$20 Bitcoin Gold BTG Technical Analysis (8 May 2019)

$20 Bitcoin Gold BTG Technical Analysis (8 May 2019)

hello and welcome back it's the 8th of May to 0 1 9 Wednesday right smack in the middle of the week we have just done the itching coming in at number 26 and the itching is good actually there is it moves like naturally formed on the itching and we are expecting it to reach this bull flag pretty soon very good example of a blue bull flag that has recently breached it's actually Bitcoin gold we're gonna get to it this is Bitcoin go technical analysis so there is a potential for VHA to break it out we were actually expecting an ABCDE kind of bull flag correction and it did appear as we expected it last week so you should check out our vision technical analysis at the final where our take profit targets are in the video above moving on to number 27 is Bitcoin goes straight into Bitcoin go Bitcoin will be TC on beefing X so BD g BTC is hovering around the pink line it dropped below the pink line on with rose back up the pink line so for BT gbtc BTC we have noticed a potential support here AHA that has been tested twice so very likely if it does come up again then we could actually be looking at and potential ascending triangle to go much higher so we are not showing it whether it is going to happen or not we are just watching the possibilities so we need to see the completion of the ascending triangle first before we do anything which means that if this would be an ascending triangle we should be able to should be able to swap ABCD is clearly before doing anything so if it does form then you'll be great if not then you know you know at this point we just purely guessing we don't know whether if it will form an ascending triangle or not so we would not be doing an anything until we have a clear confirmation of the coin go against BT C's chart structure it may take days weeks of and we will wait until it forms a clear structure first so for now we will just do nothing and be patient all right so we're gonna move on to btg USD but before that please give this video a like if you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel and let me know what you think about Bitcoin goal in the comments below if you have any thoughts opinions questions news we love news please feel free to share with us in the comments everybody will be able to benefit from your comments if you do leave some something that's of value so because the cryptocurrency community is a technique community and we should be helping each other along the way to the moon all right so for Bitcoin goal against you as es you can see we have us me if you check out last week's video we were really pretty a bull flag here and the bull flag did appear and it formed it came in the shape of this is not exactly a high quality insurance but it looks like a head and shoulders actually so there was a mini mini right shoulder here as you can see very small mini right shoulder yeah so I think if you zoom in to the 15 minutes timeframe you should be able to see so anyway from this big squeeze structure we actually have target on the tree that we have a quiet way way way before it spike days and days and weeks ago when we got two targets here so we was way back in March I think when we discovered these two potential targets toggle 1 and target too so now we are actually on our way to target to our very very close to target already so congratulations everyone who took the Bitcoin go USD trade so that is why sometimes you don't have to see similarities between the both pairs USD and BTC is unless if you see it against BTC you trade it on the BTC chart if you see if you see a nice quality pattern you traded against USD in USD so right now there was a potential rise and it rose here it bounced off of the pink line very likely once it hits a you know it has potential to hit up to $25 I think so once he hits 25 then very likely it will come down however at the same time we are also hoping between goal to form some sort of a hit introduce chat structure this is a possible left shoulder this is a possible hip and if it does rise back up to about $30 and if it doesn't you know drop to low then very likely we will have ourselves a right shoulder towards the end of July and then after that in the month of August it is going to spike that very likely so aunt Alicia was going to happen but we are keeping our eye out or I keep an eye out on Bitcoin go against us deepest there is potential for it to form a beautiful reversal Chaput on which we have plotted weeks ago so you know alright so yeah I guess that's it for my Bitcoin dough technical analysis thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed it if I see a sell order at twenty two dollars and thirty two point nine three folder and we know it's you alright so thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed it I shall see you in the next video

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