🔥 BITCOIN RALLY CONTINUES!! 🔥 litecoin and bitcoin price prediction, btc ltc news

🔥 BITCOIN RALLY CONTINUES!!  🔥 litecoin and bitcoin price prediction, btc ltc news

Bitcoin rally continues what's up guys crypto savvy here hope everybody's having a great Tuesday well I take a look at litecoin and Bitcoin server might be headed also at the end of the video definitely stick around we're gonna check out that Bitcoin daily chart versus the gold weekly chart it's getting pretty interesting guys so definitely stick around especially if you haven't seen that before you'll want to see that at the end also I want to give you guys a reminder to put your comments in the comment section down below to get you enter to win a free t-shirt on Sunday I'm we doing drawing every Sunday for a free teacher Bitcoin shirt like coin of your choice whichever one you want also I want to tell you guys if you if you would just help the channel out go down below in the description box and there's some affiliate links in there there's a link for opera you can deposit deposit 100 bucks that'll give you $25 worth of free Bitcoin there's a coinbase link down there to give you $10 worth of free Bitcoin also ledger nano or ledger site down there click on that to get your ledger if you want to keep your crypto safe and yeah that's really about it so let's get into the charts and see what we're looking at alright guys as always want to start out by saying I'm not a financial advisor this is not financial advice this is my opinion in my view of the market only anybody's doing any trading and investing in this market I suggest you do your own due diligence in your own research as this market could be extremely volatile and risky also keep in mind that it's still a speculative market don't put in more than you're willing to lose and if you're new here you haven't already hit the subscribe button a lower right hand side of the screen that'll get you subscribe to the channel take the notification bell that'll get you notified when I post new videos as I post every day that way don't miss out on anything also smash the likes guys and leave your comments down below let me know what you think of the video that also gets you entered to win a t-shirt so we're gonna take a look at the charts and see we're at another thing that I am down below there's a free link to the discord chat I post my some of my trades in there and you know there's a there's a good community in there everybody's helping each other out definitely check it out if you're if you haven't already so let's uh look at litecoin on the daily and we have this cup and handle I've been looking at and we still seem to be forming the handle here and what I'm looking at is this neckline right around the hundred bucks if we were to break that the measured move off that guy's would be one hundred and seventy nine bucks and like I said before it doesn't mean we're gonna get go straight up obviously there's gonna be up-and-down movement and some resistance and stuff on the way up but I do believe if we break this under bucks that's where we're headed and let's look at the daily RSI I have no idea what happened there or how my lines got moved but we've been looking at this channel I'm Bitcoin for light going for quite some time and we did break down out of it here right back into it which is bullish let's look at the 4-hour week obviously guys we have more room to move up and I do believe we are continuing up on this move look at the 4-hour and if you look at the 4-hour I had drawn this I put this in the discord the other day showing that we were gonna pop up through this which we did so obviously we had this falling wedge here we popped up out of came up another falling wedge and possible that we created another one here and another continue to move up but I do believe we're moving up from here let's get into the price action and another thing I wanted to mention guys I've mentioned I have a few videos if you guys are paying these paid groups and signal groups and these courses people are teaching or claiming to teach or whatever stay away from that crap guys you can you can learn this all on your own and be pretty well off in your training as long as you learn your risks to reward and learn how to set your stop losses and learn how to trade but I I don't believe in those paid groups if those guys were so good they wouldn't have to charge you to teach you they should be making enough money on their own so that's just one of my opinions and another thing before I go into this any further is some of them youtubers with a lot of followers it's it's funny because they'll sit there and they'll do their charts and they'll say you know don't be following guys on YouTube bla bla bla for example tone Grey's says that a lot he makes fun of a lot of youtubers I just want to say you know tone Vaes newsflash your youtuber so anyways beside throw that in there so let's look at litecoin on the 4-hour chart and I'll give you my targets but what I'm looking at as you can see obviously this rising wedge we watched for a long time we popped out of here testing the top for support I ended up breaking through tested the bottom of for support breaking through and we created this new channel it's following channel here which I believe we're on our way to pop out of here but worst case scenario we come back down and touch the bottom which is gonna be around the $58 range that's the bearish scenario guys I do want to throw that in there because it's possible but I'm not I'm I'm leaning towards moving up here so I do believe we're probably gonna break the top of this channel and at least test the top of this longer channel here which will get us up to around the $89 range now once we get up there it's possible we could correct come back down test the bottom of this one but keep an eye on that for guys guys if you're you're not charting I suggest you do especially if you're doing trading I guess if you're just investing it's fine you know do what you feel you should do but your trading you should definitely learn to do some charting so anyways the measured move breaking out of this falling channel here like I said to get back in the top of this channel be $89 range but the measured move off of this channel is the $98 range guys which would get us back up to this old resistance now the other higher measured move I have there would be measuring this as a bull flag or this is a flagpole and this is a big bull flag and the measure move off the flagpole will get us up into this 117 117 dollar range definitely keep an eye on that guys and we're gonna look at Bitcoin now same thing looking at a big cup and handle and obviously we're continuing our the measured move off of that right around the 56 55 which we've broken the measured move off that guys would be 8200 and like I said before that could be all the way to August till we see that that doesn't mean we're gonna shoot straight up to it we'll get into the more more near targets here in a second I'm gonna go into the RSI and look at the Bitcoin RSI same thing we had this rising ledge which we dropped out of a little bit here and pop back in and then we have plenty more room to move up guys so I do believe we we are going to continue this bull rally up and if you look here I have this we're in the four-hour RSI now this rising wedge drawn in here that we've respected for a long long time now and right here I had a wedge drawn in here a symmetrical wedge which we popped up out of here came back down same thing we popped down here came back up in we're still getting supported off this bottom line even though we broke down over here and could be getting resistance off this top line couldn't come back down down touch this and pop back up but like I said we definitely have more room to go up guys so let's look at the price action excuse me all right looking at the price action on Bitcoin in the four hour as you can see I had this well let's look at this first let's look at the worst case scenario as you can see I had this rising channel where we broke out of the big falling wedge drawn in here we popped out of it come back up and we've created a new rising channel getting obviously support off the bottom resistance off the top which we've broken through now we'll talk about that in a second but first I want to look at the bearish scenario the bearish scenario obviously if we were to come back down here I'm gonna put a price target just randomly on the bottom of this if we already come back down we couldn't come back down touch the bottom of this channel if this top support doesn't hold maybe around the 50 150 150 range maybe 50 200 somewhere in there but I like I said I don't I don't see that happening guys I believe we're gonna hold the support here and my next measured move is right here to the 65 50 to the 66 hundred dollar range which I marked that in yesterday's video if you were watching and I'll show you how I got the measured move off that measured move off that is just the width of this channel we've broken through the top and that would be our target up here at the 6550 range and the other target I have up here which be a measured move off of this being a flagpole this being a huge bull flag and we put the measured move of the flagpole right here and that gets us up to the seven thousand dollar range guys I don't believe we would go straight up to the seven thousand what he'll probably end up happening and this is just my opinion guys but we come up I want to point this out to if you haven't been watching my videos you won't know so I've had this long term trend line drawn up these two peaks here and that's where you know we line up with the 60 or yeah 65 60 here if we were to come up hit the top of this and possibly come back down test this for support you know around the 59 hundred dollar range somewhere in there 6,000 range once we get up to this and then continue on up to our 7000 I do believe that is definitely in the cards guys so keep an eye on it like I said learn to do your own charting and you know you can watch my videos follow and watch other people's get other people's opinions you know but this is where I'm at with it I do believe we have another move up to at least a sixty five hundred and sixty six hundred dollar range so definitely keep an eye on it now we're gonna take a look at the Bitcoin daily versus the gold weekly chart as you can see I'm if you haven't watched this before or haven't seen this I've been talking about this since mid January I think it was a lot of people are starting to talk about it now but anyways I took these measure or not measured moves I took these trend lines and drew them from the peak to where it broke down and this is gold again guys I know weekly and the like or the Bitcoin chart is only on you know daily but times are a lot faster you know we have internet we have social media just a lot more easy access to buy Bitcoin and stuff than people ahead buy gold obviously so everything's sped up but as you can see the similarities and the charts from each peak I drew a trendline to where it broke down and then once we broke through this main one right here we never looked back you know each one of these lines gave us resistance a little bit but I'm as you guys know if you've been watching my videos I think – hyper wave is absolute because this sure looks like Bitcoin and it's quote-unquote hyper wave and it should have brought this down to like 50 bucks if that was true but no we got a rounded bottom who touches on this trendline and I'll show you in a second we had the same thing in Bitcoin and each time we hit one of these lines we got resistance I down tested for support and if you look right here in March of 2003 that's where the gold ETF was approved and that lined up with this trendline here but the gold ETF was approved and you know obviously huge moonshot now are we gonna have the gold or the Bitcoin ETF approved is that what's gonna shoot us up I have no idea but I do know we're gonna get some big news and that's my opinion cuz I do believe show me the charts I'll tell you the news and we're gonna get some big news here soon guys and I believe we're gonna have a huge rally up so with that being said let's look at this I will Bitcoin bottomed out compared to gold same thing nice rounded bottom do touches on that bottom trendline and we're continuing up from here and I do believe you know the guys thinking we're in a sucker's rally and stuff there are perfect examples of the you know the market cheat sheet it's perfect examples it's a sucker's rally it's suckers rally and then it's too late I got a FOMO in just like you guys that are waiting for that thousand dollar Bitcoin you'll be phoning in soon my opinion but I do believe that's what's happening so like I said I'm each one of these lines acted as they're from each peak to where it broke down every time we hit one it acted as a resistance and we tested it for support all the way up they lined up perfectly now this next one is right around that 6500 to 6,600 range guys and I believe if we break through that I'm back down and test for support you know it's gonna be an amazing year that's all I got to say about that so anyways yeah that's that's where we're at now we're it's looking healthy to me guys and let's look into I'm gonna go into the RSI and show you I am convinced that the bottom is in first off we're gonna take a look at this weekly RSI and I've this is the old 2013 bull run 2017 bull run I've drawn the trend lines down as you can see we got two resistance off this line and then broke through and then you know obviously never looked back this obviously the heck of a lot stronger here but we've done the same thing got to resistance and now we're you know obviously continuing up now we're going to look at the monthly and if you've been watching you know I had this zoom it out a little bit here and these two arcs drawn here this is a 2013 this is a 2018 Bull Run and each our bear market coming down from the 13 Bull Run we had four lower lows in the RSI and I marked each one with an arrow we had the same thing in 2018 bear market but like like I said in a few videos of you have my watch and I believe what's gonna happen here is this arcs gonna be a lot quicker than the old one and I do believe we're gonna see a very very very nice rally this year guys so if you enjoyed the video make sure you click the crypto savvy logo above my head that'll get you subscribe to the channel tick the notification bell to get you notified when I post new videos a new post everyday smash those likes guys leave your comments let me know what you think really appreciate you guys stopping by and I will see you tomorrow

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