Affordable Cryptocurrency Masternodes!

Affordable Cryptocurrency Masternodes!

what's up everybody alright so going out my page look at the video I made yesterday about urns coin and others Justin masternodes I want to talk about where these coins are at right now and the other suggestion masternodes about Matt coin and one-up one-up made a good move today we're going to go back to master nose dot online this is where I'm getting all my information from it's a very very useful website and I love it so we're gonna go ahead and search for urns there it is right there at the top so it's down today now I definitely recommend getting into it right now you know make your own decision but the masternode came down in price from around a thousand something to 769 and just remember when I first started talking about this urns coin this masternode was worth to probably around two hundred and thirty bucks so definitely something to look out for there definitely has high potential like I said a four hundred thirty eight percent return on investment since I talked about it um the next one we'll be talking about is one up now that that went up from around two hundred and fifteen dollars was the masternode now it's worth twice as much for the masternode and they went from around eighty three cents to a dollar forty so that's eighty five percent gain on that one and then we're gonna talk about mad coin I have to here it is so it looks like let's see if we go back to how much I had put for mad coin the masternode is only worth two hundred sixty five and now it's worth three fourteen it's a nineteen percent gain in price and let's see what it was before it was ten cents now it's now it's twelve cents okay so uh that's awesome I'm not personally invested in into this myself but I'm just showing you if if I was would I'll be doing now looking at these these coins I mentioned probably at two or three days ago they're still sitting at the same spot they were you know a week ago so maybe maybe there's a not a lot of I don't know as I said not a lot of really change which really worries me but uh going back to what I had put let's see urns coins man cool let's go back to the other video I see all time I earns let's see these these three these last three didn't really do anything but earns coin did an amazing job as follow it actually earns coins should be in the top and in the number one spot so in the one up should being the second spot looking back at it and if you haven't joined my crypto group I actually have that to public group anybody can join so definitely check that out and that's that's it I just wanted to go over you know for today where you know those coins I mentioned before where they're right now and like I said not invested into any of these myself the only coins I'm invested in is Pat coin that that is the only coin on investing and if I go to the discord group oh and be three coin but I'm not I don't really have a lot of that I'm just holding about probably three hundred of that but if I open discord you see pretty much the current news with PAC they're actually getting onto a very large Chinese exchange which is gonna definitely skyrocket Pat cash and it's it's it's gonna be big guys that's up I hold a hold of Farah mountainous and hopefully this will actually give me a little booster to have to diversify my crypto portfolio so that's very exciting news and it's just it's just gonna it's it's gonna be amazing guys so now you're all probably wondering what's the next the next coin to get into for you know for you know probably under $300 or under 400 bucks a really a really right now I don't I really don't know I don't really I checked this check this website fairly often but what would I really look at I looked out how much the math masternodes worth and I look at other eternal investment and I just look at also the number of nodes that are in the network and another thing I look at guys is the supply of coins so that's how I pretty much predicted you know the past two or three days you know how some won't – or – two or three out of like the six I mentioned we did really well now this coin right here northern is is really good it did a 2,000 percent increase in 17 days I I just watched this one go from believe it was like 200 something dollars to four hundred and eleven dollars in like a day which was really fantastic also I let's see I found him a master node website that uh might seem masternodes it was another website that was for masternodes let's see here let's just review let's see because I found I found another website that was it was awesome it was uh here we go it was this corner right here not digital clean sorry guys No sorry guys you know maybe I cannot find it I'm not gonna spend all day but once I I get it I will definitely share with you all let's see I'm gonna take a couple more seconds and I'm just gonna see yeah I'm not I'm not singing it okay but uh that's that's pretty much it for the update um I don't really have anything recommended right now what to get into but a lot of good say is maybe money bag money bag might be something to look into they don't have a website that's the only thing that's making me hesitant about it I really really guys I just think it's up to y'all to really to figure it out but the one I want to like a lot right now is it's up right now so I I would wait for it to dip down a little bit but it's a mad coin the one I was talking about earlier and they have a nice website they have you know a great community behind it have you know there are multiple exchanges there their future exchanges is yo bitten crypto Pia so that's gonna add a lot more volume to mad coin and that's going to evolve up the price a little bit more they only have two million about 3 million mad : supply so and the masternodes about three hundred and twelve bucks so it's not too bad depends on what your budget is but it's something worth looking getting into that like I said they have there are multiple exchanges they have a website and they have a community behind it that's that's and they have a low supply that's that's what makes me wanting to get in to something like this and they're and they're just getting started I had 159 gained in the past 230 days so this might take off a lot further and in the meantime but uh if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel it's on it's on my Facebook page on the youtubes just a link go please subscribe there and uh go ahead and give me a thumbs up on my page follow my page and I hope hope y'all have a good rest of the weekend

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