Bitcoin SegWit2X CANCELLED – Quick Reaction

Bitcoin SegWit2X CANCELLED - Quick Reaction

hey guys what is going on it is crypto Bobby and big big news out of the Bitcoin world today the Bitcoin seg with 2x fork has been for the time being canceled very far delayed whatever you want to call however you want to consider basically the Bitcoin Segway to X fork that was scheduled in about a week week and a half at this point time is now done with for the time being according to the major proponents behind it Mike Bell she the CEO bit Co who is one of the big guys behind it as well as winces Casares the CEO of Zappo Erik Voorhees the CEO of shape-shift Jeff garsik there and a loan programmer as well and this announcement was made today and it has been a crazy day in the markets for the past hour or so I'm actually on vacation right now so just putting together this quick video to try to keep you as informed as possible as far as what is going on but as I pull up the the charts the second the cancellation of the Bitcoin b2x fork happened Bitcoin shot up all the way it's almost seven thousand actually to about seven thousand nine hundred dollars or so on G Dax I'll pull this over here Bitcoin shot up to about seven thousand nine hundred dollars or so on G Dax and his since selling off right now has since settled off from from seven thousand nine hundred dollars in the selling right now in the seven thousand five hundred dollars or so range and it's dropping back down and a lot of that money is moving into some of the you know altcoins if we look over at some of the big movers right now if I pull up oMG I'll pull it up on bitch wrecks but on a Bitcoin trading pairing let's see actually do bit for necks we can see something like oMG is a big time from around six dollars and sixty cents to seven dollars and you know up almost up more than a dollar and from that perspective up about twenty percent in the past two hours which is pretty incredible liske is another one that's making a really big-time move I'm pulling this over Eliska is another one that is up a significant percentage I owed ax up 28% neo up twenty percent as well so we're seeing right now what looks to be some of the money that was in bit coin now that there is no more free money free dividend whatever we want to call it now there that there is no new fork that money that is has been granted bitcoin is still way up there but that money is now some of that money is moving into these all coins like like OMG like neo like iota so this is pretty incredible to watch and I think it's something that you're gonna want to keep an eye on for the time being here is how hard some of these alts pump because for a while we were talking about the second that fork happens are around the time that fork happens once that snapshot has occurred that money might be dispersed that money from Bitcoin might be dispersed to a lot of these other alt coins as of right now that fork isn't gonna happen so that snapshots never gonna happen and the price of Bitcoin ran up significantly in advance of the has run up significantly in advance of this egg with 2x for granted there's other factors there as well but it's run up significantly there in anticipation in some cases of that free money now that that incentive for the free money isn't necessarily there as much it'll be interesting to see over the next 24 hours or so how hard some of these alt coins pump like neo like OMG like iota as we go down there are multiple multiple Kryptos that are up double digits in a u.s. dollar perspective so that's pretty fascinating to see in probably quite a good day if you're holding a lot of these not a lot of crypto out there that is in the red right now from a u.s. dollar perspective maybe some not keeping pace with Bitcoin but not all of them you know not not many if any in in the red for the time being so wanted to pop in here and make this quick video for you like I said this is this is really big news this is in a lot of cases I think fantastic news because the b2x Fork the Segway 2x fork was not something that seemed to have a lot of consensus in the industry it wasn't something that seemed to be good for Bitcoin I think a lot of people can agree that scaling is something that needs to be solved that needs to be or it needs to be improved upon but the B to X fork did not seem like the right way to do it so I'm happy to see that yeah I'm happy to see that the folks that we're pushing it kind of been that they were in a lot of cases wrong and didn't have consensus and had the for better lack of a better the lack of a word and I had the balls to go back and admit that they were were wrong and and not damage the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community solely solely to hang on to an agreement and to keep tied to an agreement so I would definitely if I were you keep track of the markets in the next 24 12 24 hours things are gonna move and I think they're already moving pretty heavily and we might continue to see that movement in the near future here so definitely keep an eye on how things are moving outside of that just wanted to film this quick into no quick update video for you guys on this incredibly incredibly urgent news in the grip dough space and what's going on there crypto Bobby signing out peace

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