$496 Bitcoin Cash BCH Technical Analysis (24 June 2019)

$496 Bitcoin Cash BCH Technical Analysis (24 June 2019)

welcome back it's the 24th of June to 0 1 9 Monday the first day after week so welcome back to work guys we've just one two three four like right now we're gonna move on to Bitcoin cash with asset number five so for Bitcoin cash because it's gonna go straight to it alright Bitcoin cash gives us the sorry against BTC we have been hovering very close to the pink line we have yet to break it BCH is actually teasing us is teasing me I feel being teased yeah this is our special skinny pink line very special to us and it's very good indicator of where things are turning bull or bear or whether if it is going to bounce you know it tells us a lot about where things are doing however right now things look fairly untradable for bch against BTC we had expecting it to rise up to 0.077 we have a horizontal ratio because this is a no is the area yeah so we were expecting to reach this noisy area however it did not reach to noisy area and right now we could be on our way back down for PCH against PTC because you are either you know once you go close to the pink line you're either going to break it with huge volume or you're going to bounce off of it towards you know back to what's the lower site so right now there's no tradable Chaput and for position against BTC on the daily I'm gonna move to the four early yeah there was a mountain range here however I actually but then straight because everything was very it looks fairly bullish to me so that's why we didn't do anything about it yeah there is a possibility that we could still go lower we have a target here what's happening Bitcoin cash what's happening man things are not looking good there's a potential for a 27% drop for Bitcoin cash against BTC which means that uh you know PTC is expected to be BTC drops bch is gonna drop even further and uh things are not looking good yeah so on the Fawley the skinny pink line we have been hovering below it for very long time and eventually we drop right now yeah we are here so the possibility of us dropping further is still there and we are very wary of it and you know if there is a char pattern towards the low side then of course we will be taking a trait towards the lower side of course there is a target to targets the was the lower side but the only way that this will reverse is if there's a big volume that comes in and there's big huge candlesticks that push the price higher party that happen things are still not looking good for peace against BTC anyway I'm gonna take a look at this inch against USD but before that this give this video a like if you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel and let me know what you think about recon cash in the comments below if you have any thoughts opinion questions feel free to ask or if you have any news please let us know we love news you leave a comment uh is of great value to us and anybody who who reads your comment will be able to benefit from it will be of great help to the community all right I'll be shy you're welcome we're gonna move on to last week's video first and check out the comments david crock haha thank you so much for the analysis you are welcome yes it's amazing right very good you're doing really good thank you very much thanks so the kind with a big love content host on PCH if you get struck these we only do the top 50 coins if you look at my channel videos we only do the top 50 however if struck comes into the top 50 by the end of the week we will be doing Stratus I know Stratus I do notice shortest way back into zero one seven many made an appearance in the cryptocurrency well but then we only do the top 50 coins because there is less much much much much less coins in the top 50 compared to the top 500 so that's why you want to keep the quality as high as possible because we have 10 bits okay anyway didi would be she was thanking whenever oversold it's a gamble yeah everything's a gamble actually so if we see a chop it into us the downside we will trade it to us don't say if you see a chop it to us the upside we will be trading it to us d outside alright moving on to BCH against USD alright so for BCH again coz this is actually a triple bearish divergence we're gonna move to the dead and the daily so you will see it you see what I mean high high on the price high higher the price lower high on the MACD lower high under make the triple bearish divergence potential we need to see it complete first I seen like I we need to see a curve down here so once we see a curve downer we will have a confirmation of a triple perish tight budgets even on the RSI also it is very weak and if that does happen then yeah you can look good for Bitcoin cash which means that because cash has the potential to punch back through the pink line with huge velocity huge volume and yeah things are not gonna be looking good for that for BCH but until we see a reversal pattern clearly we would not be doing anything this will come probably in one two weeks time yeah we're gonna find out you know in time but for now there is nothing there is no clear tradable chart pattern for Bitcoin cash but we've really notice the signs of exhaustion which means that until the BTC wheels continue pushing the price up there is a huge possibility that you know if BTC drops BC here she's going to drop along with it so yeah things may not look good anyway we have only four result array here that has been touched we were expecting bch to touch $500 and it did touch $500 on bit stem it touch about 505 yes it breached 500 and right now the Bitcoin cash wheels may be tight because they have done a lot from $75 to $500 there is a lot there's a five hundred seventy-one percent rise so yeah if I remember for Raj ever say that he bought at around 70 something 80 something his entire stash he switches entire stash at 70 something dollars from BTC to BCH yeah so he's right house living in five hundred percent worth of profit anyway yeah we will not be doing anything until you see a proper tradable chart pattern alright I guess the seat for my because technical analysis thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed it I shall see you in the next video dude

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