Bitcoin, Dollar Index and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin, Dollar Index and Bitcoin Cash

hey guys how are you this is Bitcoin and it's the crypto sniper you're on the 60 minute before I go any further however I'm going to just drop it down a little bit for you we had a little HIV F wind up here on Bitcoin and we felt there was going to be if another final pop to come out of the great coin and this is all discussed in our private base camp Network by the way for our trader metamorphoses program and on our whatsapp group for keeping each other's heads DUP on all the developments so yes this is what we discussed isn't it interesting others are usually a round number just below the access point as you can see or subsequent to this particular pattern popping to the upside and we'll do the draw for you now access is just marginally above that round number because usually as you get to the end of the pattern of thoughts tipping its hand in the direction it's going anyway with what we've got on the target chair you'll see how it did this is by the way Paula Nix one of the largest volume but it is against Taylor which is close enough but not exactly and you can see that's where a number of the guys took off and they're just real believers in HIV a theory now I can show you a couple of the whatsapp post post that what did you get off towards strong sell-off weak attempt to get higher this is a innocent innocence or a rising wedge on the second attempt in a smaller time frame and you can see it squeezing very low vol what you get just between them before a very low vol period you get expansion to get a proper slack down which has now occurred now for those that got out I mean moved into tether they got in a tether at 4-4 47 and you know that's some 117 dollars away from where it is now you save yourself a bit of Adak more generally though let's just have a look at this and I want to bring this all into perspective for you and more generally we are and we were expecting this we are very close to hi and the previous all-time high which is in and around here for four weeks Levin done four and a half on poly by the way that's where we are so remember this is exchange specific you get variations for 488 there and that's for 454 so you know we're coming in with included dollars it's not even it's not even 1% you know it's not 0.75 percent of all time highs now the thing I want to highlight about all of this is our default assumption with ATF method is that you're going to top out before that in other words we assume continuation and that you're in a bull market that you're going to top out before that and put in a down leg so this is going to get choppy churna bits we're going to round the top and down that's typically our default position we are actually getting hammers and it's pointing to probably a element of rally some people would have panicked sell on that collapse I don't always suggest that personally but if you're in the HVF you would have got out really well and that shows the value of targets but I expected a slow churn and no immediate this is the first warning or possibly more and we might top around and then we probably have some form of a down neck however the other two scenarios that I warned about is that when it comes to crypto and Bitcoin particularly you don't get as big as down leg as you necessarily expect for example for ATF method we had like a nice pullback somewhere down here sometimes they're quite small you get a very small little setup here that is almost small in its own right and then you just pop and pump from there so to sell out of all your bitcoins it's dangerous because you might miss the next pump up a couple of things to watch and observe about this because many people they just become entirely crypto focused and they don't observe and what it else is going on and that can be to their detriment we are historically a fixed traders as well we understand the forex market and this was the Dahle index by the way so that'll have a lot of Euro in it but it will have other things in it as well but bear in mind the Swiss franc is also very very very tired to the euro and is in that index so it's going to be a large percentage error but it has other things including the yen and the pound and etc etc in varying degrees so it's kind of a weighted basket but it's not perfect doesn't have for example significant of the Chinese and I don't think it has at all at the moment but there'll be new there'll be new measures to come now my draw on this actually would have been initially and this is an inverted set up my first draw would have been like this and the final high would have been over here why do I say that one and not the one before because the volatility started getting a lot wider this was the last period of really low volatility look at this little funneling bit so that actually meant that just before smashing down as it did it first had a little bit of a volatile look to the upside and then got super volatile so it went from extreme low volatility to super volatility so in my view that was your sell off so we've been in a downtrend for the dollar index so the trend is down and then we had this really it's a squeezing pot and then we got really low vol and it actually in fact it went the wrong way and you would have had to stop there by the way you wouldn't have been in the straight because only when you break this level is it a break on your just-in-time entry and so it would have broken there it did come and visit it again it's probably worth dropping down into that timeframe that final little I call us the triggering timeframe very very low vulgar little kiss again tweezer bottom very very low volt you can see the volatility actually expanded from this point on but it first went the wrong way so this could be able to fit kiss that line again and try to rally again it shows significance to that line dips went in and there's the smash down and the trade so in actual fact for the draw if I was arriving here this is the draw I would have done because the beginning of the expansion of the volatility is actually the twitchiness in the beginning of the reaction of the market rather than choosing the idealized high there would have been my third high and my third low and this would have been the target so as that ran they're kind of and that shakes up the pattern a little bit and then you would have triggered short but if you came to the second chance and it's now triggered to the downside and you see it going down here could certainly have sold there despite that having shot through there and there with FX you sometimes get what I call a look one way go the other way candle so this is the beginning of some volatility and that's when it goes absolutely mental and then you get that final capitulation selling so why are we doing this and why we're talking about Bitcoin in this well Bitcoin of course has measured against the dollar the other aspect is this gives you a target and the key point here is this target right here which was kissed and then run through it's often the case with key levels of significance that jeongja that that occurred you can get the date that time to the minute it's literally five o'clock this is on a British summer time computer so that's five o'clock if you go across to your Bitcoin and you're going to need to drop it to a similar time frame drop it down to the fifteen minutes you can see something versus Bitcoin you can have a look here there's your 16:45 whoopee-doo there's your five o'clock what came next smash down so the correlation of your upside hvf in Bitcoin and the downside HVF in USD generally against the index so you got a much cleaner chart and pattern here but you got that percentage move so you could have been in if you weren't already in Bitcoin you should be holding by the way you get plenty wine that's this initial burst that set up an HVF there's another HVF right there for you on a smaller time frame so you just have to get on the right side of trading the trend you know as you're low once you load – there's your funneling inching up and there's your breakout bar and you can see it's accompanied by the first big volume and then bigger again and then really expensive volume and that's usually when you start to get to top out falling wage rounded up very symmetrical set up very nice trade and you could have been in it from here and trading over performance and you could still have been in it all the way and then you would have closed on that target but yeah just just a small illustration there now the other thing that's a little bit interesting is that we have Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin cash was at a slight tick up now this is on the hourly not the 15-minute but this is all largely a falling wedge it actually I don't think it's made lower lows then this low it has slightly yeah I stand corrected it has so if I try and make this a horizontal line that absolute low you have dipped just through that key level over there so it does qualify as a falling wedge it's not a descending triangle and descending triangle is a flat bottom it's actually as I've drawn it there you're all lower here and you're just dipping the line so that means we've got a squeeze here a squeeze going in a squeeze now we actually had a little bit of an uptick on BCC just as a bitcoin not hugely it has to be said it's not hooray but as this was falling and you saw how the times coincided literally the making of the two targets obviously there's a dollar component here so that's why the DXY bottoming against euro is also going to be a point that it might be topping for Bitcoin against the dollar but the point that becomes interesting here is do you rotate into BCC you're getting some hammers now here by the way you have a funnel level here which is going to you should always draw those will you know you learn all of the madness on an HVF method program and how we do 360-degree analysis but a couple of tips and clues for you to see how we roll and that's and that's a level now that levels being run and we might rally up against it which means for this time frame that's that bullishness has now been under done but this level hasn't and so for the 15 minute we've reverted in between Bare which we've run that are we going to rally if we run this then we've turned full babloo's all setups on the upside are being slowly undone their funnels have been run now what about that BCC let's get it our back onto the 15-minute er so I wanted to show you this whole nature of the squeeze remember it's pumped really well and it's also had a TF so long which is why this is just simply the best strategy for trading especially expanding markets like the crypto market some perfect marriage of having a methodology to preserve your mindset and also having the marker that's all the aims as I sometimes say let's go to the 15 minute and show you again the interesting thing is that time that was five o'clock British summer time as you saw 1700 should have been an interesting time again if I point to that candle way as the first one that's a green candle that's the first sign of some volatility of the best not huge stirring cells back off and then a secondary pump that was the second sell-off on Bitcoin so Bitcoin sold off first and then that was the second a big one the big capitulation and that was 1930 so if you go and have a look at the second little pump candle I would pretty much sure that would be 1930 and there it is 1930 if you're looking down here this black point so just look below my cursor at the time so it correlates but this is not as proportionate in percentage terms on upside as the Bitcoin sell-off was a downside so it's a little bit docile and it's not giving you back as much as Bitcoin is giving away so we need to watch it but if it's under performance for a while and then decides to break out because it's a falling wage so typically those popped to the top could have a little dip out the bottom first you may often do that just to shake everybody out just like you saw in the FX that first had a push higher exhausted itself before it did the proper spill so these often mislead people and people just chase the first direction of movement and they get caught out and they get whiplashed and so remember generally this should go up but it can shake you out down first and that's the nature of the game so will Bitcoin cash is the question become interesting for us again to the long side on a falling wage upside break this is hvf DNA it's just falling it's not holding another instead of having a horizontal line that's running through it and getting a symmetrical HVF you actually have a falling wage slight with an angled it has got a selling and dissipating angle too but it can pop it can sometimes return move just like you get second chances but it can pop return move and then go so it could be interesting because it has been a bull and it has been resting for a while since that's big high a number of days ago so this was a very beneficial run for us we got out of neo and into that so it was beautiful and very helpful so we're keeping it in our watching remit and we'll see but it does seem to be a bit of protection around 14 when it dips at the 14s it comes so what you might find as the miners have have to assess which where they put the effort and this is a critical point where it starts to represent value again to do I suppose maybe more work and I don't I don't fully get all of this and the technical side I'm not going to try to pretend to be small and know it I don't and they're better people on both YouTube and in watching this video right now but the point being is this there's clearly a level that certain things become significant for others there was some inverted structure and grind lines that were being broken but it hasn't pressed on we've kept setting the grind lines but they're not pressed on so there's something holding this up from falling too far and it's creating the falling wage in other words there's there's opportunity when the price starts approaching these levels for somebody and that's could lead to a pop to the outside so the big question is if Bitcoin tops out on a relative high – and sells off and it's had waging a little battle here we've got it on a 15 minute so it looks a bit schizophrenic don't get it too excited and pumped by the the tick and panic and look for a signal but you may find that we are close to this being RH – if this starts churning and chopping around a little bit of rally a little bit of sell-off rounded top starts forming it starts to look like it's going for a little bit of a proper down leg you we could find providing it's not to disorderly a move up in BCC or BCH depending on what to exchange you're on while it dips down and that could be very good news for Bitcoin long run because out on the too early again we could just be getting a nice little dip we could be getting a beautiful setup with an amplitude from here right the way down to there so this sell-off was quite harsh and we could get that could projection in another HVF big structure on a to hourly frame we love big patterns because you can just simple net long in them and they can just pump like beasts so you know down isn't a bad thing it just sets up new ups that's all and UPS isn't always a good thing it just sets up future exhaustion see it's got a seem night and day as the gifts that they are rather than good and bad price behavior that's how how it works so one gives to the other the one hand washes the other and allows for future runs by easing and so BCCH does seem like there's a bit of protection there and of course the dollar is the wild card if people start exiting the fiat cryptos and bitcoin particularly has sufficient liquidity for people to run into now so it starts to become a viable option alternative currency so the effect of the dollar will most likely always affect Bitcoin more than any other coin or Walt in other words people will leave yet and dollar for Bitcoin because of scale liquidity and longevity it's still one that's been around the longest when Bitcoin is strong more reasonable strong the alts can pump relative to it or be lagging relative to it but that's a separate assessment so bitcoin is kind of the gateway connection between Fiat and alts and many people have to get Bitcoin first even if they wanna get alts so there's a temporary boost to Bitcoin in every move so just bear that in mind and the goal should be to build your equity in Bitcoin so you don't want to lose in Bitcoin with long run Bitcoin should go up unless it's totally dethroned but it's the benchmark for now so as long as it's not totally dethroned your goal should be talking more Bitcoin don't always count your wealth in dollars if you losing Bitcoin but as because bitcoins going up you're still net making money in dollars you're destroying value you're destroying value and if Bitcoin sells off a lot about your crypto pot increases in overall Bitcoin scale you're just making lots of extra Bitcoin that'll make money for you in Bitcoin reverses and starts going back up again measure the game in Bitcoin that's an important point as well okay that's we've done quite a long trip hope it's useful a little bit of opinion there in for you and a little bit of the scenarios of what's going on the first cell is never the beginning of the move it's never going to sell straight line down like this and there will be maybe a bear flag there maybe me attune them it could be quite a strong rally we might even make a marginally higher high but it's all Shire than this any of those things can still happen so try a void sailing on a panic cell magnet just be childen maybe when you get a rally back up to here you can take a little bit off the table and get into your tether and play the two hourly and the four hourly and be sensible about that rather than getting too hyper excited on the 15-minute so I drop to the 15 minutes just to demonstrate certain points in patterns that's a long clip I'm going to call it a day it's Frances final shout out for the September trading metamorphoses program real opportunity tenth and eleventh the structure will change here after so we're getting in on almost I would say the lost of this model and it's going to be awesome we've got some great guys on board you can find us on the market sniper comm contact us go there and do the necessary get in touch and have a chat and we can see if it's good for you and you can come aboard all the best trade well enjoy the weekend

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