Bitcoin About To Moon? | LTC Price | US Gets First SEC Granted Token Sale | Brave Rewards Mobile

Bitcoin About To Moon? | LTC Price | US Gets First SEC Granted Token Sale | Brave Rewards Mobile

hello dear friends and welcome back to your favorite cryptocurrency show certainly my favorite cryptocurrency show cuz you guys are here cryptos news where we've been talking about the prices about where things are headed in cryptocurrency we've been talking about rumors gossip and the most important headlines in the cryptocurrency space since June 2016 out here so you stay informed so iris you guys I've missed you – Gerald I've missed everyone please remember to hit the subscribe button so you don't miss anything it's been one of the longest periods without making a video it's a it's really nice to be back it feels like it's been forever and at the same time it feels like it has been known no time but you know just a lot of personal growth always when you take a vacation it's nice to step away so when you come back at it you approach it from a different perspective so I must admit that I think it was a necessary thing to do but I apologize if it I'd not keep you informed throughout this period so we're gonna go ahead and hop right back into things like we left off I will Frank post consider that for a future video I've already got this one set up a thanks man for the suggestion I should be doing something like that Bitcoin Jake can I mod you on this channel absolutely man I will mod you on this channel ad moderator alright so let's go ahead and start off real quickly here so we're looking at the prices dropped off somewhat for most crypto currencies Bitcoin held up a little bit better than the other coins it's something that we've seen as Bitcoin dominance has been climbing and climbing relative to all coins a lot of people scared selling their all coins selling it for the big kings selling it for Bitcoin so we're seeing that Bitcoin is rising hotter than other coins and other coins are dropping much harder than Bitcoin is in in a way some of the big names that were hit included us Bitcoin cash yesterday after the drop off began when we got this last little run up after we broke out of a triangle that many people had expected to cause bitcoins price to go up and in fact it did so before we go ahead and continue here yeah my pleasure Bitcoin Jake no problem man oh you got Mary true 82 congratulations so before we continue want to congratulate engineer king engineer King won our crossword puzzle probably our last crossword puzzle I have to lamented Lee say it was a tough decision to do but he was the only person that actually filled out the whole crossword puzzle twice we won two months in a row but uh he's gonna win a special edition ledger here if you have any idea if you're a patreon or you top spot YouTube sponsor for things you'd like to see in the future that are perhaps not a crossword puzzle which we're not interesting I guess to a lot of people um let me know and I'll consider that and if I'm mistaken and you were doing the crossword puzzle you just never got around to emailing me for it then let me know as well and I and I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say and we're gonna go ahead and do a giveaway for a keep key remember we talked about that giveaway if you entered your email at the Erik Voorhees interview which I did at Bitcoin 2019 where we talked about shape-shift 2.0 and if you have a keep key you are able to access the open beta for that so we're gonna go ahead and do that real time right now I got the names of those people who entered apologize if somehow you did not end up here but I went through that youtube comment and I went through Steam it so this should have been the right way to enter the contest so let's go ahead and spin we got the names on the wheel here let's see I'm fingers cross for you for you specifically let's see we're gonna shuffle first shuffle shuffle shuffle click sit aside Dave congratulations my friend I have your email I should have your email so I'll go ahead and I hope a dream if I don't have your email I'll message you there under the YouTube comments where you entered the competition some people didn't wish to leave their email and I respected that we'll figure out a way to make sure that we can get that out to you but congratulations there mr. Dave happy it's happy to to have someone win there and so we'll be mailing these out well make sure you subscribe for future giveaways we're gonna continue to find things to give away as I get them here in this space let's continue so the Bitcoin price chart is pointing to a golden cross a three-day golden cross coming up shortly this was reported to today by on coinbase it was reported on I'm sorry on coin desk so the 50 ok says here a Bitcoin price indicator is about to turn bullish for the first time since the early stages of the 2016-2017 bull market one of the most bullish things that you could see the opposite of a death cross a golden cross you can see here that when we got that in February 2016 that's this blue line crossing over the yellow we saw that as a nice indicator that the market was gonna be moving upwards it's as it says here while it's okay so the MA studies are based on historical data and they tend to lag prices they're lagging indicator so they have limited predictive abilities at best but in the crypto space it has been a reliable bull market indicator in the past just like the death cross perhaps because of the low amount of capital that has already been injected so these are very evolved tile markets and perhaps that's a reason that this has worked time and time again and they're still quite small when you look that there's one just just Apple one company has a higher market cap then all the crypto currencies combined they're sitting on more cash in their balance sheets it's insane so here we are we're looking at right now 50-day looking like it's gonna rise over that 200-day impending huge golden for Bitcoin here as reported by coin desk and so we have the 50 day candle moving average at six thousand fifty five hundred and sixty six we're already over that as you can tell since we're closer to twelve thousand and the 200-day is around seven thousand four hundred and thirty eight which is the average of let's say the average of 50 days right of the price over fifty days and the average over the price of two hundred days so that's why those are lower so now we're seeing it push up both of these are pushing up and unless the price gets down to around five thousand which seems kind of kind of unlikely to happen before we see some sort of Golden Cross in the short term then we could see that happen and it could lead us to a rally over twenty thousand dollars any short period of time so honestly I put that man I've been bullish I'm extremely bullish as you know we got the Bitcoin havening coming up a lot of great news for ether launching 2.0 it's gonna be a brand new period of time we're gonna talk about the first regulated token that's coming out sec reggae plus that is so there's just a lot of things that I can see pushing up the price for Bitcoin rather than down especially since this mindset of just bullishness is about to get a little bit more fuel to that fire because of this 50-day crossing of 200-day at this key level so this could be very bullish and I'm not gonna try to time these things I'm happy to huddle here I'm a big Hodler I'm not gonna be trading too much I'm just happy to sit on these boats but we have to wonder where is the best place to be right because should I be in all coins right now that's a big fear should I be in Bitcoin right now so if we go ahead and look at the total market cap dominance here on coin market cap we can kind of draw a rough line here and we can see that the dominance for Bitcoin has been dropping I mean we can't really bake make a mistake since it's kind of come out Bitcoin was the first crypto currency and there have been competitors come out that have taken away market share from Bitcoin and this has just been something that's progressed over time where you see the market caps overall Grove and bitcoins percentage of that drop over time but it always kind of comes back to this trendline then you can see here that it when a theorem blew up and allowed for the ability to for people to create a token basically anybody and raise money through an ICO and the Perl the proliferation of tokens that could have taken away market share from Bitcoin grew to levels we had never seen before so it it's a it's hard to say whether this exact trend line is gonna continue in the matter it has or if it'll drop off before that but we can pretty much assume safely here despite everything that there is just a dropping of dominance here so it could happen before we get to the trend touch here the resistance at around 80% if we're looking at this chart that that's pretty much the highest I would say that we could see bitcoins dominance granted you know the history doesn't always pretend future the exact same thing happening again but I would say it's a safe bet there that Bitcoin could hit 80% dominance before we drop off and see substantial money pouring into all coins so you know again I'm not trying to time these things or trade this it might not even get to 80% because of the how easy it is people to build tokens not just on aetherium but there are tokens built on by Nance now that I mean there are tokens built on Tron there are tokens built on iOS so we might not even hit 80% for Bitcoin um but then again we could continue to move up just because of the happening that's gonna be coming up summer of next year 2020 so people would trust Bitcoin might expect that Bitcoin move higher so it could be a safe place to be in Bitcoin if you're not sure I still say that Bitcoin is the best place to be in this market especially if you have less experience I'm a big believer in being diversified precious metals but bitcoins probably the safest place to be if I have to look at any asset in the entire world over the next two years that's just my opinion you don't have to take that always a little bit deeper but I'm happy to be holding Bitcoin here and you know I'm also thinking about like coin personally like do I wanna be holding like coin right now and and I have put out a tweet where I had said I thought like coin would be nice thing I felt like my gut feeling was telling me like litecoin had not moved up very much because it's been sitting here around a hundred bucks for some time yeah we got a pump right where we broke to like almost hundred twenty was it but it has pumped actually quite a lot which is what I miss when I made that tray that tweet just like a couple of days ago so I might have to be taking that back based on what I'm looking at here and I'm sharing that with you so that you can also see where I'm coming from here so we pumped actually for litecoin we're off I can see it here we pumped from was it let's see down here around $23 for like coin at the bottom December 10 2008 een Bitcoin was $23 we have had quite a phenomenal climb already oh look actually like coin hit around $137 here on on Shane effects so it did get quite the pump and if we look at history it has dropped off in the past it's it's it's sold off I mean you can you can see it here this was the happening for the first happening for litecoin happen in August 25th 2015 and the price for like coin started selling off about a month prior to the light coin happening so it's possible it happens again the chart looks very similar to the way that it did last time so that's something we do have to take into considerations that they'll probably be a sell off that happens and there are more people involved more eyes in these markets so I imagine the people will start selling off before others do and that could be coming up shortly when we do not get well we might not get the expected having pump for a light coin leading into next month and instead people start selling off and we could see here that let's say like coin was around was a dollar and thirty five cents and it went to like what was it six dollars before coming back down to four dollars or something like that what was a thought anyway my point is it uh it hit a price after the last happening and it went to 50% at the bottom of that before I started moving up again after after the happening so I would say you know it's possible that we see about $60.00 like coin in a short period of time having crunched some numbers and looked at the charts earlier so personally what I'm looking also which I thought Charlie Lee has to say right so Charlie Lee says like coin market according to this article on zy crypto calm and this is kind of a head of foundation a big leader in like coin and he also managed to get out at the top at 20k so we can't discount what he says he's kind of seen as the smartest person actually from getting out at when the times are hot for like coin being a good indicator so the like when market doesn't look good in August and he talks about how the fact that we're gonna have a happening means that there's gonna be less profit for the miners to secure the network since they're gonna have to divvy up you can have the same hash power assuming nobody shuts down the rigs beforehand you're gonna have half the reward means that people might not be profitable for litecoin at least until the pry coat price goes up so this does pose a risk for light coin a major risk because people shut off the rigs because they're gonna have less money coming at them and let's face it we're not talking about bitcoin we're talking about like coin here so it's still kind of a gamble so rather than a cool 25 light coin that they get right now for every block reward they're gonna get 12.5 this opens the door for more attacks this opens the door for new players to come in there and try to shake things up for like coins so this next month is gonna be kind of an interesting and crucial period for the network security of like coin in addition to everything else just just again something else that you should keep in mind and the good news and the good news yeah like coin has been named the official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins I grew up in Miami I grew up in Miami 20 years many of you guys know back when they were the Florida Dolphins but anyway it looks like the Miami Dolphins have this 50/50 raffle and now you can enter this raffle which gives money to charity with Bitcoin litecoin or I'm sure Fiat as well as they've done forever and some of that money goes to charity so they've officially named like coin the cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins but I mean let's face it you can pay for this raffle with Bitcoin litecoin or fiha so it would be nice if they only took a light coin I think that would be more positive news but it is nice that you know they've chosen light coin out of everything else I have to support to support that team to get behind that so props there anyway if you are a fan of earning brave on your browser of seeing ads one to five per hour and earning this cryptocurrency brave for doing that in privacy protecting ads you opt in to well you'll be able to do this now on mobile on the Android app where you get notified when you can see an ad and you can earn in this cryptocurrency looking like this when you get a notification there are more and more different publishers that are onboarding more and more people that are paying for ads this decentralized ad model is new ad model which really is providing more of a problem to Google who makes money off of ads because they reward content creators publishers and people who view ads and respect their privacy much better than Google has done I think Google needs to be paying attention here especially since now people can do this on mobile which is how most people browse the internet it feels like these days I don't think a lot of people sit down at their desktops anymore when they just pull out their phone for most things so this is a definite Libre great news for the brave browser the coins price I pulled it up earlier I don't have it right now it does look like it's add a nice bottom here so it could portend a higher move up it's definitely a rising rising line from the bottom there so if you earn some of those brave tokens they could be worth more shortly I believe in earning it rather than you know paying for it and speculating it's one of those coins that I just love the utility aspects of it as a content creator right now if you earn those brave tokens you won't be able to necessarily withdraw from my understanding from your browser you can't sell it as easily it's kind of stays in your browser but you can donate it to YouTube channels that you enjoy that are registered with them you can donate to websites that are registered with them including Barron's and other news publications there's quite a bit of them that are springing up and in the end coming up due to a partnership that they have you will be able to spend that on travel rewards on I think gift cards as well so that's gonna be one of the next things coming up for brave to allow you to suspend them so it would not be bad to get on board at first are earning some of this stuff before there's more competition for the same amount of rewards but um those rewards could be climbing with more and more advertisers seeking to advertise and more users onboarding I really like what bat is doing for the space they have a real solid business model they're growing it's not just like you know conjectured they're doing stuff constantly and working with huge names so I definitely applaud brave for for the work that they're doing so this is what I'm talking about this is the first reg a plus offering that is back to by the sec fully compliant a token four block stack so block stack is uh has managed to make it so reggae plus allows it so that retail investors in the united states can invest up to fifty million dollars you know you don't have to spend all 50 million yourself but you do have to spend a minimum of $100 from tokens that they're selling right now and but it but it's nice to hear that Americans can start investing in icos again due to exemptions from from the full the full you know from full shebang that you normally would have had to do so retail investors can buy not just accredited investors which is kind of what this whole thing is about I cos was opening the door so everybody could invest on the ground floor unfortunately I would say that well this looks like an interesting project right register execute smart contracts you know build your own DAP looks like they have their own blockchain out here it respects privacy digital rights I will say that there are a lot of people who have bought before because they've raised money in the past they've raised quite a bit of money already they have already sold tokens at discounts and there's some sort of voucher program so be very cautious if you are going to be buying if you're gonna buy I guess as an opportunity to say that I bought the first reggae Plus secured touken in the united states I bought it I had some right but as far as earning money doesn't look like the best one for me and I'm not trying to knock it maybe they I mean I'm sure they have a great business plan into the future I wouldn't expect quick money on this one there's a whole FAQ if you are interested in learning about it I haven't talked about like an IC o—- and I'm sort of offering in such a long time but this one I suppose it's kind of special so I did have to look at it a little bit so they're offering 30 cents per token again a minimum of $100 the the sale starts today July 11 2009 teen continues for 60 counter calendar days until September 9th 2019 or they're out of funds and they're over subscribed when I'm purchase 100 blah blah blah you're gonna have to register give away your identity all of that you're gonna have to give away all the information it's not gonna be private I don't know I don't know all the tokens are not gonna be available until 2050 plus there's a huge supply of tokens out there we are anticipating their ZnO preset limit on the number of stack tokens that will be released over time I don't like to see that as an investor so I'm just I'm just as as someone looking at all the different dynamics of this sale I mean look at this why we're stacks tokens valued sold at point zero zero zero one two cents prior to the 2017 accredited sale at twelve cents and now it's thirty cents right per token anyway my point is there's a lot of people out there who already have way cheaper tokens you're gonna get dumped on be careful if you want to hold it it's gonna be $100 for this collectible token my climbing value don't let me knock it put links to that FAQ and everything else down below but I wanted to give a shout out on the work that they've done which could open the doors for more people to get into these Reggae plus offerings that might indeed prove good investment opportunities for Americans hey thanks thanks Gabriel you scam coin yeah I'm gonna buy my ether I'm gonna hold my ether right now I'm pretty good at my ether you know you know me guys I'm such an ether pumper I'm paid by metallic play paid by Lourdes Vitalik out of his Treasury fund anyway just don't need some bad via mobile for all thanks gerald thanks bro I appreciate that man thanks Gabriel for the 229 and for joining me here and everyone else who appreciates this show people are constantly asked what coins I'm excited about I'm excited about Bitcoin because I think it's a safe play I'm excited about ether but I think I don't know the the ratio of ether to Bitcoin is at a low doesn't mean it's gonna climb higher but it's happened before ether hasn't been around as long as Bitcoin but if it happens again we could see a huge ether climb and ether didn't start exploding in value until Bitcoin passed its all-time high in the last run so maybe once we see Bitcoin break 20k which could happen soon because of this golden cross that we looked at we could see that the all coins especially the leaders like maybe – theoria Manero Z cash some of those like coin maybe that that had been around for a long time could see some of the biggest gains before it trickles down into the smaller coins which you definitely want to pick those low market cap coins that are solid they exists out there but yeah we could I'm happy to hold that makers another one this was something I put on Twitter I hope eath traders that's a the subreddit got their maker on last week one maker could be traded for the paltry sum of 2.0 – eath now trading for 2.42 each as of today over 2000 maker 0.2% of total supply are burned forever that's what's important is that there's a diminishing supply and there's only a million of those tokens for those Koscheck tokens into your own research that I'm super excited for and I'll finish up with a quote of the day here you know look for something positive in each day even if some days you have to look a little harder we all have our rough days or even rough times a day but try to find the positive just try to remember that it's really about mindset just try to interrupt your mindset if you're stuck in a rut just interrupt yourself and and be aware above all that you're doing this to yourself and you can't build new habits and you can stop ruminating and you have to find ways to interrupt that and build new lines have bitter repeating in your head and it's all habit so just just try to break those habits and I encourage you to always be the best versions of yourselves I thank you for joining me one last time I'll see you guys too what would days it's not Friday right yeah I'll see you guys tomorrow take care much love be well and stay cryptic peace

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  2. The public is becoming aware that 99.9% of Altcoins will go away! Including Bcash A.K.A Btrash and Cripple XRP Corporate Centralized Tokens A.K.A Chucky Cheese Tokens!

  3. Hey your videos are great, but want to make a comment about something said here that unintentionally was a little misleading. You made a comment about bitcoin dominance dropping which is true, but other coins haven’t really taken away from bitcoin as much as they have increased the size of the crypto ecosystem. Yes BTC dominance is dropping, but that is has the entire market cap is growing including BTCs market cap. Again not trying to be negative on your video because you have some of the best videos out there. I just think there could be a little clarification so that people who are new to the space doesn’t take what you said at face value versus what I think you were intending to say.

  4. Everything is going the way of blockchain lately. $PLG by pledgecamp listed recently on binance dex is also set to skyrocket as the company set to disrupt the traditional crowdfunding industry.

  5. I had bat tokens from signing up for brave, but they expired. I don't really get it… and that kind of irritated me. Makes me not want to use their browser. Mb I'm dumb, but they ought to make it fool proof. Taking something I wasted my time to 'earn' is a great way to lose my 'basic attention'

  6. it APPEARS the GOLDEN CROSS WOULD OCCUR on July 22nd when BAKKT rolls out officially. cleverly coordinated events.

  7. I’m still dreaming about $22 dollar Litecoin.. lol! I’ll definitely be loading up more after the halving sell off though.

  8. Its seems as I am always bullish 2 days too early! WTF! As soon as I buy, price tends to leave me with double digit pullbacks almost every time! I could program a 'short indicator' based on my buying time… 😊

  9. Omar brother! You're an absolute PRO in what you do but I finally decided to tell you that 1 amateur "mistake" you (and few others) do over and over again: keep on banging on Altcoin prices in $USD, which is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to vast majority of people AND almost all traders, because almost nobody is buying Alts with $$ but with BTC! If you bought an alt coin with BTC, then BTC doubled in price but your alt coin only went up 25% it's only because it jumped on the bitcoin bull bangwagon, but it actually went down half in satoshi value, which is WHAT MATTERS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU SPENT TO BUY IT AND YOU'D DO BETTER HOLDING BTC IN THIS CASE, because your btc investment lost half of its size, regardless if you're in "green" in USD value! All altcoins got absolutely KILLED by this bull run in Satoshi value, everyone knows that (with exception of few morons who don't understand what they buying it with), you know it, please use it as your market analysis! The only coin which price matters in $$ is Bitcoin! All else is (mostly) traded against it. Peace bro

  10. yeah right! No way possible is it going to moon now or anytime soon. Also, alts are getting back to almost December 18 lows.

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