5 Altcoins I am Looking to Buy as Cryptocurrency Price Appears Low IMO

5 Altcoins I am Looking to Buy as Cryptocurrency Price Appears Low IMO

what's going on everybody this is Jeff today I'm gonna make a video to talk about some of the top crypto currencies that I'm keeping an eye on right now at this very moment and this really after everything is kind of all the dust is settled now I'm able to really take a good hard look at some of the coins that I think are really undervalued and have strong projects and I'm gonna kind of step outside at the top ten because you guys already know what's in the top ten so this is gonna give you a look outside the top ten had some top projects that I think you guys should really or could really take a look at should you so choose first of all this is not professional financial advice and these are my opinions and you should proceed forward realizing that these are my opinions and if you agree with them you should do additional research to decide if this is going to fit in your portfolio right so without with all that being said I put this on my Twitter block change a pick between these three I was thinking three at the time but I threw in – at the end mm-hmm then I said finance coin icon Nano and then obviously – and it looks like icon one and that's a good pick by you guys I also I'm going to mention I'm gonna mention all three of these in there and – I'm gonna leave out since it was off the list and you guys don't really seem too interested in buying a $500 cryptocurrency anyway right so let's go ahead and dive right in here so you can see the market cap sitting at let's see here we'll update it give you the most recent number and a bitcoins at about seventy four seventy right get a lot of green by the way guys this this market could run sideways for another two three months and I'm just putting that out there so we could continue to correct but a lot of Endicott of indications from some of the top insiders in cryptocurrency is saying when this thing starts to run again it's going to run hard okay but be prepared we could be in a little bit of a slump for a bit longer and that means it could extend a month or two or three okay so but the there are people in the industry who are saying that when this thing starts humming again get ready because it's gonna it's gonna roar so now that's just that's just it no one has a crystal ball but that's just some anticipated results but all you guys are ha telling you shouldn't have a problem with that anyway so let's take a look at these coins so the first one that I'm going to mention is going to be beaching we've talked about it before nothing's really changed I'm still excited about beating you you see that it's been as high as 911 let's see ya around 911 it's been as low here recently at two dollars and 96 cents currently sitting at 391 point eight billion dollar market cap so it's it's held its it's held its value despite all that we've seen here right I mean it's not sitting at 35 cents like you could have got it back then but it's still pretty about it's fairly nicely value you pick it up on Finance who opt gate io hit BTC and liquide let's go ahead and take a look at their website right let's understand more about these guys so in order to do so you need to go to their about Us page and we'll just read it straight off the page because who can say it better than them the chain is the world's leading blockchain platform offering blockchain as a service to enterprises for products and information by leveraging on blockchain technology so they're offering the blockchain technology as a service that they provide that's sounds pretty rational and reasonable right d change strives to build a trust free and distributive business ecosystem which is self circulating a scalable okay you can grow it through effective collaborations enterprises can enjoy the benefits of transparency and value flows at high speed rates v chain has evolved with the multiple technical iterations and have amassed significant industrial experience in rolling out real-world applications since 2015 so blockchain is known for its speed and efficiency and security we've already touched on a hash graph but right now V chain stepping in there for a blockchain alternative for enterprise it's impressive and you can go through their website and discover more about V chain for products and information we've got some of these links on here got some products API gateway service YV chain they talk about a little bit more detail in these drill downs you get the idea overall we're expecting more growth from VJ they've already deployed 111 nodes across the world you can see England Germany China Korea and Japan and they're out of Singapore so d chain has held its value it's still sitting it's still sitting in a fairly nice range though to pick up so I hold V chain and I think if you guys take a deeper look at V chain you'll you'll appreciate it but bear in mind they've got a rebrand coming out so keep an eye on that now another one that I'm going to talk about is Finance coin finance coin has been as high as what twenty to twenty four dollars obviously where do you think you can pick up finance going finance okay and being that finance is one of the topics changes out there Bar None just really grew when iota took off which I could add I owe it to this list but I'm not so finance coin I mean it speaks for itself it's an exchange I'm not going to go to the exchange because I'm pretty sure most of you guys are already on the exchange but being that it's a it's kind of a not fantastic leader I mean the leader of Finance their CEO this guy he gets out there in leads he's not playing around okay Shane hangs out I don't know if I house that correctly but this guy you should probably following him if you're gonna buy this coin because like I said he leads this project strong he's not playing games and he's smart he's intelligent he's a great leader get behind and I believe in finance as an exchange now obviously anything's possible and he knows that but I think with this guy as commanding the helm I trust what's going on with this exchange and I like this coin moving forward people also like COO coin but Finance at this price I mean you're not going really see it any better than this unless the market continues to pull back which then you'd obviously see every one of these currencies at a better price right another one that we're going to talk about is wax so this is a virtual asset exchange I've talked about wax many times and I think that sitting out 142 million dollar market cap this coin is really poised at a nice price here 492 million circulating supply 1.85 1.8 billion to be in circulation if you're into video games or virtual reality and you think that's the future then you're gonna really like what this is up this coin is up to there on who all be hit BTC ether Delta Nu Box tide X so they haven't really got on to too many exchanges yet they're not on Finance or bit tracks you almost think that that would have to be coming at some point that's not that I know for a fact but let's take a look at their website so worldwide as to exchange global decentralized marketplace for virtual assets they have video skins op skins for video gamers and you can see that this kind of exchange in as we move into a virtual reality augmented reality kind of setting in exchange makes complete sense especially if it's on the blockchain so wax is a decentralized platform that enables anyone to fully operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with zero investment in security infrastructure and payment processing developed by the founders of op skin's I first found out about this from Mike Novogratz you can watch the video here they were originally talking about was it crypto kitties you know those these kitties that people were all into you know William Quigley and you can see their teams in place I recommend you do follow these guys if you're going to get on there if you're gonna buy this coin or this token you do need to follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with all the news and information it's coming out with these guys you can dig in here and I encourage you to do all that listen to the podcast with William Quigley obviously we're not going to do that now because now is not the time and place to do that but you're more than welcome to come on here and dig around and watch the video right so the next color coin this one's a coin that I'm going to talk about is nano so I've been talking about nano here recently with the ride blocks rebrand you can see all that information is coming up and I like the the cryptocurrency known as nano now digital currency for the real world the fast and free way to pay for everything in life instant transactions zero fees infinite infinitely scalable infinitely scalable wild online wallet nano web wallet is the offline online Lite wallet for now good for these guys right so they're going to be competing with the likes of litecoin Bitcoin cash you know even card a No although card a know is a application developer platform you know is still competing as a currency if we just take a look at the circulating volume it's really low it's already reached its peak I mean it's fun coin off I guess you could say xrb pick it up on finance kook Oien and this is a Hottel but the market continues to pull back you can expect this point also pull back but look at that look how far off its summit that it's been it's been as low as 692 if you can get it for 692 I think that would go down is a great a great buy right so there's not much you can really say about it a currency other than the fact that it's lightweight moves fast low fees blah blah blah you guys get the idea it's functioning as a coin currency right rank number 23 you can read the white paper and all that jazz but you know what you're in for next one is going to be icon so icon has a really brilliant genius idea and you could say save the best for last if you want it because as you saw on my Twitter a lot of people are really big fans of icon they're looking to utilize the smart contracts to build a connected community between neo aetherium and whatnot the icon project is building one of the largest decentralized networks in the world well we've heard that before right so you come on here you can click on the right side what is icon and you get this video here and icons blockchain technology is being applied in the world world such as with banks security firms hospitals and universities come see the crypto world in the real world connect with icon scalability icon is scalable not only to public blockchain Bitcoin aetherium but also private permission and other interchain blockchain networks that's what I'm saying so there's it works with other coins in currencies they're not just so it's it's like a neo in etherium but it functions as more of a it has it wants to have a relationship with them instead of be competing with them if you get what I'm saying so reliability a transparent governance system and artificial intelligence guided in the incentive system is at its core icons sustainable network through the mutual trust earned with our system see reps and nodes will actively contribute to the icon community you can see their projects so they have securities insurance this this token is out of Korea so as the Korean hot mess as we like to call it a tenth gets under control you would expect that Korea will go will fall in love with this coin you can see their team this is a very sound project well-thought-out well put together and they take their third projects very seriously and for that reason that's impressive now the thing that does catch me is about big projects big projects don't have that flexibility to innovate and create like they should it's sometimes less is more when you got big projects you get too many people standing around and obviously they have a big advisory board and team I mean this is a this is a big team and you just wonder how necessary it is to pull off what they're doing and if that's going to clog up some of the innovation to me these big teams don't really say much I think small teams of seven to ten people the get a lot more done well I mean we'll see this is sometimes you got to be like a currency move lightweight right that's what I'm saying so like I said they're out of Korea I'd like to see them stay on top of their website put 2018 just a little nitpicking that I do but not a big deal so icon I think it's it's holding its value nicely at this point let's go ahead and take a look dive in here see where you can get it so 1.5 billion dollar market cap 381 million circulating supply it's been as high as 12 dollar range and then as Louis 265 kind of like what happened with Nano it bounced up today 410 I think picked it up at 410 assuming the market stabilizes you shouldn't have too much anxiety about this this price going low any lower they are a top they are in the top 20 right number 20 you can pick it up on Finance so Finance is really where you can get most of these coins right except for a wax wax is one of those coins is kind of the wild card and mix but I like wax at that price I can't I gotta say that for sure so yeah let me know what you guys think of this list here and let's take a look at GD X real quick a nice push up a little bit of red candles here like I said I mean there's tres Mayer he's he's saying you could see a $115,000 up Bitcoin this year so we'll see where's that interview here you go tres Mayer $115,000 Bitcoin in 2018 in the works so and in this video he talks about some some interesting things to think about short term long term we'll see you guys so if you're not already following us on social media you can all coin buzz IO Twitter we engage with the audience and then you can also attend this to the top follow us on all of our channels including Facebook snapchat and just depending on what you guys like to do we do a lot of funny stuff on snapchat and Instagram more so than we do on the Sirius platform like Twitter see you guys next time

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    (Ask me for more addresses if these 3 aren't enough)

  5. Dude you talk in your videos like we are little kids or something. Start addressing the audience like a man and forget about the little whiners! Get the job done & forget about the babies. If your so worried about retaining every subscriber then your going to turn off a lot of people! Git Er Done!

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  7. Good picks! Another one that's REALLY undervalued you might want to look into is ONG Social – Decentralized social network… trading ridiculously low on Etherdelta right now! GREAT project

  8. i bought substratum! ….ethos …..icon….quantstamp…qtum…lisk….vechain…loopring…power ledger….cardano….elf…lunyr…binance…neo….gas
    also from kucoin: kucoin shares …red pulse…dragonchain…deebrainchain…utrust…nano…datum…dent…publica…and telcoin(wich is not doing very well 🙂

  9. 10-100x potential:
    SunContrac Decentralized Energy Market
    WePower green energy trading platform
    UNIFY crowdfunding, POS
    KWHcoin renewable energy

  10. The echo, man, the echo! Please get a better microphone for these vids, so as to make them easier to listen to. You know your shit, but that echo is fucking unbearable.

  11. DeepOnion is NOT just another privacy coin. It is so much more – have a read of the whitepaper. In short: transfer through the TOR network and completely anonymous. Deep Vault to store your documents. Smart contracts coming. Deep Send coming. Free airdrop. Being listed on more and more exchanges. Great and active community. Android and iOS wallets coming. Most uniquely: Vote Central, where investors get to propose and vote on new features. DeepOnion wins every Twitter poll it is listed in.

  12. You guys can do away with all your Twitter talk and referencing simply by posting a link at the bottom of the screen, shortening the video by about 5 minutes. Next, summarize key points, few points on each coin you mention. DONE. video should be 5 minutes long at most, lol… the length of these videos often to just hear Jeff mumbling and "uh" for 15 minutes makes no sense. come on guys

  13. Don t forget Ethos, actually rank 62 but would not be surprised to see it in top 30 soon… Strong project

  14. Its blows my mind that a Lot of Youtubers are Missing The Giant Sleeper called SKY. Some of the very smart Youtube channels have recently covered it like, Cryptosomniac, Crypto Love, The Crypto Lark, CryptoCoinShow, Chico Crypto Consultants, Keith Wareing etc

    They have been around since 2012 in development. Their Team is the original developers of Bitcoin and many believe Satoshi is actually over there as well. Its Market cap is still low and supply is low. They did ZERO Hype because they refused to hype when in Speculation and early development like Most other Cryptos do today.

    They are going live this year with a HUGE marketing Team. SKY is the ONLY Crypto that has so much potential to actually beat Bitcoin prices. Most people do not truly understand that supply and market cap also help determine this as well. Here is an interview with lead developer Synth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otdrwu6IMlA

  15. Jeff, please do a follow up on ETN, as the last update from Richard Ells answers most of the flaws you were complaining about earlier.

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