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  1. Check out lithium AA, AAA and 9V batteries. Slightly higher voltage, incredibly long shelf life, excellent cold temperature performance, for exterior doors, slightly higher capacity. They'll last up to ten years in a smoke detector. Slightly higher price but also available at Walmart and would make a great up sell for your customers.
    These batteries are not rechargeable and should not be confused with lithium ion batteries like those in your phone.

  2. I was a loyal Duracell battery customer for over 25 years, not anymore. I had about 2 dozen, AA and AAA size Duracells with expiry dates around 2014 leak in radios, remotes, clocks, flashlights and even in just stored in a battery organizer. Previously I had some Duracells last leak free for 10 years past their expiry date. I don't know if Energizers are any better but I won't be testing if Duracell fixed their screw-up, probably caused by a redesign to increase profits. Lithium batteries may be a better choice for locks & safes. They maintain performance over a wider range of temperatures and have a much longer storage life, for about 2x the cost. I have a 25 year old lithium cell in an infrequently used flashlight that still works!

  3. Why do they say not to use rechargeable batteries on digital keypads? I have an msl50 digital keypad & im going through new 9volt energizer or duracells monthly! I need a solution?

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