2000 More US Stores to Enable Bitcoin Buying at Coinstar Machines | Cryptocurrency News 2019

2000 More US Stores to Enable Bitcoin Buying at Coinstar Machines | Cryptocurrency News 2019

hello and welcome I am Matt Taylor and this is my variety channel today I have another cryptocurrency news a video for you from time to time I let it I like to check in on the cryptocurrency market and see what's going on I do invest in the cryptocurrency market I have holdings in a variety of coins with a privacy coin called deep onion being my largest holding and I wanted to do another cryptocurrency news video I don't do them very often just every time I come across something that's a really speaks to me personally and that I think might be valuable for people to be aware of I share that news with everybody in the form of the these videos and so I wanted to do a video this video I mean or this article I'm going to share it and it's not totally groundbreaking news it's not super new news but it builds upon news that took place a while ago so pretty cool and so what I want to do is just take a quick peek over at the market real quick and see what's going on here we are here we are over in coin market capcom and the market as there's been some money that's poured in into the market and bitcoin is was right hovering right around that 5500 mark so hopefully we can gonna sustain that moving forward there's been a bit of a retracement that's happened in the market but things look fairly positive right now so pretty cool Ethier aim is at 165 it was close to 180 before and there we go but overall we've had you know a positive trend take a quick look at my favorite coin deep onion and we're hovering right around 25 cents they're nice ok so what why don't want to do is go right in to this article it's a short article so I'm gonna go ahead and just read the whole thing the title is 2,000 more US grocery stores enable Bitcoin buying at claim star machines and for those of you who might not be aware what a coin star machine is it's essentially a vending machine where you bring your loose coins you know that you might find so this is particularly here in the states I'm assuming they have them in other countries as well but your loose chains that you might have been saving maybe you've find Queens I like my dad when he goes on walks he picks up coins off the ground it's pretty funny he's a bit of a treasure hunter and/or he you know loose chains that you find in your you rummage around through your couch pillows and you find change or just from when you buy stuff with cash and get change left over you throw them in a jar or maybe you raid your kid's piggy bank I don't know so you have a bunch of coins and you go to these cling Star machines and you dump in the coins and it sorts it all and it counts it for you and it pays you back in cash so what coin Star has done is they teamed up with a company to allow you instead of to only get cash or gift card which is normally what they do they also have a option to buy Bitcoin with it that is pretty cool a way of bringing awareness and bringing Bitcoin you know more accessible to the masses and now this is not new they've they've had about 70 locations that they have already released in the past but this article which took place yesterday or took place on April 24th which for me was yesterday is talking about 2,000 more grocery stores are gonna enable Bitcoin buying at Coinstar machines which is pretty neat now I went and checked the Coinstar machine that's at my local supermarket and they do not have the Bitcoin buying option yet but that's alright I'm sure it'll happen in the future so supermarket kiosk chain clean star is expanding the footprint of its buying or bitcoin buying service to more than 2,000 locations in 19 different states the service through a partnership with blockchain start-up coined me that offers individuals the ability to convert cash into Bitcoin has bandit from an initial 70 machines to some set 20 100 different kiosks coin me announced on Wednesday further while the partnership initially enabled kiosk and Albertsons and Safeway stores customers can now access the buying option in jewel Shaw's and Save Mart locations according to a press release coin star CEO Jim Garrity said in a statement that his company saw an extremely positive response to the initial announcement in January January 2019 at that time coin star announced that customers could purchase Bitcoin using u.s. dollar bills though coins would not be accepted for such transactions the company imposed a 25-hundred dollar limit Wednesday's press release explaining that the partnerships initial lunch saw a 15 percent week over week growth in user acquisition the release noted more over the first quarter of 2019 has been one of the most successful employ means for history with 92 percent growth in transaction volume and 109 percent growth in the number of transactions processed compared to the first quarter of 2018 we are incredibly pleased with this collaboration with coin me and are eager to continue expanding to new markets in the coming months garetty added so that is pretty neat that's a good example of how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is starting to spread out to the masses and being becoming more available to the masses so you could bring your coins that you normally would get cash or a gift card for and you can just you can get Bitcoin with it which is pretty neat and I think we're gonna see more and more this type of stuff happen as cryptocurrency becomes more and more well known throughout the United States throughout the world and I'm assuming that this company or companies like this will start branching out also in different countries I'm not sure how the coin me or vending machine for coins set up is in other countries I am researched how you know if you guys in other countries have that type of thing but if you do I'm sure something like this will be available to you in the future but it's really cool that it's available here I have a lot of loose change that I've saved up over the years that I could turn in at some point which we really need so there you go just some short cryptocurrency news for you not groundbreaking and breaking news but any news like this I think is really positive and it's good to see that there's some success happening with it as well I'm Matt Taylor this is my variety channel thanks for watching make sure to subscribe hit that notification bell so you'll know anytime I post a new video also check out my cooking channel in the kitchen with Matt if you like to cook and bake different things until next time take care you

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  1. Amazing! But for this to happen, cryptocurrencies have to be adopted at the regulatory state level, don't they?

  2. Saw your post on reddit also. It may not be bleeding edge news, but that number is impressive. If the pace keeps the same, there won't be the need to shout/spam/destroy twitterverse to promoty crypto anymore 🙂

  3. Cool…. Coin Star machines are a good source for old coins too. I scavenge every time I go past one. Look in the coin return and in the sorting tray. You can find some silver coins, foreign coins, old coins, dirty coins, and bent coins. I have even found rings and other gold jewelry. One day I found a foreign gold coin. It was very small but still worth $200 at the time.

    I usually find something about 1 or 2 times out of 10 that I check and more so on the weekends than during the week.

    Pass on the tip to your dad. It's always entertaining to see what I find.

  4. Great news! the more stores and businesses accept Cryptocurrencies the better for society!! They should accept ONION too ASAP!

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