Back to School or College Drop Out?!?

Back to School or College Drop Out?!?

♪ What’s up beautiful people? It is your
homegirl Ms. Shameless, all up in her bedroom. And this video is
discussing the time when dinosaurs roamed the
earth and I was in high school. I get a lot of
questions from my boos on whether they should or
shouldn’t go to school, a lot of confusion, and since school is
right around the corner I thought I might
address this in a lovely video talking about my experience. Keep in mind I’m an artist, I am an artist. [laughs] I am not a doctor,
a lawyer, a teacher, an accountant that
requires a degree or diploma. So back in the day, I was 18, and the school and my mother
both made me go to school. I wish I had taken a year
off, which I did eventually, to discover who I
am and what I enjoy. But I said to myself, you
know what? I enjoy the arts. At the time I had been
acting and doing dance, and I would book work
as a commercial actor that required
some dance abilities, but my mom was
like absolutely not, you’re not going to pursue
that art, whatever as a career, because that’s not stable. Business, accounting,
all of these things, academics are safe, basically. So I was like OK fine. Of these safe careers what
could I do that I would enjoy? And I was like, you know what?
Advertising and marketing, because I loved the arts,
but I also loved business. And kind of this
channel is what that is. Anyways, I went to
school for business, ka-boom! As a teenager going
from kindergarten to grade 12, and at the time for
me was OAC, we had 13 years, and then to another
set of years of learning. Oh my goodness, I
discovered coffee, I discovered substances that would help me take
the edge off my stress. And after a year, well after the first
semester I was like I’m done, I can’t do this,
I cannot do this. I cannot imagine
spending the rest of my life, four years, in a
situation like this, where I don’t, I’m not happy,
I’m stressed out of my mind. I didn’t want to
dropout after a semester, so I did the full year. My mom was really,
really disappointed in me. She was really upset with me,
and I was a big embarrassment. But you know what? I don’t know and I
don’t want to waste money because university
and college is expensive, and if I’m taking
something I don’t enjoy then I’m burning through money. So I took a year off, and I
was born and raised in Toronto, so I took the year off and
I came out to Los Angeles, just to like get out of my city because I had been
born and raised there, and I hadn’t
gotten out on my own. So I did that,
and in that process I discovered that I
am good in business, but I’m also
artistic, I love photography, and I still enjoy acting. So I was taking
acting classes outside, like so, like a
workshop program, and doing photography, but I did want to go
back into the institution, that type of formal training. So I asked myself,
photography or acting? I looked into photography, and the tuition was
what? You want me to pay what? 40k for what? For you to
tell me something while I sit and I don’t even get to do
it until like a week later, no thank you. So instead I was
like you know what, take the money you
would have spent on tuition, not $40,000,
I didn’t have $40,000, I took $350 and
bought myself a camera. And I told myself, learn from
the best, who do you admire? So I emailed four
photographers that I admired, two of them wrote me
back and I worked with them. So, I was an
intern and a volunteer. I didn’t get paid. But I was so
grateful because I was like, you don’t got to pay me because I was
going to pay them $40k, but you don’t even
want to charge me, and I get to do this for free, and sometimes you
throw me some money, that’s a sweet deal. I ended up going
to college, again, this time for acting,
for classical theater, because I told myself
I really enjoy acting, it’s something that just allows
me to be all these characters, and have fun and play
dress-up and transform. So I did that for two years, and my reasoning was if I can
do it every day I’ll be better, there’s no way I can’t. And I got kicked
out after two years, not because of
any academic reason, like I was a slack
student. It was just because. The thing with
conservatory programs, dance, whether it’s ballet, you can get kicked out because
you don’t have a body type, and the same thing kind of
applies to classical theater. I didn’t have the type that they
wanted so they booted me out, but that was OK. It’s a
part of the memoir, right? So, since then, since
doing my three year stint as — two years acting, one
year business I was like I work best by doing. Five questions to ask yourself. First is what kind
of career do you want? Does the career that you want
require a diploma or degree? What do you want
to go to school for? Do you have the
time to be in school? Do you have the financial
means to go to school? You don’t think
about it at the time because it’s always
like you can pay it back, you can pay it back. A student loan is
a bitch to pay back. It took me over,
I think ten years? It took me ten years
to pay that thing back. And I have friends that
are still paying theirs back. They don’t tell you
these things in school. They don’t equip with
the financial understanding and resources to manage
a personal bank account, let alone tuition. So, you have the money, and how do you intend to
pay your student loans back? And then the 5th is
how do you work best? Do you work best in
a classroom setting? Maybe you work best
with one on one training. Maybe you work best
in a workshop setting with smaller
groups, maybe you work best studying online by yourself. I know people that
thrive and excel in school, and oh my goodness I am
so floored and impressed, and yes do the
things that you’re good at. Do the things that are
fun and challenging for you, and school offers that. But keep in mind that
everyone is different, everyone has their own journey, and everyone needs to
examine what that is. What can you see
yourself doing every day for the rest of your life? And maybe it’s not for
the rest of your life, because you can
change your mind. You can be a
teacher for ten years and say you know
what? I change my mind. You’re never too
old to start school. You’re never too
old to go into school. You’re never too
old to do anything, OK. It’s basically — says who? Says a bunch of followers? You’re never too
old to do anything, just do it, it’s your life. You’re the one who has to die
and live with whatever regrets or things that you
wish you did or didn’t do. Live your life.
It’s never too late. Do not be ashamed. Be shameless when
it comes to your age and your education. I think in fact, I
don’t want to say better, but it’s great to go to
school when you’re older. When you know who you are and when you can
say to yourself, “I didn’t know who I was at 18. I know who I am at 35. I
know who I am at 50, at 60. I want to go to school for
this because I know who I am.” And sometimes it
happens that way. And to have to be in a situation
where I saw a lot of that, a lot of —
especially for immigrants when you move into a
country where they tell you your education from
wherever you are doesn’t count, it sucks. But if you have the
money, if you have the means to go to school, if that means you’re going
to be able to do the things that you’re passionate
about then explore that option. A diploma and a degree
does not equal success. Being famous does
not equal success. Your happiness equals success. Life is meant for you to explore and have fun and cry and
suffer and then triumph, that’s to me what life is, so. I hope that helped you guys. [laughs] Also, you guys I
have a Facebook group, the “Do You Boo” group,
and my boos are awesome, and I have a challenge there,
it’s a 15 week challenge, and it’s basically
breaking things down to help you discover
what your passion is. So, read the description
box for information. Comment below and let us know
what you’re going to school for, what are you passionate about, and if you have any questions
for the rest of us let us know. And do not let shame and
fear dictate your choices. Do you boo! Be shameless. I will see you guys next week. Subscribe, like this video,
share with all your friends, especially those
confused children that don’t know what to do. You know what I’m saying?
Shameless Maya is here for you. [whispers]
Shameless Maya is here for you. ♪

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  1. I really needed this Maya! I'm 44 and I use to feel guilty that I didn't get a degree. But school was never what I really wanted to do.

  2. Omg shameless you are so right and inspirational and I thank you for making this video you have inspired me to find my passion – love u shameless

  3. im so happy i found your channel! but girl i wish it was easy! my dream job would be to go to school for fashion and work in the fashion industry. i love make up, clothes, taking pictures, modeling, all that stuff. but like your mom, my mom isn't for that. my parents say its not stable. so I'm doing the 2nd best thing that i like which is going to school for working in an office in the hospital & working towards being a sign language interpreter. don't get me wrong i like those things too, but i wish i could just work in the fashion industry :/ because its something i actually love and enjoy doing, its just harder than i thought it would be.

  4. Amazing video Maya! I really needed this, because I have taken two or three (not in college now) breaks from college. I've been thinking about going back to college at 25, but my current grades are not good, and my financial aid is running out. So I've been working (looking for another job now) in order to help myself pay for college. I am just all over the place, and I need security & stability. I am currently a Computer Science major, and I have been saying that I want to be a Software Engineer but I'm not sure anymore. Do you have any advice for me?

  5. Random but did you do the voice for the wnbc app lolll seriously sounds just like you.. Your beautiful sending positive thoughts your way keep being honest and awesome!!

  6. I love you. this video hits home. I'm 30 and just started my second semester of college, mainly to have a career to fall back on. Registered nursing is what I am purusing, even though I'm not that interested in it. I do have dreams and aspirations but always make excuses as to why I am not working towards them. One excuse is my age. Another is being a divorced, heartbroken, single mother. These excuses need to be my motivation to do and be better. This video just reminded me of this! I can't thank you enough!

  7. Maya love ya boo I've been watching you since you started your shameless journey I work at doggie daycare and I'm loving it I actually can picture doing this for the rest of my life just taking care and walking dogs and the pay is good I'm happy the only thing that bothers me is when people ask me to go back to school but the thing is school isn't for me with that said I just hate the fact that people don't think what I'm doing isnt enough I mean I like school but I do have ADD so it's very hard to concentrate and it affected my school performance I'm content what I'm doing now I I love all types of animals and caring for them is a joy to me that is enough for me I'm shameless and I don't care what anybody says anymore I'm happy and right now life is good

  8. I agree with message of this video, however people shouldn't don't allow financial barriers be a reason for them not to achieve their dreams, and what makes them happy. Apply for scholarships!!!and grants!!!there's abundant out there. I personally came from a very poor background, and was able to pursue my dream by going to a 4 year university without paying a dime. I do not like to misconceptions about people with limited means have limited opportunities. Make your dreams happpen without paying for it later, what ever avenue you would like to pursue!!

  9. Thank you Maya! the lack of financial literacy is a huge issue for students and parents, especially first generation college students. As always you have very relevant and education topics on your page, so many people take out these loans without really knowing the consequences down the line. I work for a Non-profit that recently launched a campaign for just that. not only do they help students with financial literacy, default rehab, college search, budgeting and the most popular tool is the "scholarship tool" being launched next week. The best part is it's free! we partnered with many Colleges and Universities who are already paying for this service for their students. I don't want to put a link without your approval first please let me know if this something you would want to share with the boos and I will update with a link to the website.

  10. very informative very inspirational, Ive been in college since 2005 graduated with my associates degree in 2007 at 21 never used that degree or interest, took a break (or somewhat break) worked in healthcare for 11 yrs finally after 2013 applied to nursing school out of surprise "got in" fast foward to july 2015 after all the hell and back at age 29 graduated from nursing school. My mom graduated in aug 2015 at age 52 with her masters and honors she inspired me to keep going because she seen me give up and cry about how I feel stuck…I love nursing the sacrifices I hated but my mom sacrificed more but she came out on top so if she can do it I can do it You are never too old for education regardless what you want to do.

  11. Almost 42 and in need of a new gig. I've been thinking about going back to school to finish (got as far as an Associate's) I have 20+ years experience but I feel so out of touch with people in my industry. Searching for an experience

  12. I'm in nursing school and am passionate about soap making and aquaponics. Honestly, I don't want to be a nurse I just know I will get $$$$$$$ as a nurse. Ne-waze thanks for this video, it inspired me to explore all of my options rather than doing what's safe.

  13. the point about paying for college is a good one especially these days. you can also work your way thru college, which gives you hands on experience and classroom learning.

  14. Maya, thank you for this video! I've been watching your videos for over a year now and lately have seemed to watch certain videos at just the right time. I'm a teacher, by day, and an artist in my heart. Lately I've been feeling the desire to pursue my artistic career but am hesitant because I'm almost 30 and changing careers now is crazy right?! No! You're so right, its never too late to do anything. THANK YOU for being an inspiration to so many people, do you BOO!

  15. This video was confirmation! I've went to college for almost 3 years majoring in Chemistry, only now after so much money spent and time wasted that it's not what I want to do in life. I chose a major based on my moms ideal of stability. I much rather be doing something in the fashion or beauty industry.

  16. I love those words right there "a degree or diploma don't define your success". I'm surround by many of my friends that think getting good grades or seeing how many classes you can take define how great you are. This is my second year of college and im nowhere near where i wanted to be. This is my first semester taking 5 classes and im about to drown in stress. But i had to if i want to keep up with my friends. They all want to finish by 2018 the year we are supposed to graduated from college. I dont see that happening to me. For those starting to go to college i want to say one thing that i learned so far…. It's impossible to graduated on time life gets in the way and sometimes thats okay so go on with your own pace….

  17. Oh my goodness thank you so much!!! I am a freshman in college, and I don't feel happy here. I love my friends here so much, and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to get this education, but I keep having this unshakable feeling that "something's missing!" I just got offered an amazing opportunity to go to Myanmar next year and teach in a school there, to help improve the community by working on community issues like healthcare, electricity, alcohol abuse, and water safety. I have wanted to go do hands on work for years, and my parents are skeptical about me taking a semester off to go, but they don't know that I want to leave college for good and go serve in other countries. I want to see the world, work in impoverished areas, and give my everything doing all I can, but they are very "american dream is the way to go" types. Anyway, this video is exactly what I needed to hear tonight! Thank you so much, girl! Love you!

  18. Thanks for stating it is never too late. I am 44, an artist with a lot of education…none of it in the Arts. I studied what I thought I was expected to study. I have worked in other fields in low paying jobs. The pay would not matter if I were doing my passion. The high school students of today need to pursue what they truly love.

  19. Thank you, I was freaking out because all our counselors were talking about college and they weren't happy that I stopped taking math and science for art and digital film. Just want to say thank you because this video is giving me confidence to not let anyone get in my way for something I want.

  20. I love this video . I'm 17 in my second year in college on New York & I honestly loveeee school , future dermatologist 🙌

  21. i dropped out of college for the same reason. i was going to school to make my mom happy, but it wasn't what i really wanted. i enjoy making youtube videos, and now i have more time for that. you spoke the truth.

  22. This video was straight from God! Thank you Maya💟💟👆 I have been praying so hard about which next step I should take in my life. I will join your Facebook page also. Much love to you💓💜💟💜💟💝💘💗💖

  23. Follow your dreams. Maya you did it the right way. You found a way to reach for the stars legally and with big benefits. I think you're awesome gyal😘❤️

  24. Well… I have the almost same situation. My family don't like the way I act and do. They said why can't I be like everyone else. But I don't listen to them coz my life is my life.

  25. This is literally my situation right now😂 This is my first semester at college and I hate it. I'm eaving to discover new things and I plan on coming back to do classes that I want to do. I couldn't care less about a diploma. I'm not taking math or English classes if that's not what I'm aiming to major in so degree is out the window lol. You are completely right with some 18 year old's not knowing themselves, I had a week where I changed my mind on what I wanted to do five times lmaooo so why go to college if you're indecisive, it'd be wasting lots of money. I'm not even a school person, I've always hated school since the first day I set foot in Pre-K, the only thing I like is meeting people and making friends, but that's it.

  26. This video is exactly what I needed to hear. I'm a senior in high-school and i really don't know what i want to do. Everyone keeps telling me what to do but i want to do what i feel passionate about. Thanks Maya I've been following your channel for about 3 years now keep it up. Love you.

  27. hello miss shameless my name is Arrietta I am starting my own business my business is diaper cakes if the cake that is entirely made out of diapers the cake has gluten in trees on there for baby and one gift from mommy my business is one month old and I'm very very proud of myself my name of my business is called Baby Cakes I'm trying to figure out more ways that I can branch out my business and I was wondering if you can help me branch out my business a little bit more and the ladies of gold do you boo you help me to

  28. maya i have requested to join do you bo group at Facebook because it's locked… can you confirm my request because now i really confused what is my talent and i wanna know what's my talent thanks maya ilysm

  29. I just love your videos. As a new Youtuber I can only wish that one day I meet you in person because you are a such an amazing person.

  30. I go to school for fashion design and I'm not feeling it anymore which is a shock but I really don't know what to do with myself now, I figure I should finish up my degree seeing how I only have a semester left. But golly I just don't know any,kre

  31. This cleared up a lot for me. I'm into acting and photography like you are! A but nervous to start a youtube channel though. College is very necessary but for certain things.. Great video, Maya 🙂

  32. Giiiirl. You better preach… I'm sitting here watching your videos by accident. BY ACCIDENT! But we all know there are no accidents. You just spoke to my soul. Never being too old to pursue your passion and realizing for yourself what success really is. Thank you.

  33. Hola chica!
    So I was feeling a bit uninspired today (ya know, just going through the day's routine) and wanted some motivation. So I thought about you and decided to watch this video.
    I'm 25 and recently decided to go back to college and pursue a degree in nutrition. I agree with everything you said and I'm beyond happy about my decision. This gave me the boost I needed. I love your energy and wish you well.

  34. Maya, I hope that you reply back to me. I currently am a freshman majoring in Fashion Design. I was like "yassss college", but now I am really confused. I do not know if fashion design will be worth it to be in debt for.

  35. This video was for me! I'll be 27 very soon, I have 3 children, & I'm currently going through a divorce. My life is at a standstill when it comes to a career & this video has motivated me so much! I went to school for medical assisting then quit. Then went back to school for childhood education & quit because I HATED IT! Then I became a professional makeup artist years later, I even worked for MAC for a year & I just lost my passion for makeup altogether. Now I'm trying to figure out what I want to do. This video has helped me soooo much I literally wanna cry lol. Love you Maya! I'm definitely gonna be shameless in 2016 & the years to come! 😘❤

  36. Most people today do not have the financial means to afford school, so I would not put that on my list of reasoning. I would though ask people to get the basics down in general subjects, and use those skills to expand on their passion(s).

  37. actually came here to help myself find my way, dropping out of college is a big move to do.. especialy for imigrants childrens

  38. Real! I'm a do'er, I went to school for stability and it was more so of a Plan B for me! Now I'm working on my Plan A and I'm extremely excited. Great video! Great way of not completely disregarding education but encouraging people to follow their dreams! Awesome job dear!

  39. I love this video I'm a high school junior right now and I don't know if I want to go to college or not. Every time I think about college I just come back to this video. It's so inspirational.

  40. I am 20 in November and after high school (ends at age 16 in UK) I left education and worked. I have discovered a lot about myself and have been offered places to study Performance and Arts Management at two universities. I used to loveeee the arts but when I left school, started working life and abandoned my social life/hobbies, my love for the arts faded to the point I didn't even enjoy it anymore. I still ended up applying for it at university as sometimes I get sparks of inspiration from the arts. however I don't know whether deep down I'm just not that person anymore and so whether I should study this two year degree :(? please advise me 💕?!

  41. Thank you so much for this video, God works in mysterious ways. This video came right on time, I'm 22 years old I took two years off of college and because I failed two classes and before that I didn't know what I was going to be and I still don't. I'm always stressed out because I always felt like I needed a diploma & degree to be successful im scared because all I want is to be successful and happy but I don't know what my purpose is in life. I'm stressed out because I'm trying to figure out if I want to go back to school or not. I'm creative too, I love to read, write, paint, music, sketch, everything creative I'm good at but also I never really fit in anywhere. ANYWHERE academic or just with anything I would be what you say a pink elephant in the room. So this video was really. REALLY helpful now I can stop crying a bit. 🙂

  42. I changed school and programs non stop since 2013 and I'm tired of paying and being sad because I can't find anything that I like. I think I should take a year off to focus on myself.

  43. Damn, I love you, girl! I've watched just 4 videos and they already not just entertained me (which they have) but also helped and motivated. You are amazing. Thank you!

  44. I decide to take a semester off after only ONE semester of college, and received so much backlash that I ultimately made a Youtube video on it so I could address it with anyone in my home town. This video definitely makes me feel much better because I feel as though sometimes no one else understands. Thank you!

  45. Im 13 and ive dropped out of school because of my depression and anxeity and I really wanna go back but I'm scared too because I've cut my hair and I'll get made fun of and everyone in the school I went to are really mean

  46. im 22 now and am just working, i went to college for a year when i was 18, for the longest time since i was a junior in high school i thought i needed to be a doctor or something in the STEM field, mostly because i grew up in a lower income household and i wanted to do something that made a lot of money, but then when i got to college i was pressured and the community college was in my tiny midwest town and i wasn't happy at all, so i dropped out, given i am on financial aid suspension and i made the mistake of taking out a loan and now i am in default because in my town it is so HARD to find a job, im so thankful i have a descent job now even though i make only $9.50 an hour but i live below my means and have roommates and i save my off paychecks, and i am working towards paying off my debt (the loan was small, thank god) and i want to build good credit, i am going to work and continue saving money until i am of age 25, then after i am off financial aid suspension i am going to go back to college but i am going to major in something i LOVE and that actually interests me, i hate math and science, i mean i understand the importance of them, math is everywhere in some way shape or form and also i know we need science because it can do amazing things but i don't want to do those in my careers, i am a right brain thinker, im more of a creative person and i enjoy the arts, so i want to get my BA in vocal and instrumental music education k-12, and earn a minor in dance and be involved in theatre and creative writing, that is what i want to do, and i want to move out of Nebraska and move to old orchard beach in maine (its the perfect coastal beach town i have always imagined myself living!) that is what i want to do with my career, music is really good because its more hands on and performance based rather than just learning equations and sitting in a desk, also most of the time people retain information a lot more when it is in a song or a tune, thats why we always have songs stuck in our heads

  47. I have a question. In your situation I guess you were paying for school. In my situation I get financial aid for community college, and I don't have to pay for it, which is great, but I'm not exactly happy. I'd like to take a semester off or the summer, and I'm wondering if school is right for me. I'm thinking about getting experience as an intern and I'd like to start a business, but I'm nervous and wondering how it'll work out. I've got about another year of school left, been here for 2 years and I would be graduating at the end of this semester if I wasn't on probation for financial aid twice due to having to drop classes. This sums up my situation. I could ask you what I should do but I know the answer is up to me in the end, still I value your opinion. I wonder what you think about if it's community college and being paid for. Advice and insight is greatly appreciated. And thanks for making the video.

  48. We can do whatever we want im a actress and when I get older I will be going back to college!!!.

  49. I love you! This video made me happy because we've been through very similar experiences. I moved out of my hometown after high school and it's been 3years since I haven't been to school. I've always done acting but never wanted to go to college because of financial situations and family issues. Now as an adult I can say that I would be more mature to chose what path I want to take then my 18yr self…going back to school is a bit scary still!
    Thanks for sharing your experience! :-*

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