48 – Solusyon sa Depression at Suicide Attempt – (English-SUB)

48 – Solusyon sa Depression at Suicide Attempt – (English-SUB)

Good Morning to all of you KABERKSKADA… So, now we are in sensitive topic. of the… Fellow OFW’s It happened not only in OFW (Filipino) It also happened to other nationalities. I will show you a video While explaining and… guide all the children who will watch this. take care of them. Just last Saturday In Hong-Kong, there is news the image went viral that there is a suicide woman. Committed suicide or suicide. An OFW worker. (DH) Domestic helper. Because mostly OFW in Hong-Kong are (DH) Which is, she must not do that. First of all, Lets talk about DH in Hong-Kong. Then after that on 2nd day, or the next day, after Hong-Kong. 1 to 2 days, the most worst is. She did Facebook live, she did suicide by means of cloth. She twist it, then she place at the ceiling fan. then she tie on her neck and jump and died. What is the main reason? We don’t know. We don’t know the main reason. Now, let’s talk about How the depression start or why the people attempt suicide? Why are they thinking like that. We will talk about that. First Is there any way to avoid “DEPRESSION”? There is… There is a way to avoid depressions… If you are a DOMESTIC HELPER or known as (DH). Ladies… don’t be depress… If possible… You know, that is why we need to think I understand it was hard because maybe you have problem in Philippines, or other is love life? Broken hearts. Sometimes they are frustrated because of depression to escape to their employer. maybe they are oppressed, rape by employer, that is the real life. Mostly it happen. But you shouldn’t do that. Instead you feel depress, I will tell to the finale the right thing that you need to do. But as of now, I will tell this. Do something. Let say, (DH) who have problem to their employer, Domestic Helper around the world. Find a way to escape. If you can’t escape, maybe try to be deceived. On how to? If they did not hurt you. Because I don’t know what you’re going through. Domestic Helper has different struggles in life. But there’s a lot of ways… Now, example if your employer trying to hurt you. Take a piece of paper and leave a message? Like the other OFW doing. There is a lot of ways to get help if you can’t bear it anymore. And my advice to all girls who wants to be DH? If you can’t do the job, because I’m just wondering, why didn’t you prepare? Why didn’t you prepare yourself? Before you jump into a place, or country? You should know the possibility. You are prepare and ready and with permission of your husband if you have? And if you are single, or in relationship? You must have permission and also most of all, let your family know if you still have a parents? So that, they know what they are going to do if there is bad things happen. And you! A girl, and your job is DH… Domestic Helper, you must prepare yourself to the possibility happen. This is my advice… My advice to all. I was debating with someone on Facebook. An Agent! Because he tried to recruit, another OFW to be a DH. So I said, so i said, why are you recruiting another OFW? It is not allowed by the Philippine Government Stop doing that, even President Duterte is against in recruiting for DH. Because of what is happening. Then, there’s still a nasty recruiter. Stop it…
2nd! Suicide Attempt!
you think, The solution in your problem is to kill yourself? That is not the solution! Did you think about it? Of what you are doing? Suicide and hanging yourself or drinking poison? You are wasting your life! You are wasting your life in nothing! Instead of suicide or killing your self? Or maybe because of your depression? Why don’t you use your life to be useful. Instead of wasting your life in nothing?! You will kill yourself, for what reason? Is it because you have difficulty in life? or your husband/wife left you? or is your employer trying to harass you? or you can’t escape to your employer? Is that the solution to kill your self? Because your heart and mind is tired? Sorry but that is not the solution! it is not… My fellow OFW… Women Domestic Helper… (DH) Much better, if you are single if you’re not in relationship? Then you applied as Domestic Helper. Because maybe you want to help your family in Philippines or your brother or sister is in school to finish their studies. If you feel depression, or you have suicide attempt? Do not think about it and stop! Try to endure it… the hardships you’ve experienced because at first, that’s what you want.
And think about your family in the Philippines think of them… Why don’t you try think that your own body to be useful in other things. that God given to you?
Right? But you don’t have rights to kill yourself. You don’t have rights to your own body! remember that! It was a big sin to God… Killing yourself or suicide.
I don’t know what you are going through? but the only thing I know, why you want to end your life, because your heart is struggling and pain. or your mind is tired of thinking?
That is why you want to end your life. Suicide or taking poison! Or jump to the top of building.

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  1. nakakaramdam ako ng Awa sa ginawa nya, biktima lang sya, Salamat sa Dios at nakakilala din ako ng aral mula kay Bro Eli Soriano, Minsan na akong nakaramdam ng depression pero dahil alam kung may Dios di ko naiisipang taposin ang buhay na pinag kaloob saakin. SALAMAT SA DIOS NG MARAMING MARAMI.

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