Banning Bitcoin is Impossible – Demand is Real – Under $10K? Not so much (2019-07-03)

Banning Bitcoin is Impossible - Demand is Real - Under $10K? Not so much (2019-07-03)

good morning Bitcoin today is Wednesday July 3rd 2019 my name is Thomas Hunt and here's what's happening today in Bitcoin the price of Bitcoin was up six point zero four percent in the last 24 hours with the last of eleven thousand four hundred and ninety six a high of eleven thousand five hundred and sixty three and a low of nine thousand seven hundred that's $1 for 8712 satoshis our top story the overlooked reason the United States would struggle to ban Bitcoin as Kyle Torpy writes in Forbes magazine Bitcoin is considered a free speech issue and it was long settled that you can hold any kind of ones and zeros in your pocket without the government knowing what you hold encryption is still legal as long as that's true you can always hold Bitcoin additionally it seems like it's simply not possible for the United States to ban Bitcoin because they couldn't shut down Bitcoin without shutting down the entire Bitcoin in the entire internet as bill bard heart from Habra says excuse me he says it's just not possible the government can't stop the United States Supreme Court has already opined on this you can't prevent people from holding ones and zeros on a device in their pocket that ship has sailed we already know that what can they do the question is what can they do at the edge of the network the on ramps and off ramps the places where they exert control over the banking system the exchanges and the stable coins that's right the problem with Bitcoin has always been where it interacted with a Fiat system nothing's wrong with Bitcoin it's just the legacy system figuring out that it has no chance another article from Kyle Torpy writing at Forbes Krakken CEO Bitcoin price run powered by real demand not tether manipulation and things seemed to be different this time for Bitcoin whereas last time it was more of a retail run with normal users searching for and then buying Bitcoin this time it seems to be larger institutions and banks who are taking a flyer on the fledgling cryptocurrency it also doesn't appear to be tether the so called stable coin that's linked to Bitcoin that seems to print more and more tethers every time the price of Bitcoin goes up if they then bought Bitcoin with those tethers they would drive the price up more then printing more tethers at least that was the theory last time Bitcoin price dips below 10k with deeper losses likely own car God pool coin bez coin desk Bitcoin price falls below 10,000 as a boost from Facebook's Libra fades The Guardian don't want to subscribe to your newsletter Bitcoin rollercoaster continues as price dives below $10,000 Mashable Bitcoin falls under ten thousand eight hundred and Tel agrave and the price of Bitcoin up 15% overnight climbing above eleven thousand dollars to eleven thousand three hundred and ninety one at press time that's right maybe you didn't see it in your crystal ball you should have checked your charts more carefully you didn't see that the price of Bitcoin was going back up whoopsy better luck next time chart readers and chuck-e-cheese tokens are more valuable than Bitcoin the restaurant rodent gives Bitcoin owners a lesson first we had the so-called innocuous tweet which a CCN apparently doesn't know what producthunt is you morons something called product on something on the Internet whoo anyway Ryan Hoover from producthunt says chuck-e-cheese tokens are cool but I'd rather earn Bitcoin linking to Satoshi's games a place where you can play games and earn Bitcoin Chuckie Cheese himself responded to each his own fake currency ohohoho crypto graffiti wrote back showing a picture of self sovereignty or the junk you can buy at Chucky Cheese and others saying that Chucky Cheese tokens are prettier than Bitcoin and that they look so much like Bitcoin that Snopes had to debunk a story as them being sold as actual Bitcoin however the writer of this article seems to be a class a moron saying that bitcoin is a sucker's bet except for communist and socialist dictatorships fiat currency isn't going anywhere even if it did bitcoin won't help anyone and the comings in the subsequent societal collapse bitcoins not a store of value value is not stored in anything when the value of a per eights in a matter of minutes as Bitcoin did last week and continues to do so today um-huh continues to evaporate up 15% Oh check your crystal ball again anyway he goes on saying baseball cards are a better store value dadada and that Chucky Cheese rules and he hates Bitcoin let's read some of the comments andrew Geils writes you sir with all due respect are just stupid it would probably be helpful to educate yourself on the topics on which you report if a person we're supposed to look at previous articles written by you it's pretty clear to see that you have your personal feelings beliefs and/or agenda whatever that may be I truly don't care but I'll leave you with this good luck lolz and it's another ridiculous article I guess down here they're saying that the article is satire the article is a satirizing Fudd a good one I guess not sure if it is satire or not but they need to work harder on it if it's satire it is labeled as an op-ed not as a humorous piece so good luck with that funny article I guess from CCN we're about out of time but there's still a chance for you to donate to our Bitcoin and drive we're collecting money to buy better gear better microphones and a mixer board so that we can do better podcast for you I would say that the fundraiser has gone up because we're now 60% towards our goal but that's really just that the price of Bitcoin went up and we happen to be holding so please give us a donation get out your wallet right now we have 15 donations I'd love to say that we have 16 donations tomorrow you could even donate an amount as small as 8,000 satoshis thanks to our friends on the Lightning Network or you can deliver for millions of toasties it's all up to you you can use Bitcoin send us a couple bucks thanks so much for watching until next time this has been today in Bitcoin be sure to give us a thumbs up and a share subscribe down below bye bye

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  2. Tom, Always appreciate ALL you have done over the years.
    You are truly one of the true people behind crypto that has done much good.

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