Aleksey Kostylev’s house tour by electronic

Aleksey Kostylev’s house tour by electronic

Hello, guys. This is Alexey Kostylev and the first April’s vlog for our CS:GO channel. The last time we saw each other at StarLadder where our team placed second, and tomorrow the guys are gathering in Kiev for another bootcamp before DreamHack Masters in Marseille that will take place 18-23rd of April. The first one to arrive in Kiev is Electronic and we are going to meet him. Elec must have already landed, so he should be here any minute. Here he comes. Hello, how was your flight? Everything was great. Let’s roll. Tell me about China, you placed third, which is a decent result. Don’t even ask. They don’t know English at all, it’s hard to communicate, to get somewhere. How much did you win? We won $150.000 in total. How much is that per player? $30.000, there are taxes however. From the recent news, as you know you have a new bootcamp house, it’s the first good news. The second news isn’t that great, the new base is not ready yet, so we will go there tomorrow. And how are you doing? Everything is great, however, we lost a few EPL matches lately, they were very important. There is also bad news, I have nowhere to sleep. It’s not a problem, today you will crash at my place, and tomorrow we’ll travel to our bootcamp. Okay, but are you going to interview me again and film some content? Of course, we are in a Vlog, everyone wants to know how Electronic is doing and the team is doing. Wait, this time I will be the host and you will be answering my questions. Because people know a lot about me, but nothing about you, only that you are S1mple’s brother. Do you have a brother? Okay, deal. What music do you want to listen to? Here we are. I’m hungry. Let’s order sushi then. Sure. Okay then. So, guys, this is Alexey Kostylev, he promised to show you his apartment. Let’s begin, shall we? Let’s start, but to be honest it’s strange for me not being a host, but nothing can be done about it. We are in my apartment, in the entrance hall, I don’t know what I can tell about it. The wall is bronze-like, it’s made of cement, there are different things here. This pouf is to sit on when putting shoes on, this is the key-holder, I have some interesting key chains. By the way, the most amusing commentary below the video will be rewarded with this keychain. What is this? It’s a New York Times Newspaper, it’s probably very old, right? It is an old edition of New York Times, I bought it at the auction, it tells about the Titanic incident with the names of the victims. What does this newspaper symbolize? It symbolizes human’s life and the fact that it can end anytime. So we should live life to its fullest every minute and every second. That’s right, Alexey. Let’s move into the living room. This is the living room combined with the kitchen, previously the kitchen was closed by the wall, there was a balcony behind. But I removed everything, that’s what it looks like right now, let me show you the kitchen. Let’s go. It’s worth noting that Alexey lives pretty high. 25th floor. He watches everyone from above. This wall is very nice, there are a lot of souvenirs on it. Tell us all about it. This is a bar counter, it’s also called the wall of vanity by some designers. There are a lot of souvenirs here, which I bought during the tournaments, that we visited. For example, I brought this Yankees baseball from ESL One New York. This was from our first video with Kostya, it was during Krakow Major which was won by Gambit. This is the symbol of Krakow, it’s a dragon, which breathes fire once every minute, I bought it there. There are a lot of figures, from most countries. This one was bought in Malmo during Dreamhack. Before my job in NAVI, I graduated from the University of TV and Cinema, my profession is speaker/host. Also, I was an actor, I was in Paradox Soldiers 2, I received this flask as a souvenir. It was filmed in St. Petersburg, I had a great time there, I was still a student back then and I have a lot of pleasant memories. Guys, forgive me for the advertisement, maybe we will be able to buy this souvenir, because NAVI is going to the London Major, I invite you to cheer for us, also we’ll try to buy something like this to give away for you. I’d say we’ll buy it for sure during the Major, maybe it’ll be smaller or bigger, and we will give it away. I have a Walter White figurine here, the glasses are detachable, he has a bag of money, just like real one. I forgot I’m not the host today. Alexey, I see all those souvenirs and think, which one is the favorite for you? Maybe you have some memories… To be honest, all the trips are memorable, I don’t know if I can choose one. Every souvenir has it’s own history. There are some alcoholic beverages, they are for friends and holidays. I don’t drink much, they are sealed and wait here. There is the Eiffel tower, the maple syrup, which I enjoy with pancakes. Here is the dining table, I eat eggs… I really love poached eggs for breakfast with sandwiches. In the evening I turn on the lights, those lights are the brightest here, everything else is additional illumination. Here are some amusing pictures, do you know what’s this? This is Barathrum. That’s correct, this is Barathrum, he hugs a lamb, this picture symbolizes a man and a woman. The man is strong, brutal, clever… I hope this man is clever, and he protects his woman. This is a meaningful picture, I like it a lot, also there are some masks from different counties. The kitchen is black and white colored, it’s maximalism in minimalism, there are lights everywhere. Here is the fridge with all kinds of magnets from our trips. Do you remember when we filmed… wait, you were not in the team back then, how could I forget? Elec, I’m so used to you being on the team that I even forgot you were not here during ESL One New York. In the first edition, we went up the tallest building, World Trade Center. I have a magnet as a memory, also there is NAVI sticker here. Of course here are scrambled eggs. Sushi to remember where to order them, also here is S1mple. “The best brother” – he gifted it to me. There are some cups, plates. Sanya brought this from Las Vegas, in the Vlog with his apartment tour you saw the Darth Vader mug, and this one… I don’t remember who it is, write it in the comments below. Cups and mugs for different drinks, there is some tea, the oven, I cook here, unlike S1mple. So this is my kitchen, there is Pinocchio above. Okay, let’s return to the living room, the first question: I see you like vinyl records. Yes, I love them, it’s my hobby, I was a DJ ten years ago, in my last year of university, it was a hobby. I’ll ask Kirill to insert some video with me as a DJ, you probably can see it. We can listen to something if you want. My collection is pretty large, but the records are unpacked yet because I just finished renovating the apartment. Choose what you want to listen. Do you have some classical music? You know, I have some… I have some music from Game of Thrones. What else do I have there? Show everyone what you have. I have Whitney Houston, do you like it? Kill Bill soundtrack, Jay Z… Let’s listen to Jay Z. Jay Z? Or classical? You haven’t shown me any classical record yet. Wait a moment, so you want classical records… Come on, Alexey… Tom Jones, Michael Jackson… do you want to listen to Michael Jackson? Yes, who doesn’t like Michael Jackson? Elec, do you know this track? You bet. Do you like listening to him? Me too, I’d like to visit his show, but it’s too late. As I can see this wall is quite unusual as well. There are also some souvenirs… Here are different badges from the events I took part in. Also, I took part in Z-games festival for some years. This is from the Giraffe festival, I took part in it before joining NAVI. Here are different badges from different festivals, those things are for memories. Here I have a Kaws figure, I like it. I collect these figures. Here is my multimedia center, MicroLab speakers, 60 inch TV, I watch all your games on it. It’s connected to my gaming place, I have a PC here, and it’s always in sleep mode. As I can see your keyboard is HyperX. Yes, all of my devices are from HyperX. Do you advise to buy HyperX? Of course I do, I think they have the best devices for gamers. I agree. I like this keyboard with new switches, it’s a bit loud, but it’s great anyway. I also advise HyperX devices, they are very nice. My monitor is BenQ, it’s 144HZ if I’m not mistaken. Yes, I can see it’s not 75HZ. Can you tell the difference from the first sight? Of course I can. You play FaceIT, Alexey, don’t you? Of course. How often do you play there? Quite often, but I had a lot of work lately, so I didn’t play much. However I have great devices for streaming, I can switch between monitors as you can see. By the way, S1mple is streaming now, let’s check it out. He is playing FPL, but he is offline already. No worries, we didn’t make it, so we won’t see him. So, while he is entering the password let me show you the view. You can see some part of the city rather than the building in front. This is a nice apartment you got here, Alexey. Well, if you say so. There are various figures here too. What’s that? It flashes. That’s magic, you can touch it and feel the power. I’ve got different badges here, this one is from the previous Major, also pins. This is a backstage pass where we film our vlogs. Also, I was an art director of Euroclub during the Eurovision contest in Ukraine. I keep them as souvenirs. Could you tell me who it is? I could, it’s Pudge. I think you all recognize this young man, friends. Yeah, it contains part of Dendi. Yeah. This is Roshan, you all recognize it. I’ve got a lot of themed things here, this ward for example. Also from Dota. Do you remember what it’s called? Observer. That’s right. It’s observer. Here I watch all your games. If both rosters are playing at the same time, I watch one team on the TV and the other one on the monitor. Hey, don’t get too relaxed, we haven’t shown everything yet. Alexey, I invite you into the bedroom. Bedroom? Yes. This is a small dressing room, here’s a bar for morning pull-ups. Here’s a closet with my clothes. I love sunglasses. I’ve got plenty of them. What’s here? T-shirts. I don’t know… A lot of T-shirts, there are even ones that I haven’t worn in a while. Or even those that still have tags on them. Look what I’ve got here, this is rare. Signed by Dendi, General, Crystallize, Sonneiko, Rodjer – our previous lineup. A keepsake hoodie. I think my grandchildren will be shocked when they see my clothes. Alexey, you still haven’t shown us how you do pull-ups. Electronic, this wasn’t in the script! Well, I can do one pull up of course. So this is my bedroom, I spend a lot of time in here. What to show you… This is a multimedia corner. I’ve got a TV, a PlayStation, a Harman Kardon aura studio speaker here. A speaker is connected via Bluetooth to all of my devices. You can listen to music from a tablet or laptop or phone on it, basically any device. This is a Darth Vader nightlight. My friends brought it from Germany. Here’s a clothing stand. I either put my clothes on it after I get back from work, or prepare clothes for the next day that I usually wear when going to the office or a video shoot or a trip. Here’s a wardrobe, the panels are matte black to prevent TV glare. Well, nothing interesting in there, a lot of T-shirts, underwear, Natus Vincere T-shirts. I wear them when attending a tournament or our events. Here’s a T-shirt with my name on it. I don’t even have a T-shirt like this one. Even Electronic doesn’t have a T-shirt like this one. Poor Elec, but it’s okay, I’ll ask Zhenya Zolotarov, he’ll help you get one. I’ve got a big bed here. Is it comfy? Excessively comfy. Lie down on that side, I’ll lie here. Yeah, it’s a nice bed. I’d prefer to sleep now since I’m tired. Yes, I’m tired too. There’s light behind the bed and two bedside lamps hanging from the ceiling if you need some light at night. What? How I stretch my arms. Where? Like this. What’s that table over there? This is my working place. There’s only a laptop on the desk and my favorite DXRacer chair. Here I prepare a media plan before tournaments, or when I need to do something before work. I get up early and prepare a plan or a table or talk to Electronic asking him to arrive earlier to make a bootcamp tour video. It happens right here. And Electronic says, “Sure. Anything for my favorite organization – Natus Vincere.” Thank you. Carefully, a deerskin rug. Did you kill it? No, I don’t do this. I support Greenpeace. This is my bathroom, nothing special in here. A sink, shower stuff. I have a lot of colognes. Do you like to smell nice, Alexey? Sure, all men should smell good. There’s a lot of colognes here, but not so many men’s skincare products. An antiperspirant. Look at this toy, probably Alexey likes taking a bath with it. Yeah, I swim with this duck. This is a tub. I love to run a bath and lie in it after a day at work and read the news. For example, SK wants to buy s1mple and I’m like, “What’s going on?! Hello, guys, what happened?” I love to have a relaxing bubble bath and read Twitter, news. Is your throne comfortable? Throne? You know, it’s very comfortable. Before going somewhere in the morning, Alexey stands here and does that. I look in the mirror to see if I gained weight when I’m putting on a T-shirt. If my belly is sticking out that means I did gain some. By the way, I noticed this door, there’s probably a lot of interesting stuff behind it. Will you show us what’s behind it? To be honest, it’s a laundry room. Here’s my bike, I’ll hang it on the wall soon. Various sports accessories. My tennis racket. I like playing tennis. It’s awesome, I love it. I love tennis, cycling, snowboarding, surfing. Also, there’s a wardrobe with winter clothes and shoes in here. Winter jackets, NAVI clothes. It always smells nice and looks good after dry cleaning. A lot of winter jackets and shoes. Tell me about your choice of shoes. I have a lot of different shoes. There are brand shoes. I love good quality leather shoes. I have a lot of sports shoes. A lot of Jordan ones. I have these, haven’t worn them yet. These sneakers. The Nike leather ones, I love them. For spring and autumn wear, but it takes too long to put them on. I love these sneakers, with the spikes. I’ll wear them when it’s warmer outside. More Nike shoes. I have these espadrilles for summer. I call them millionaire’s espadrilles. A lot of shoes, but I usually wear practical and comfortable sneakers. As for brand shoes, I wear them when attending some events, they’re not quite for everyday wear. Well, friends, this is what Alexey’s apartment looks like, it’s nice and cozy. That must be sushi. Great, I was just feeling hungry. While we eat, you’ll tell me how you got into NAVI because everyone says it was s1mple who brought you into the organization. Fine, go to the kitchen while I get sushi. So, tell me, Lesha, how did you start working in NAVI? Before joining NAVI, I worked as a marketing director and a creative director at various digital companies in Ukraine. We built and developed successful brands, conducted promotional campaigns, invented brand stories. Developed websites and apps. I got into NAVi through competitive selection. I did a test task. Andrey Cherednichenko interviewed me, now he works at, I think everyone knows about this project. Back then the marketing department that I sent a test assignment to was part of ESforce Holding. I went through several selection stages. Actually, Sasha didn’t know I was applying for a job at NAVI, he found out about it the day before my first day on the job. I have a question, did you do it to be closer to your brother? No, it was a coincidence. I was doing my own thing in life, whereas he was playing video games and became a pro player. Isn’t it amazing, friends? Two brothers, who were moving in different directions, had their paths crossed at the same organization. That’s true. Actually, when I joined NAVI, I read a lot of comments saying that it was s1mple who brought his brother into NAVI and that their mom cooks borsch there. At first, I was reacting rather negatively, but after a while I got used to it, and now I don’t pay attention to it at all, it’s normal. I think people want to believe that s1mple brought me into NAVI. Well, let them believe what they want. Maybe they comfort themselves this way. I don’t know, they probably can’t stand seeing two brothers do what they love. In fact, Sasha found out that I got into NAVI the day before my first day on the job. I remember they got back home after some tournament, Zhenya Zolotarov gave him a ride home, I was going out and Zhenya told me that I made it into the top three candidates. I remembered his words very well, “I’m telling you straight away, I’m not gonna put in a word for you, I don’t do that kind of thing.” And he really didn’t put in a word for me. Then Andrey Cherednichenko called me and I got the job at NAVI. I graduated from Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University as a TV presenter. I was in many TV series, hosted some shows, did dubbing for films. After all, media remained my passion, it’s settled. We started working with Oleg Bulavko, now we’re working with Sasha Kharchenko, who took on the Head of media role after Oleg Bulavko left NAVI and joined DreamTeam. That’s the story, I don’t know what to add. Everyone thinks we’re just making videos, having fun, everything’s cool. We just film videos and that’s it, that’s how we work. No, guys, that’s not. We always try to improve the quality of the content we provide, and the result is there. Recently, we released a video that hit a million views mark. Kostya and I filmed it. That video was expected to reach one million views and it did. The result is really there to be seen and the organization sees it. We always try to post quality content. So if you have any suggestions or you want to see some new and interesting type of content, feel free to message us, we’ll always listen to your feedback and make sure to deliver. Well, friends, our tour of Alexey Kostylev’s apartment comes to an end. Got anything to say to our fans before we wrap it up? You always ask us to say something to the fans. Yeah, now it’s my turn. Guys, we make content for you. I hope you noticed how its quality is improving, at least we’re trying our best to improve it. We want you to wait for our vlogs as eagerly as you do for new Game of Thrones episodes. We read all your feedback. I’ll try to answer anyone in the comments to this video. So drop a like, subscribe to the channel and cheer for NAVI. Because we are a big family, Electronic can confirm. Even when we lose and you spam, “You’d better practice!”… Of course we will practice, and we’ll continue making vlogs for you. Be kind and we’re waiting for you on our channel and our social media – links are in the description. Electronic and I are saying goodbye, we’re going to eat because today was a hard day. The sun is already setting. Yes, I landed here it was just rising, now it’s already going down. We’re gonna eat, have a rest and tomorrow we’re going to film our new bootcamp facility. We’ll changes roles for that. Yes, we will. Bye, see you soon. I’m your great host Denis Sharipov, cheer for NAVI. Subscribe to our channel, see you soon. Bye.

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