will be received anyways I do want to wish you well I'm gonna go back to setting up my own cave really excited about that but man it's been tiring as it's like I'm think I'm like dealing with the last of my energy sources right now just cuz you know I go you know I changed countries so I'm jet lag and then not getting not getting good sleep for like the last week and a half probably not helping either but uh I have a good feeling about tonight probably to get a good night's sleep anyways I do want to eschew own do want to wish you the best the best rest your Friday I'll back on tomorrow some more video analysis take care and see you soon

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