bitcoin price prediction 50,000-400,000 usd with timeline.

bitcoin price prediction 50,000-400,000 usd with timeline.

hi guys I speak the phone we know so today I'll be discussing about bitcoins price and they are the future price can go based on the previous cycle bottom to the top okay and the reasons why you don't want to say it too early and all of that good stuff into getting into today so basically be gonna be a video on how high Bitcoin can go and then it's gonna peak out based on the previous cycle data yeah and also I'm gonna tell you okay that sometimes you might be one of those folders were sitting on 300 percent gains today right now as we as you're watching these okay but then again you wanna think okay these three hundred percent gain go to $300,000 okay getting the peak of this cycle and that time you would be telling here right so just like the personal sales here okay Sadie someone sold at eight thousand nine hundred is gonna drop to 5,000 or 6,000 or whatever I mean that person wouldn't never got the chance and now he must be liberating thinking oh she died register with my money at that kind of mentality is not the heartless mentality that so traders mentality in a heartless market traders rules he does lose tons of money okay in a hot nurse market in a bull market in a Bitcoin bull market traders are guaranteed to lose money okay muddlers are guaranteed to make money okay that's just the basic principle of it and if you can't have the patience and have the ability to just hold your Bitcoin and not do anything with it for a couple years I'm gonna make a ton of money yeah so that's basically the principle of this video and I'm gonna show you why okay I'm gonna show you reason why I'm telling wrong stuff did not just Ram video but be kind of killing it a lot it is fundamentals and technicals and – fixed yeah so first of all my throne do we gotta go back in the truck yeah so basically before now look now okay now please really important can you see that before looks like a small line from here okay look at it it looks like a straight line doesn't it doesn't look like a straight line from here to here you gotta tell me look like freakin a plan because if this right looks like a straight line over there from here here but then again now be kind of like old thorn parabolic traffic going up again okay so now was it be trying to fight that's what beef is man but I understand it okay so we go ahead and then it looks like a straight line okay what happens when we make it big okay it is so that doesn't that look like parabolic – you get it back in 2014/15 man that look the whole is gonna work is gonna go down like back then between the fading of hundreds of dollars seven hundred dollars five hundred dollars a hundred dollars regardless of value part of value stored if you had this before today would be a million okay since we example if you invested $10,000 in between $100 through if you held them okay if you hear those ten thousand divided by hundred just to show you the potential of holding bit funny if in ten thousand dollars you would have 115 and at today's price your $10,000 one point two million dollars okay that's how you turn $10,000 into 1.2 million dollars within a span of five years okay so we invested $10,000 over here and it sold at today's price not at the peak of the bull market or whatever if you told at today's price you would have five million dollars okay and so you don't $10,000 in two million dollars and no other stock or no other speaking English but he's gonna get you these kind of returns on your investment yeah that's guarantee so they're gonna look at them so this was the first night I don't know the previous data is not there on the chart so I'm analyzing it from 2013 onwards okay so this was the first bull run that we'd find that it was around a thousand five hundred forty seven percent increase yeah and then the drop coffee these magic ball they are marker the bear market dropped was around it is capitulation like 85 percent okay anyway just to get this look at this that's 61 percent drop it in a span of only crazy there oh that's not matter of 60 years okay anyway 80 85 % electrons and thousand five hundred forty seven before that so from the bottom of this you wanna take this bottom this is the exact part of okay exact water and we wanna take the exact top top is go far off so we take this let me put it over here okay and then we right-click it we don't yeah so we have the exact same line and then we take that and put it together bitcoin is take set bottom will go there right so you put it down then we go over here let me have a basic find like target on Bend the next boom are going to end I don't know if you can see here so I'm gonna make this a little bit more cleaner for you and yeah next it so basically the Bitcoin market you can see it's all rough mixing it yeah so you can see that this is going to go like maybe it's just a hundred and ninety days out yeah just on tonight they thought that's a for your just to be safe by taking this to the next okay let's just say two hundred things I want to be at the beginning of market so the next blue marker will end in 2021 may to move 2021 know him nobody knows when exactly but based on the previous bottom to top these can it'll end okay so now you have tip so how can you get the price range price range think it in price range like this you can get like thousand five hundred forty seven percent the one of these cycles and then craft and with the next cycle with okay the next item from this let's just make this a lot that beauty man from the bottom of the 2013 P to the top of the clinic 17 your kids on your dollar making twelve thousand three hundred percent oh wow so if we brought that okay from this bottom we had it wrong $3,200 that's not welcome to three hundred thousand three hundred six percent nothing le is that these one Bitcoin can do it please watch rocket ok I'm sorry for using fear but he's just crazy he's by changing money and ten thousand three hundred six percent exactly exactly so big trying to feed around $400,000 okay okay by listed by around a plea by May 20 21 – what is that growing by 2021 being around three hundred ninety nine thousand something dollars okay it won't be exactly there because because because because fight because we had this thousand five hundred forty seven percent key that was bond market awesome so here take that information is better so we take the thousand five hundred for 750 these are two there are two nothing is perfect in financial markets so you can realize that thousand five hundred forty-one percent Wow those being come back from that if I am then forty make it that right thousand five hundred forty seven percent gains but they're not swimming out on these charts really forget it because these might seem like a small amount but eventually wrote it like a paper on those small line so okay so if it out so okay this is this what's happenin happen yeah based on the previous in so you can expect the price of Bitcoin to be from $50,000 to four okay so yeah bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye me 2021 to go in verb or the simple 2021 okay so that's it conclusion of this video is in 2021 he's almost guarantee they almost cannot be proof but I can't I can't like tell you the people of reading life you can't fool me not financially price I'm telling you like that you're gonna have people see this yeah tell you this gonna happen I'm gonna put it in like a dark dark color yeah that's really fun please go happen if you like Donna what happened good happen has to have nothing to happen so yeah so yeah you saw how he took that right I just took the previous they are market bottom the previous bull market talk in two sizes it's not just money who cycles one cyclist well thousand percent the cycle of life right now thousand five so I don't know right but that's the way this thing work so good luck symbol of all this here you have a patient man here to have gods so just fall through it if you want you can take profit like I don't know thirty percent that fifty P and the balance seventy percent instead it run and highest post he could be a fundamental coming in we have his book coin he have all kinds of stuff right he have AP Morgan finds I don't know like in students are moving in here ple they're like trillions of dollars trade volume okay and they are launching in Quebec product here back we also have company clear medium is a brutal this one though the dollars of Vietnam and other targeted one pumping units can't bump the price man if you look at bullet okay this is what an idiot can do this this is when the gold became part approved and this was the peak the gain was 420 was the old Marcus knew he would forget to pull him off at Camp 8 million we are sitting at only 200 ppm 50 million that's a million bother and then Boozer one doesn't on a geeky end up working fine with work like 10,000 percent running chief of work in the market hippies steps more so anyway guys and also I borrow I want to tell you guys about this M don't hold all coins okay for loudest or all coins are not the right way to go right now because if you just go to find products and if we customize and if we go to scope it find prices and we go to fix your change okay so we find Pfizer my chain so the prices which I read are again speed fine and prices which are in green again to West dollar so everything is scratch against Big Bend helium expressed in the last six months if you do miss registered for % x RP and Trent 66% 20s 17% like point four percent yours 34% finance fine is gone up daily take a lot of stuff what do you people think Hitler is like John 61% hard enough if you do person Taylor 74% Mineiro 40% if thing is down it's bit right for the last month so you don't want to hold all coins back down okay if Bitcoin goes to $300,000 I can guarantee that none of these coins are gonna be able to keep up with it because if you think of baby investor who stayed in trading stocks or whatever I'm coming to the fountain market and red coin but it won't be like oh I'm gonna bite in the lumens or oh I'm gonna buy I'm gonna find cosmos of engines gonna be laying was the best pick the parents about the biggest gonna be like me trying in my I'm gonna be couple feet him and be fine that's all I want that's only three and that's all you do and all these money will just come in to who picked oh and so on he pressed it don't the point of all cuz that's what we've seen happening that's why although all kinds are great yeah if the new investor doesn't even know I'm taking the all kind piece is called shock it clean and Bitcoin itself is revolutionary okay the technology Bitcoin itself it's insane instant money to do so from one device to another and then people Bank involved that itself to pump the price of for the next 20 30 years and after death it never been anything like that yeah so just nice talking with you guys and thank little tight channel subscribe and hope you have the patience to go through this just like I am okay as well share didn't take it

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