⎮Meet the Real Roger Ver⎮From Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash to who Satoshi really turned BTC over to

⎮Meet the Real Roger Ver⎮From Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash to who Satoshi really turned BTC over to

what is going on crypto family soon today we're coming to you live well I guess it's not alive this is gonna be pre-recorded you're gonna see it in the future so you're time travelers just kidding anyways if we're coming from st. Kitts as you can see beautiful tropical destination it reminds me a little bit of like Hawaii meets maybe like Bahamian culture it's pretty incredible very beautiful but we're here for Roger ver the real Roger ver we had a really great conversation with him you know we would have loved to have done it outside but as you can see it's really windy and really loud so we basically did it in a conference room so we don't get to see all the beauty in nature that's here but we get to hear an amazing story and we get to hear so much like what he's done for the space how many projects he's helped bring to fruition that are still of value and still being used today in the crypto space we hear about who Satoshi Nakamoto turned over the keys to Bitcoin to and then what happened to that person we hear about just an incredible amount of different things that he's done through the space how he could have retired countless times I mean this guy was a very very early adopter at Bitcoin and how he's still so hungry and so driven that he doesn't retire he just keeps building so it's pretty incredible you know the whole story that we hear yes some of the stuff that we talk about is you know things that he's never I don't think ever said publicly so is you know real honor to hear his side of things to hear how Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash kind of came to be how he was kind of the face of Bitcoin in the beginning and everybody thought he created it ten hour but he thinks it he created a Bitcoin cash so we learned a whole bunch of stuff and it was a real honor you know to hear his story and you know full disclosure he's also an advisor and investor in monarch so I wanted to throw that out there for you but it's a pretty incredible story I hope you enjoy it and yeah let's go check it out nothing me rambling before I get too blown over here god bless what is going on crypto family so today we've got the one and only Roger bear with us so to be back with you again it's always great to see you so thanks a bunch we're here in this beautiful island of st. Kitts really appreciate you and making time for us here glad you guys came all the way down here it's not a short Trek so thank you for coming that's beautiful I mean uh we'd love to do this outside and show you guys the and gals the the ocean and everything but it's so windy out there right now just whip through the mic so we'll do that in some of the b-roll for you but yeah I thought it'd be great to get Roger on here and just kind of tell him you know have him tell us his story you know who is Roger Vera what so why did getting the crypto all that kind of cool stuff so that way people that don't know you all that well yet might maybe see a different side of you so who is Roger Barry yeah Roger here's a 40 year old man at this point it's hard to believe it I've been involved in crypto for 8 and 1/2 years full time now but I guess it actually kind of started as a kid reading science fiction books and in these one examples like Krypton Otto Kahn by Neal Stephenson and in this book they have you know the cyber cache and they're doing all these interesting things on the Internet with that and then another book was a future imperfect by David Friedman the son of Milton Friedman and he's a law professor at Santa Clara University and in real life and in this book he's talking about how once the Internet has some form of cyber anonymous cyber cash is what I think he was calling it he was talking about how he'd be able to practice law on the internet without a law license and you'd be able to accept anonymous payments from people on the internet but using public key cryptography and digital signatures he would be able to prove to his customers that he they're dealing with the same person over and over and they can leave feedback form and they can have like a rating system and so people can know that they're getting good quality a lot legal advice from him and and if you kind of think about it what he described in I think you wrote this book in like 1999 he was kind of describing like the Silk Road but for legal like lowering services and for me like all this just seems so incredibly interesting because a lot of times I think it's really dumb when governments require people to get licenses to do something it's usually not about safety of the consumer it's about the current people that are doing that industry keeping out competitors to their industry so they can raise the prices up and charge more for what they're charging for it that actually leads to a worse consumer experience we have things like Yelp and consumer reviews and this and that to keep track of you know what are good companies doing good quality products and which ones aren't but I digress a little bit there a decade later after reading all these books I heard about Bitcoin for the first time and I heard about it in reference to the Silk Road I wasn't interested in you know buying her some drugs at all myself but when I heard about this I thought what kind of money are they possibly using for this this must be amazing so I Bitcoin and looked at looked into it and uh it was literally I think the most exciting week of my entire life I went for about an entire week only sleeping maybe half an hour an hour a night until after a week of doing that I got so sick due to lack of sleep that my friend literally had to take me to the hospital and they gave me some sort of a sedative to calm me down because I felt like this this thing I've been waiting to come into existence my whole life finally had come into existence it was finally here it was finally real it was this thing called Bitcoin and so I devoted you know all of my time all of my money all of my effort into promoting Bitcoin at that point and shortly after I'd heard about it one of the very first people I called to tell about it was my friend Jesse Powell that I knew from Magic the Gathering days when I was a kid playing that and for those that don't know Jesse Powell today is the CEO of cracking calm one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the entire world and I called him I said hey man have you heard about Bitcoin he got a look into this goes yeah I just heard about it too I'm busy doing everything as well and then I called another mutual friend of ours and I told him all about Bitcoin as well and he was not convinced he said Roger if you really think bitcoins such a good idea why don't you buy more of it I'd already bought it a nice stack of it and he said if you think it's so good why don't you buy more of it you said this in a sarcastic demeaning way and I told him you're right and he didn't buy any Bitcoin for maybe another year or two later and he has some now but I'm sure he regrets not having you know jumped in yeah but everybody does before we still before we get you know to deep down the crypto rabbit hole you know so where are you from nowhere I'm not asking questions to figure out your private passphrases and stuff right but where were you born man I was born and raised in Silicon Valley so in Santa Clara California for people that are familiar with the area and just seemed normal to me but now as an adult and having lived other places in the world I really thought about it was a pretty special place in the world and I'm a big fan of the South Bay San Francisco not so much yes San Francisco has its issues yeah but so what do you do for fun man when he got what are you for hobbies I think my biggest biggest and only hobby has been Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it's not something that's been Brazilian Jujitsu I've been a big fan of Brazilian Jujitsu for I've been doing watching him ma for a couple of decades and I've been doing doing jiu-jitsu for over a decade now and really really enjoy that as well favorite fighter Kazushi Sakuraba had back in the days of right quite quite amazing so you know you basically you got into jiu-jitsu you're still doing it now yeah and so you are you teaching you training what are you doing here in st. Kitts I teach in train when I'm in Japan I there's a million black belts around so it's really amazing to learn from them and I used to compete a lot and then Bitcoin really consumed a lot of my life so I've been able to compete as much recently but maybe maybe this year hopefully I'll have some time to train hard and do some more some more tournaments we'll see so I tore my ACL a year and a half ago so that that put me on the sidelines for a bit but the yeah my knees starting to feel okay and now it's certainly not the same but yeah those are never fun you know and so one st. kitts right now but you spent a lot of the time a lot of your time in Japan right yep I float around the world quite a bit so no so what what made you pick you know st. kitts in Japan you know from from like Silicon Valley so once upon a time there was a Japanese girlfriend and I think there were more to be had in Japan so that's kind of how I wound up in in Japan and then I think it's has an awesome they call it a citizenship by investment program where you can buy a piece of real estate here and you can get the citizenship they claim in as little as three months but reality is closer to six months but same kids is pretty awesome in that front and with the st. Kitts passport you can go to all of Europe without a visa you go to all South America without a visa and you can go to most of Asia without a visa I can even go to Russia without a visa American citizens need a new visa to go to Russia so it's a pretty pretty convenient fun passport I don't have to spend any time here at all I just come because I like it and the weather is great and the food's good and you know there's lots of great things like about saying kids yeah I think the tax is here probably pretty good too right yeah the tax is here pretty good there are absolutely zero personal or corporate income tax or personal or corporate capital gains tax not only are there no taxes you don't even have to file a tax return at the end of the year so that's a that's pretty amazing so for personal income taxes you don't even have to file a tax return at the end of the year yeah for for people in the states yes that'll land you in jail yeah imagine you know trading crypto all year doing all you know having what you know all your crazy capital gains or losses depending on the year and then you don't even have to file a return at the end of the year like that's how and that's how America used to be for the first hundred years of America – and it became the most prosperous nation on earth because of it I think st. kitts has some really good things in store as well and its really a convenient not to have to spend you know weeks and weeks of my time just compiling all the all the tax documents for the reporting aspect you talked about earlier how you guys so like you know in depth with Bitcoin you just focused all your time on it you know what kind of energy in the hospital right yeah I can see there's this intensity to you man there's like this hunger this intensity with you and it's it's awesome and you don't even drink coffee right say don't drink coffee I've never even tried coffee and never tried cocaine tried it yeah why you just natural higher woods so um I have I feel like I have a good level of energy already but the reason actually I've never tried coffees it doesn't smell good to me maybe it's some genetic thing but like coffee does not smell like something you should consume okay all right yeah I love my god I've tried caffeine before I've had you know coca-cola and Pepsi and a root beer has caffeine or not so it's not a anti caffeine thing it's just coffee doesn't smell good to me okay yeah cuz you have this like intensity you know where you're just like you just on another level all the time all the time so I think it'd be curious to see what she'd be like amped up on coffee well I've tried some of the pre-workout supplements sometimes before hard jujitsu training I'll try that what is it called like a you know explode or something like that and oh my god I have a lot of energy usually after training I'll need a nap but after that he will get on the computer and I'm super focused and get a lot of work done and and then so you know maybe tell us what's what's like a typical day for you man like what do you like what do you get up what do you do just I wish I could I wish I could say it's super super exciting every day but no a typical day is I wake up in bed like everybody and then I usually I don't get out of bed I bread the computers right next to the bed on the bed stance I grab my laptop and start looking at what happened overnight see what emails came in what news happened well you know what's what's going on and then usually start answering emails and my typical day for the most part just consists of replying to emails and telegram messages I'm on both those all day every day and I was doing emails last I said good night to you guys here in the hotel obviate like 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. or something like that but then I would went home and did emails until what I am and then went to bed and got up and then check the email and check the latest news and then came here with you guys it's I don't 10 a.m. now or something like that so you don't need glasses no I'm really really fortunate so I have better than 20/20 vision so I had like 20 2010 in one eye which means what normal people can see it from 10 feet away I can see from 20 feet away and the other eye is like 2015 issue or something like that so I have a better than 20/20 vision I'm real thankful for that it's awesome so you kind of talked about how you got into Bitcoin so maybe kind of walk us through you know a lot of people don't know this but you were one of the pioneers of Bitcoin right a lot of people thought you were a Bitcoin now everybody thinks your Bitcoin cash everything's well he created Bitcoin cash it's like well everybody before was accusing a move committee you have a creating yeah so now he's accusing a creating Bitcoin cash so I've done that yeah I love it I think it's funny you know I try to explain to people you know the differences but it'd be great you know for people to hear from you you know how you kind of told us how you found Bitcoin yeah but what did you do yeah what did you do in Bitcoin and then how did you get to pick one cash yes so when I heard about it for the first time I was so excited because it allowed you to send and receive any amount of money with anyone anywhere in the world instantly basically for free and there's nothing anybody can do to stop it magic it's magic internet money and that that's the little 15-second pitch I've been giving about bitcoins for eight and a half years now and he tell you about it before I have and that pitch is still completely it was true about Bitcoin back in 2011 2012 2013 and even 2014 it's no longer true about the BTC version of SharePoint today but that pitch is still completely true about Bitcoin cash today so what did I do well nobody was using Bitcoin for much of anything at all and even when I first heard about it the price was less than a dollar but I knew from my study of economics that people were going to start using his money there wasn't any doubt in my mind that people were to start using this money and so because the supply was limited as more and more people started to use it as money I knew the price would go up and the price going up is a nice side effect of people using it as money people using it as money is fantastic because I want to bring more economic freedom to the world I want people to have control over their own money and not have to get permission from banks or politicians to do what they want with their own money so my first step was to buy some Bitcoin my next step was to start helping build the infrastructure to allow more people to use Bitcoin in commerce so so when that happened I started investing I was literally the first person in the entire world to start investing in these various startups so the one of the very first ones I invested in was a company called bitinstant which allowed anybody to buy Bitcoin at any 7-eleven or Walgreens or Starbucks all over the entire country it was really a big deal at the time today that doesn't seem like a big deal but back then it was a really big deal and I was the second person ever involved at blockchain comm today back then it was blockchain dot info but the guy was running it out of his bedroom living at home with his mom and his parents and I email him and said hey I'm a fan of Bitcoin do you need a do you need any money to expand your operations I'm a fan of what you're trying to do with this he said oh yeah I'm currently running it on a Mac Mini at home I should probably buy a real server for this so I could use some money for that so I I sent him some some money for that I think I paid him in Bitcoin and anyhow I basically was years ahead of the the first round of venture capital investors and I kinda seated the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses because I wanted to make peer-to-peer cash for the world and when Bitcoin stopped being useful as peer-to-peer cash another one we should talk about like people don't know today but the big complaint about Bitcoin backer is this a Bitcoin what can you buy with it you can buy it you know maybe some drugs online and that's it in 2012 I launched Bitcoin store calm where we had more than half a million consumer electronics products at prices predominantly cheaper than Amazon and we only accept a Bitcoin for these products we sold millions of dollars worth of these computer parts and suddenly the mainstream media they're a narrative up to that point it'd been old Bitcoin you can't buy anything with it now everybody could say no you can buy more than a half a million computer parts at prices cheaper than Amazon with Bitcoin and I went on Fox News and other you know mainstream media to promote Bitcoin store.com back in the day and it was a really big turning point in the adoption that's what led the new eggs and and the the tiger directs and you know the Expedia's and all these other businesses to have to start accepting Bitcoin because we're out there on social media saying hey look at all this business you're losing by not accepting Bitcoin and thanks to you know I put I was in the seed round for bid pay as well so–but pay is the number one merchant processor for all the Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash payments today you know I was right with them at their booth at CES I think it was the end it was January of 2012 I think is when that one was and I helped them at their booth at CES the entire time and people weren't so aware of a Bitcoin at that point it's incredible what you've done I mean if you just look at all the different things you just mentioned a lot of people don't realize you know how far you you I guess kind of push this all forward with philanthropy yeah yeah basically just giving to people and then all the different companies that you've actually you know helped fund to give them you know legs to grow you know how many different companies have you helped fund or put in the you know put I guess out there for us to use I mean every time I look at a company that's out there that's an in existence that's in crypto it's like hey Roger funded that or Roger helped you know make that happen you know it's almost all of the first-generation ones with with the only major exception being coin based and Ike in hindsight I should have invested in coin based as well but decided why didn't you a lot of people don't know this actually so blockchain dot-com today it used to be blocked u9f oh and coinbase started out as the same company it was one single company and then the the two founders Brian Armstrong and Ben Reeves had had like a disagreement so so Brian Armstrong wanted coinbase to be able to recover their users keys and reset their passwords and have custody of the user funds Ben Reeves thought no no no people need to have their own private keys and need to be in charge of their own money and not have some central entity to be able to control or freeze accounts or control it so they had a split and so I'm even to this day I'm very clearly on the side of people should have their own private keys and be in charge of their own money and not use some sort of a central entity to to control their keys for them and unless that's what they want but I think you kind of missed the point if that's if that's what you're busy doing so uh but if I go get the two companies you can could we see like which ones had the most adoption or it's the it's all this for easier for customers or that's the perception but there's actually more transactions and more users for watching comm than there is for coinbase and so that's really interesting thing because everybody thinks of coinbase because coinbase has done a better job of making easier to buy or sell your crypto but as far as people actually transacting and using cryptocurrency blockchain comm still has more users and more transactions happening each day which is which is interesting and a lot of people don't don't realize that which which company makes more money though if you're an investor I I don't know I I don't have access to the financial books of coinbase they've certainly raised more money at coin base but but blockchain is doing all right on there and the financial side as well so they have a quite a bit of advertisers and now you can buy and sell cryptocurrency in there and so they're doing all right as well it would be interesting I really don't know which one is a has done done more on the financial side but I have a bigger fan I'm a fan of both but I'm a bigger fan of blockchain because it puts people in charge of their own money I'm a big fan of coinbase because they made it easy for people to buy cryptocurrency so I guess in an ideal world people can use coinbase to buy crypto and then transferred over to their blockchain walk where they enter keys themselves yeah both of all five accounts of both yeah yeah that's right and then as far as like you know the companies that you've invested in you know how many are we talking about her because he doesn't see probably in the ballpark of 50 plus I think at this point a lot of them don't exist anymore but a lot of them still do so like I was in the seed rounds for a lot of these companies everybody's heard of today so like cracking bitpay blockchain calm of course first at i/o is one of my favorite ones if you haven't seen personally oh you can save twenty twenty five percent on every purchase on Amazon by using Bitcoin cash the shirt and shorts I'm wearing I bought on the first i/o with my Bitcoin cash there so yeah a whole bunch of you go to Roger if you're not call me up some of them elicit another one I don't keep up with as closely but like ripple I I was literally the second person ever involved a triple and the reason for that is at the time Bitcoin was two dollars each the guy that founded ripple said hey I know how to make Bitcoin without requiring mining and so we can have you know fast cheap reliable irreversible payments without requiring mighty nice okay let's give it a try and see what happens and I don't know if they've succeeded with that or not I don't know a whole lot about what they've been up to you but ripples what the third big cryptocurrency by market cap I was I put up the seed money to start ripple so we'll see what happens on that front as well and so but to circle back to your point back in the olden days people said Roger bitcoins just your special project you just want us all to use it because you'll make a bunch of money if that happens and like I did make a bunch of money because that happened but that wasn't my goal my goal is I want to empower every single individual to be able to do whatever the hell they want with their own money and not need permission from some politician they've never met and Bitcoin used to enable that Bitcoin cash enables that today and so do a bunch of other cryptocurrencies I'm not a Bitcoin cash maximalist I'm I'm I'm a maximalist for anything that works if it's useful people are gonna you want to use it and I want to build all these tools that make cryptocurrency useful for people to use around the world and whether it's Bitcoin cash or or Z cash or – or aetherium or anything that works I'm a fan of it what do you think about like the actual Bitcoin you know core team that's actually working on the code all the time a lot of people don't realize that there's actually people back there tinkering all the time yeah if they have a bad day they messed something up what happens to the perception of Bitcoin if they you know say allow for double spending or there's a whole bunch of magic money appears in everybody's wallet or you know somebody you know ends up doing something nefarious with it all I think they already screwed up horribly and that's why you saw a huge percentage of the ecosystem shatter off and start using Bitcoin cash myself included and very many of the original the original people that were promoting Bitcoin another guy Rick foul being he's the founder of the Swedish part private party I think it was Forbes or some major publication listed him it's like one of the top 100 minds of the 20th century or something like that it's just a really really smart interesting guy in 2012 he put out a blog post saying about how he's selling all of his assets and going all-in on Bitcoin and he did that in 2012 today he's a big giant Bitcoin cash supporter because Bitcoin cash is the version of Bitcoin that we got excited about back in 2011 2012 2013 and if something's useful people are gonna use it and so back to your question about the developers what happens if they make a mistake they already made a huge mistake 2010 they did they had to basically delete a whole bunch of money yeah there was a big there was a big hard fork in 2010 there was another one last year they could have destroyed Bitcoin but some anonymous person said hey it was an anonymous Bitcoin cash developer some actually tipped off the Bitcoin Satoshi I mean some anonymous guy says hey guys before you launch this code you might want to take a look at it cuz you're about know the code was already in production it was a live on the network oh not all the nodes grab it or won't know everybody was running but people hadn't so realize it won't live yet I thought was just rev up until that point that Bitcoin core developers had just trolled incessantly the Bitcoin cash developers it'd be cash doesn't have any developers and the be cash developers are it's just a bunch of juvenile name-calling and they were basically saying that Bitcoin cash doesn't have smart developers and one of these Bitcoin cash developers found that there was a bug in Bitcoin core that would allow infinite inflation there and like nobody had exploited the blog at that point but it was there present live in the code put out by it was code written by Matt Correll a blue mat it's his name for bikal corn so one of these Bitcoin cash developers was nice enough to point this out to them and they rushed out an emergency patch to fix that issue and thankfully to a large extent after that a lot of the trolling from those people towards Bitcoin cash not having smart developers or good developers has toned down a little bit it still exists but it's not to the same extent that it used to be in it so it's really you know juvenile name-calling as far as I'm concerned and there's lots of really smart developers on both sides but the Bitcoin core developers really got it wrong from the economic code of Bitcoin if for Bitcoin to be useful to people it needs to have fast cheap reliable transactions and Bitcoin had that in 2011 2012 2013 and then I think in 2014 or 2015 they introduced this thing called replace by fee which basically I was anybody to divert to payment to anybody else at any point after it's been broadcast to the network but before it's been included in the block and then they intentionally tried to make the blocks fall so the last like day or two the average transaction time on the Bitcoin core network on the BTC network has been over 24 hours to get your transaction included in a block and as we're recording this there's somewhere in the ballpark of I think 70 80 or 90 thousand Bitcoin transactions waiting the mempool to be included in a block that's a disaster for user experience if you want a fast cheap rely transactions you don't want tens of thousands of transactions waiting to be included in the block that's a disaster for commerce and that's why as somebody that was one of the first people to start using Bitcoin in commerce it stopped being usable in commerce that's why I switched to using Bitcoin cash because it works incredibly well and it's accepted in more than a hundred thousand websites it's very liquid it's the fourth biggest cryptocurrency by market cap shorter and I'm using it because it's useful and if something else becomes more useful I'll switch to that in a nutshell for people to understand the difference between my Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash what's like the easiest way to explain it to them I think even easier than explaining it to them is use it I've definitely done that before and show that to them but maybe you can explain so explaining why's you'll pay three four five maybe ten maybe even twenty dollars to make a a transaction on the Bitcoin network you'll pay a tenth of a penny to make a Bitcoin cash transaction or even less than a tenth of a penny sounds like magic why because it works the same way Bitcoin used to work the blocks are never full intentionally and the transactions are irreversible as soon as you've broadcasted a transaction that's supposed to be the end of it and and it is the end of it for for Bitcoin cash transactions it's not the end of it for Bitcoin transactions so if you're trying to do online payments Bitcoin cash provides an awesome user experience sadly and it breaks my heart to say this is the first investor in the Bitcoin ecosystem but Bitcoin provides a horrible user experience at this point and that's why people are starting to use things other than Bitcoin for payments online what happens if Bitcoin caches price gets you know high like bitcoins is that going to affect you know the speed and transactions no because the by the intentional design and there was the intentional design a Bitcoin to be in a way than the name of the project got hijacked but the blocks are never going to be full and the blocks are never full that means there's always room for your transactions in the blocks and so your transactions will go through quickly reliably safely that's the entire point of peer-to-peer cash fast cheap reliable transactions Bitcoin cash has it and I'm not attacking Bitcoin I'm just telling the truth about Bitcoin Bitcoin no longer has it yeah I mean Satoshi nakamoto's probably created one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime for sure for sure so and you know a lot of people thought that you were mr. Bitcoin in the beginning at that you know it's your project in some extent I was right there wasn't anybody else investing the project back then and now there's lots of people investing in Bitcoin cash but I'm you know busy promoting it and using my platform that I have is the CEO Bitcoin comm to promote it and people give those same criticisms but they they weren't really true the last time around and they're not true this time around and I'm telling Pete I've told people everybody hey use Bitcoin buy Bitcoin this is gonna be amazing and it turned out to be true and I'm saying the same thing about Bitcoin cash I think it'll be true again and I did it for the same reasons last time around is that I'm doing it this time around so you basically you know help promote and get adoption for Bitcoin then you got into it kind of with the core team and then decided to so there's video there's video clip something you can see on on youtube of me saying we're so lucky to have these smart software developers on the core team like this is wonderful and I was I was you know singing their praises and then when I watched them integrate replaced by fee that was a disaster and then when I saw them intentionally try to make the blocks fall to create they call it a fee market it's not a fee market what is is it's an artificial production quota on the amount of block space they've artificially limited the amount of block space that the miners are allowed to produce on Bitcoin that's an absolute hard fork to the economic code that made Bitcoin successful to begin with so we had this economic code of fast cheap reliable payments that may be quite successful they kicked that to the curb and now their new economic formula is slow expensive unreliable payments and if you look at it that's exactly what they're advocating for well if you have one payment that worked as fast cheap and reliable Bitcoin cash and a bunch of other alt coins as well and you have another payment network that's slow expensive and unreliable the thing that everybody's calling Bitcoin that still has this first mover advantage in huge name recognition but the payments are slow expensive and unreliable you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that people are going to migrate from the slow it's been – the unreliable payment network – the payment networks that are fast cheap and reliable and that's why we saw a big claims market share go from a hundred percent market share to like 62 percent at the moment so yeah one of the things that you know a lot of people just don't understand is there's a core team still developing Bitcoin all the time they can actually create problems and who kind of like nominated them to take Satoshi's original blockchain and just start implementing these changes I realize you you have to consensus and you're supposed to have people to you know and raise their hand and say yeah go ahead and do that but who put these guys in charge you really touched a hot-button issue there so when Satoshi left the project he he asked Gavin Andresen hey Gavin and Gavin had been helping with the project a lot since 2010 and was a you know devote you know writing code for the Bitcoin core protocol at that point and Satoshi said hey can I put your email address on the website as somebody that people can contact about the project and Gavin said yeah sure and what Satoshi didn't tell Gavin at the same time by the way when I had your email to their I'm gonna remove mine so that's a Satoshi did Satoshi literally put Gavin's contact information on the website and removed Satoshi zone information so like Satoshi turned over the project to Gavin right then and there Gavin wanted some help and some other people helpful there so Gavin in addition to having you know keys to the the now they're using github but back then they were using SourceForge which was like a precursor to github anyhow he invited some other people and gave them access also to the source code for Bitcoin so that uh one of the people he gave access to is a guy named Greg Maxwell Luke jr. and a couple of others so it'd be like if I was Satoshi I gave you the keys to the software repository then Gavin shared those keys with some other people and then later on those other people revoked Gavin's keys and kicked them out of the whole project and totally hai basically they hijacked the entire project of Bitcoin and not only did the revoke Gavin's access after he was nice enough to share his access with them who and again Gavin received it from Satoshi they then totally hard folk the hard fork the entire economic code of the project and basically managed to get control of the main discussion platforms as well so our Bitcoin on reddit is a completely censored platform if you try and tell this story on our Bitcoin your post will be deleted if you try and say anything in favor of bigger blocks or scaling on chain your post will be deleted in the same as true of Bitcoin talk tour which are the two biggest discussion platforms for Bitcoin and in the early days everybody was of you know the point of view let's kill Bitcoin to be cash for the world it's supposed to be peer-to-peer electronic cash they started censoring anybody that would post anything like that and then all the people that were new to Bitcoin only got to hear this story value narrative and that Oh bitcoins not meant to be used as money and you should just hold your Bitcoin in there use it and then over time because all the people with the original voices like myself and Gavin and in all the original people and you know Bryan Armstrong as well all the original people that were involved in Bitcoin our voices were silenced on this platform all the new people that came to Bitcoin they only heard the new narrative the bitcoins a store value and in the original you know original adopters and promoters like myself we became the minority and basically got pushed out of the Bitcoin network and we found a home with Bitcoin cash because as Gavin said Bitcoin cash and he said this publicly it's on his Twitter feed Bitcoin cash is the Bitcoin that he started working on in 2010 a store of value and a medium of exchange and for me it's the same thing Bitcoin cash is the version pick when I started working on in in January of 2011 obscure value and a medium of exchange and this whole idea that you can have something just be a store value all by itself that's economic nonsense it's a bunch of people that haven't studied economics if you believe that in order for something to be usable as a store value it must have a secondary use case if you don't have an additional use case it's not it's not going to be a store value credible so that's a lot right there that is a lot I mean there's so many different ways you can you can talk about this I mean basically the guy that Satoshi gave the keys to the castle to got kicked out of the castle – yeah so now there's a bunch of people squatters you know running it's kind of like one way you could look at this yeah and and another short thing everybody likes to claim a little bit coin censorship resistant how can you claim it's censorship resistant when the main discussion platforms are completely censored platforms that's not that's interesting I think everybody should go over there to Reddit and try to ask some questions and see if you get censored yeah your post will get to leader or just Google our Bitcoin censorship but there's a couple of essays by some guy using the name John block and he documents it with screenshots and if you spend that it's like maybe a 15 minute read your jaw will drop when you see the censorship that goes it went on there and it's all documented there you'll just be heft your mind blown and and don't underestimate like censorship happens because censorship works it's shaping a public opinion that's why governments all around the world love to censor things that's why China censors the Internet that's why all these governments you know love to since Tina because censorship works it's shaping people's a worldview and opinion so yeah Google media yeah yeah sadly for sure so I mean I guess when you helped in the beginning and you push Bitcoin forward and then you started you know you kind of left can you went over to Bitcoin cash you've kept the you know the website Bitcoin calm yeah so what do you say to people that you know saying hey wait a minute you know Rogers selling Bitcoin cash not Bitcoin but he's saying it's Bitcoin calm you know they're being bamboozled what's going on here so what do you tell these people I'd say I never left Bitcoin I'd say they're BTC version of Bitcoin left me with Gavin side when the whole thing happens but I go to Bitcoin accom are forms are completely uncensored you can go and call me a jerk and a scammer saying Oh Rogers promoting B cash you can post it there and we're not going to delete your post which is not true if that's the discussion platforms for Bitcoin right our Bitcoin and Bitcoin talked org but we educate people very clearly we explain the differences we show how it works we're very clear about it and we label them both very very clearly so and and the address formats are different so I think if anybody's saying that their I would even argue if someone goes and buys BTC thinking that it's Bitcoin they're the ones that have been fooled they're the ones they're being trick i it's right there in the title of the original Bitcoin white paper bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system be the BTC version of Bitcoin doesn't work as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system anymore so if you buy BTC think it's Bitcoin you got fooled you got tricked you got cheated whereas if you buy Bitcoin cash thinking it's a Bitcoin go and read the white paper it's clear the white paper is talking about Bitcoin cash it's not talking about the BTC version of Bitcoin okay and go and try both like I invite you please try both make buy 20 bucks to both send them from one phone to another or from your computer back to your phone do that two or three times and you will be sold on Bitcoin cash being the more useful version of Bitcoin because if you do that with BTC you won't have any money left you send 20 bucks two or three times all your money will be gone with bitcoin cash you'll still have 20 bucks left you know he's not lying actually I went and I did a live stream or a while ago where I tried to send somebody in the chat $1.00 of Bitcoin it cost me twenty three dollars in like 56 cents to send one dollar and once they received the dollar though it spendable because it would cost him another $23 to spend the $1 it was crazy that and that's just to get it to go through the transaction but I guess so they would give the transaction less than an hour because you have to kind of pump bump it up a little bit $23 to be at the front line to include it in a block yeah you'd only paid $18 you might have been waiting a day or two or more yeah yeah exactly you know with Bitcoin cash I actually bumped it up as high as it would go it cost me nine cents and they got it and like I don't know a couple seconds it's pretty quick yeah and if you paid nine cents you overpaid for sure I cranked it up just said I cranked both of them up you know just a little bit you know to make it go through in an hour because I wanted them to have it in an hour and I have I have more good news though too so in the future and this used to be the case on Bitcoin back in the early days and these core developers got rid of it there will be 100 percent completely free transactions on Bitcoin cash again someday and the way it used to work on Bitcoin because most Bitcoin transactions were completely free not just cheap but completely free up until like 2013 ish and the way it worked is if your bitcoins have been sitting at an address more than you know X number of hours or days they knew it wasn't a spam transaction when you would move it so it could be completely free and that's coming back to Bitcoin cash again at some point here in the not-too-distant future so if your coins have sat for a couple of days and you go to move them your transaction will be completely free no fee whatsoever and I think that's a big deal and you only have to pay a tenth of a penny if you just moved your Bitcoin cash you know recently that's a good ball so be able to move Bitcoin cash for free yeah and that subject coin used to work remember like almost all I remember it was a big headache for me when I first started to having to pay a fee on Bitcoin because we had the accounting department keeping track of all the transactions and it was very clean you moved this many Bitcoin in and the other person received that many you know Bitcoin out it was there and then we started having to keep track of the fees on top of because the amount of money going out of the wallet didn't match the amount of money going into the new wall or the other law or the person you were paying and it was a lot of extra accounting work so I'm really looking forward to reduce the amount of County and work on the back end there where I getting rid of a lot of the fees people will appreciate it yeah the accounting department will love it so you've been a bit of quin a long time you know you've bought a lot of Bitcoin obviously the the forks have probably produced use of Bitcoin cash you're doing great why why are you still doing this why do you care because if you study economics the best way to bring more economic freedom to the world is through having you know more free markets or I'm sorry more and more more you know tools like Bitcoin enable more free markets more free markets increase the rate of economic growth why do you can you just cash out and just live on an island right I I could ride my phones on the ground here so this is a pretty nifty new we know iPhone 10 here but like I want one that's even better and the best way to have even better technology is through more economic growth right I want flying cars flying cars might have already been here if we had had if we had even 1% more economic growth per year over the last hundred years right right now the median income around in the u.s. is like you know $30,000 or $35,000 or something like that if you had an additional 1% of economic growth compounded over the last you know a hundred years I don't have a calculator in front of me but the average income in the US would be you know over a hundred dollars I'm sorry hundred thousand dollars at this point probably significantly more than that so imagine how much more wealth and how much more Rd and how much more Tennille amazing new technologies would be able to be discovered we'd probably be already you know sending you know people flying around into space hotels and saying you know I remember watching 2001 a Space Odyssey and reading the book as a kid they were talking about in the year 2001 and then we're gonna be sending you know a spacecraft to Jupiter and orbiting the moons of Jupiter and exploring stuff over there or in 2019 or nowhere even close to do that but when arthur c clarke wrote these books in the in the 60s he thought oh by 2001 we'll probably go into jupiter by that point but like no we didn't make it in time and if we want to make it to do these amazing news we need more economic growth more economic growth leads to better technology better technology leads to going to jupiter exploring the stars and you know extending human lifespan so like yeah i could be sipping a martini on the beach out here but like that's not anywhere near as exciting as increasing the rate of economic growth of the world which increases the amazing technology we have you know let's let's figure out how to do all these amazing things to make people's lives better because not only does it improve everybody else's life improves my life too right it's like Bill Gates is the richest guy in the world or one of the richest guys in the world he's probably still using the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung you know galaxy note2 whatever just because he has billions of dollars doesn't mean he gets to have a better cellphone than the rest of us right it doesn't mean that you know he has better much of anything right he only has the best technology that already exists but if we want to make even better technology we need even more economic growth and Mark and I'ma growth will lead to better technology to everybody and even I remember like my first flat screen plasma TV I bought it was like ten thousand dollars and it was like 1080p all right and it weighed probably like a hundred pounds was it even though was a flat screen it was still really heavy now at 1080p flat-screen TV you get one ferrata I think if you just look for cheap Chinese ones probably under 100 bucks at this point I guess stuff now it's like wallpaper you see those TVs I haven't seen the wallpaper ones I've seen I've seen the really thin ones super thin say wallpaper you stick it on the wall and so that's an example of how things get better and better through you know economic growth leads to better technology for everybody and I want to be able to use this better technology in my own life and I'm 40 right like I'm about halfway through with the average lifespan of human beings today let's figure out the technology to extend the human lifespan not just like a hundred years let's go to you know that that wasn't yours ten thousand years right like if you die that's it like you know if you believe in an afterlife you have forever for the afterlife so you might as well spend as much time as we possibly can in this life and if you don't believe in the afterlife you're even more motivated to extend this knife as long as we can let's do that there's no reason we can't do that's actually a really good an afterlife I hope that there's no afterlife but I haven't seen enough evidence to convince me that there is an afterlife and so I want to enjoy this life as much as I possibly can and I want this life to live it lasts as long as I possibly can so I've already taken a substantial amount of the money that I've earned from Krypton my crypto currency and involvement and have started investing in new stem cell research facilities and and life extension technologies so that's I think that's the big next step because if you die you can't you can't join in the benefits of this you know a new improved technologies that are they're coming down the pipe so that's the one of the next things that I want to focus my time energy and financial resources on yeah cuz I was just thinking oh why why is he so driven why is he trying to push this forward so much so I guess things aren't happening fast enough for you so you if it's if it's not gonna happen fast enough for you gonna just have to do it yourself I guess right yeah i father always told me as a kid if you want something done right you have to do it yourself it's like I guess there's some truth to that yeah like Dano says right fine I'll do it myself so what do you think about Libra in the Facebook you know getting into crypto what do you think that does to the whole space so to be honest I haven't spent much time reading into it because I saw it's gonna be based on a stable stable basket of fiat currencies so like there's not a huge investment so you can write from that if we don't look at the tech then what do you think about company like Facebook that's had all these you know breaches of our chakra could do they imagine them in charge of our finances do you think maybe they've learned the lessons of the past where they've you know the leap geezers data they won't do that with their financial data we're having a hundred of the most influential big businesses in the world having access to our data as their nodes do you think there's a potential there for issues as someone who's had you know my own Twitter account throttled in my own Facebook post throttled and my own you know some of the favorite accounts that I used to follow like there is an account it's just posting fun you know libertarian oriented memes on Twitter I love this if I was called Anarchy ball was the name of this Twitter account and all you said libertarian is like one day this account that I used to love watching cuz the memes were so funny it was gone it wasn't on Twitter anymore and I was like where is my favorite account that I used to love to follow it was gone and like it was you know down the memory hole they just deleted it off the face there's so so Facebook and Twitter don't really have a good track record and I don't know why we would expect them to be any more permission giving with their crypto cryptocurrency offering than they are and so I hear a lot of people they always say like you know we need to have you know government around health care I tell them do you really want you know health care with the the speed and efficiency of the DMV and the kindness and compassion of the IRS and I'm not so sure if that's a good idea and it was if you look at one of the taco bells and the McDonald's and and the Burger King's yeah maybe they're cheap a boom they you know they serve their customers fastly and cheaply and reliably that's a lot better than the service I've ever gotten from the DMV IRS yeah I mean I can't argue with any of that and so if you put Facebook now with this global coin Libre coin does that take care of our currency does that now bank the underbanked is that allow access to 3 billion people you know the ability to help pay our services I'll be cautiously optimistic but I'm certainly not going to be overly optimistic with that sort of thing so but but you know to Facebook's credit like it's a lot a lot of people around the world to communicate with other people though too and you know maybe they've even helped like a voyeur war to like there are a lot of anti-war activists that were on Facebook and they're all posting uh I saw there was some page that had Israelis and Palestinians and they were holding signs like I'm a Palestinian and I I like Israelis and Israeli saying like I am in Israeli and I like Palestinians like please you know to our governments please don't attack each other and I thought that was really neat that people were using Facebook as a platform for that sort of thing and that sort of thing I can really like and and appreciate and and if you never meet or talk to anybody as Mark Twain said the best cure for racism is travel and you won't travel the world and you meet other people in your eyes that like for the most part yeah yeah there's some psychopaths out there but most people most of the time in most places are are pretty decent people that will treat you it pretty decently well and and I kind of feel like Facebook is just a large extent to help bring the world closer together and and people to connect with people but I'm not a fan of the censorship one bit they think that the problem for people saying things you don't agree with this is more more people saying more things not less people saying less things yeah I can I couldn't agree with you more and then as far as like you know people in general when you go to different countries like you just said like Mark Twain they don't have issues with other countries that people themselves it's the leaders for one reason or another you know they want more of this or more of that I think we should just put those guys in an octagon look when I go to China to the Chinese people say all the time we love Americans we don't like the American government yeah and I think it's I think it's the same the same way for most people like most people like most people from other countries but what the governments are doing in those countries they're stirring up trouble more often than not yeah where's-where's like a good place that you go for like your information because and obviously you got Bitcoin calm you guys do your own news and things like that but where where do you go to learn more I used to love YouTube but now YouTube's busy censoring all sorts of you know channels and information that people like and and you know Alex Jones says lots of crazy stuff but if you look at what he was saying he was saying four years ago then you know the mainstream media McGovern they're gonna censor me they're gonna censor everybody with dissenting ideas they're gonna censor censor censor and then BOOM overnight they proved him right right they totally proved him right one night they took him off all you know Twitter and Facebook and social and in YouTube just overnight they sent him down the memory hole and yeah some of the stuff he says is crazy but some of the stuff he says is it's true and the fact that he was saying they were gonna censor him spot-on on that one you can't you can't see was wrong on that one and he wasn't the only one there's a whole bunch of other people that just boom down the memory hole on it I was telling you last night at dinner another you know Radio pros program I like to listen to was you know coast to coast am with our bill and I was listening to an old super old archived episode from like 1988 or something I was listening to an mp3 of it on a flight they had a guy on the show that at the time everybody thought it was some crazy conspiracy theorist but he was saying the NSA is spying on everybody they're tapping into every phone line they're spying on everybody the NSA is recording everybody's everything and he was saying this in like 1998 and everybody thought he was just some crazy nut case on this late-night radio show at night and when I was listening to it you know in 2019 oh my god this guy was right he wasn't that crazy in that case back in 1998 sanity turned out he was right about everything so sometimes you never know like the crazy conspiracy theorists that are saying something that sounds crazy today sometimes they turn out to be exactly right so what's the craziest conspiracy theory out there right now that you think is right that other people don't so on that same show a lot of what goes on that show is you know Bigfoot or flying around you know UFOs and abducting people like I'm pretty darn skeptical on that but every once in a while they'll have like really Kurzweil on as a guest Ray Kurzweil heads up like the entire AI department at Google and he says at some point in the near future machines are going to surpass human intelligence and that's we're really gonna have a giant impact on the world and I think that's absolutely true but when they have him guests on the same show where often times they talk about UFO and Bigfoot and this and that and and Bigfoot actually might actually be like there might be something out there I'm skeptical that the Bigfoot are space alien is flying around the UFO is that I'm more skeptical about but when they have Ray Kurzweil on the show the callers that call into the show they that totally take the UFO bigfoot connection stuff seriously they said why are you having this nutcase on the show he's crazy computers are never gonna be smarter than humans this guy's you shouldn't waste your time having him on the show and so I'm on the side of like this the guys right but all the usual listeners of the show think that he's crazy so I I'm on the reverse on that front yeah I mean look at people now they're they're using you know Google over asking a neighbor right so just algorithms you know do you know if you're trying to find you know the best place to eat food they probably aren't going around asking every single person on this yeah you're already looking at AI and stuff like that so you talk about aliens you believe in aliens about that the UFOs yeah I try to only believe in things in which there's there's actual evidence for but if you look at how many stars and how many planets are out there I think would be pretty naive to think that there's not other intelligent life out there somewhere can't wait to make contact with them have they been to earth or not I don't know don't know I haven't seen strong enough evidence for that yet but be kind of fun if they are coming so yeah what would you what'd you say to him try try Bitcoin cash look we're smart threads that was on the Bitcoin talk org forums back in like 2011 there was a big blog discussion thread and says thanks to the invention of Bitcoin now when we finally make contact with aliens we won't have to be embarrassed about the type of money we're using anymore I thought that was kind of funny cuz like up until the image of Bitcoin they're basically using little round pieces of money or pieces of metal as money that's pretty shaken up technology or chicken or tobacco now we have something a bit more advanced in the form of bitcoins so what would I say to them I don't think I'd say anything to them I'd I'd start asking them questions because if they've managed to come here they have a lot better technology than we have so I'd start asking them questions it's a great point it's gonna be like that though is it Bob laser bizarro reverse engineering things I'd offer to give them so all of my Bitcoin if they'd help teach me things cool so what do you think the future blockchain is do you see this is you know just cryptocurrency only is just a you know means of payment do you see this is like we're gonna be using blockchain to you know fuel everything it's gonna just be running everything in the world's gonna be running on blockchain or is this cash enough I see a lot of people saying oh we don't know what the killer app for blockchain technology is but I think we already know what the killer app is right so the killer app is peer-to-peer payments and tokens right in with those tokens you can do IC o—- si yos and like you know tokenization all such things so the two killer apps are peer-to-peer payments peer-to-peer cash right and tokens and so we're seeing that happening in Bitcoin cash is pretty good shot at both of those things we have tokens in the monarch wall we have tokens in the Badger wallet at Bitcoin comm there's already a stable coin on Bitcoin cash there's more and more stuff happening there like tokens and peer-to-peer payments and I'm I'm not just a fan of Bitcoin cash from a fan of anything that works so if it works for peer-to-peer payments and it works for tokens and it works in a permissionless way I love it not gladly be promoting it so basically you know running businesses on block chains and things like that are probably just it's kind of a means for people to raise money just putting blockchain behind you know the name it's probably so much more ease of yeah exactly right they probably just use the database but they use blockchain so they use that as kind of a mechanism to raise money you think just peer-to-peer you know basically spending in the EOS and I SEOs and things like that or nothing yeah yeah and look at how much excitement of God and the only reason that kind of calmed down a little bit as the the etherium Network started to get clogged and have high fees and slow transactions right the crypto Kitty's clogged it up and any time there was a big ICO that the network will kind of clog up and that that's another fun thing about you know Bitcoin cash tokens ten times faster than the theory M tokens and a hundred times cheaper and a lot more scalable as well so that's a pretty pretty big deal so I love aetherium I'm not basketeria but I and I hope something even better than Bitcoin cash comes along I always I hope something better than my current iPhone comes along I hope something better that everything comes along so that way we all get to use it so what about smart contracts right because you get those in aetherium what about the for you know like Bitcoin cash or something some more this it's never been my my thing so much I haven't been as excited but like Bitcoin cash has all sorts of scripting as well so you can write your smart contracts on Bitcoin cash to some extent and I know we just launched cash script so if you're if you're a software developer go to developer table Bitcoin calm and like three days ago they launched those cash grip which I guess is a high-level programming language for Bitcoin cash that will compile into the Bitcoin cash script so I haven't had a chance to review any of it myself yet but I know that justö launched it Developer tab it quinta comps or if you're a software developer hopefully that'll be exciting to you cool and where do you see yourself like in the next year or two right because you've got a lot of your time and effort going into the Bitcoin cash first was Vic one you got that up and running then you went over to Bitcoin cash you're doing the same thing here what do you see yourself you know in a year two years I think I'll be busy promoting whatever tool bring us more economic freedom to the world because more economic freedom leads to more economic growth and more economic growth leads to a higher standard of living for everyone including myself so I'll be right here espousing the the virtues of more economic freedom for the world yeah who do you kind of look up to in the space that's you know it's in crypto that you're like you know he's a good guy he's doing good things that you know other people should be looking at too and maybe you know following them or checking out what they had to say out there there's a lot I'm Gavin Andresen has been quiet now for the last couple years he got attacked so viciously with the scaling wars but I was a really big fan of galvanize and Reese and I I really knew he must be a good guy when I was sitting in the room listening to him give an interview and they asked him like what's a book that you like and one of one of the books that he recommended was a economics in one lesson by Henry Hazlitt and that was a book I recommended or I read as a young man and when he recommended that I was like wow that's the book I love and really shaped my view of the world in fact I loved it so much that this most recent year we gave a copy of it to every single person working at Bitcoin calm they got a copy of economics in one lesson and it's a fantastic book and if you read it you will see the world more clearly in the below and if you see the world more clearly you're able to navigate through the world more more effectively and so that's what everything is in life is understanding the world we live in we're ready to be able to deal with the world that we're living in and see if you can understand the world more clearly you'll be more successful in navigating the world we live in and to economics in one lesson is a great book and when gavin recommended that without any prompting for me i just have to be sitting in the room and i don't think he knew that i was a fan of that book i was like this is the right great community for me so i guess i think you take it to gavin for being such an amazing steward of bitcoin for its first maybe five five years or so there so gotcha so Gavin anybody else out there that people should looking at that still out there developing of course another just amazing thinker he has a good youtube channel I think it's called you're all Satoshi or something like that another really really thoughtful insightful smart guy with lots of amazing insights into lots of different things yeah Olivia and sense is another great guy who's really involved much more early on in both Bitcoin and etherium I really like his his way of thinking as well there's there's a lot of them out there how about you who do you like watching tell me like mmm well I guess you know I currently be like Andreas Antonopoulos cuz he's you know one of the guys you know he's been in the space for quite a while he looks he comes out it kinda from a different angle so yeah I like listening to him obviously I love listening to yourself Brock Peters but yeah there's something guys that I like to listen to there's there's a lot more as far as on the developer side of things but just as far as just kind of like the overview and just you know kind of the the reason for things those are probably three of the guys that I like to listen to quite a bit so what's maybe some of the you know the best advice you can give to people that are trying to get into crypto or they're still trying to wrap their brains around this and they're like what is this block same thing what is this crypto thing what's you know there's this Bitcoin thing all that kind of stuff what's what's some advice that you would give to those people I think the best advice is to take a break from reading about it or watching YouTube with videos about it and start using it going down low to the wallet get the monarch wallet or get the bachelor wallet or get whatever wallet you want and Sinnott receive some cryptocurrency send and receive some tokens go buy some Bitcoin cash and then going on over to purse that I oh and buy something on Amazon for a 20% discount with you Bitcoin cash you'll see the usefulness right there going by you something normally costs $100 $80 worth of Bitcoin cash it'll ship right to your door or from Amazon then you'll see the usefulness of this and if you do with Bitcoin cash will cost you a tenth of a penny if you do with the BTC version of Bitcoin it'll cost you an extra five or ten bucks so instead of with Bitcoin cash you pay $80 for $100 item with a with BTC maybe a wind-up still paying $100 for the hundred I'm after the fees what was the point of that so anyhow go and try using it then you'll see just how useful this is so basically use it was there in tribe let's try it give it a try and then with Bitcoin calm so that's that's yours you know it's kind of tell us what it does for people that you know trying to you know basically figure it all out right what's what is Bitcoin calm what is it is it media is it a website is it just a place to buy crypto it's a little and everything yes it's all of those things and more my favorite new portion of the website that we just launched is a local Bitcoin comm or you can buy or sell Bitcoin cash with anyone in any country for any payment method in any amount with no kyc required what how is that possible well I'll say it again you can buy with anybody any amount with no kyc in any country with any payment method duffle bag is a cash wire transfers absolutely anything because bitcoin to come never touches the money in any way it's just a platform and Bitcoin in common never touches the money we're using something called and it's a mouthful because there's not a good way to describe it in a single word because it was impossible before the invention of cryptocurrencies nothing like this existed before we're calling the non-custodial blind escrow and so basically you can have some an actus Nestor agent but the escrow agent never holds the money and they're blind to the fact that they were even acting as an escrow agent unless there's a problem you contact them said oh by the way we nominated you as the the escrow agent so but the escrow agent can never touch the money can never run away with the money but if there's a dispute let's say you and I are have a trade the escrow agent can give you the ability to take the money or give me the ability to take the BAI money I mean Bitcoin cash in this case to take the Bitcoin cash back to me so like a really an amazing platform check out local doubt bitcoin calm you come by and sell anything with bitcoin cash on that platform right now today we just launched June 4th we have a 10 mm of users are signed up millions of dollars worth of trades have been initiated already it's really an amazing platform and then you guys also I think have found a way to make things more anonymous right so basically cash shuffle we helped fund the development of it we're busy trying to integrate it into our Bitcoin comm wallet but Bitcoin cash transactions can now be a really private to if you like a shuffle comm you can download the cash shuffle wallet and it'll shuffle up your Bitcoin cash with everybody else is in a permissionless trustless way and so all these chain analytics companies which are chain analytics is just a euphemism for like spy company right they're spying on your transactions and then selling your data probably mainly the government's like the biggest customers of these uh chain analytics companies these by companies are the IRS and then the you know the DEA and these sorts of law enforcement agencies they want to spy on what people are doing other cryptocurrency well going download the cash shuffle wallet today and you know I'm not advising it just you know go and do illegal things with the Tripta currency but I think privacy is a fundamental human right you should be able to have private transactions if you buy a coffee or you buy a polo shirt with your Bitcoin cash on purse today oh the NSA doesn't need to know about that so go and use a cash shuffle and we're busy building that right into the Bitcoin comm wall it's the Bitcoin dot-com wallet we'll have private transactions I'd love to urge you with the monarch wallet look into building in cash shuffling demonic wallet as well it's an open protocol there all the codes open-source let's give people fast cheap reliable and private financial transactions in the Bitcoin cash Network that's what we're busy doing it sounds great and it's a great place to catch up on all the news too right so it's a great spot to see what's going on in the industry as well and then a more about you I guess a little bit right so what's what's some of the craziest things that you've ever done you know like personally man what are you when you just drove a little bit too fast to the kid used to be into drag racing quite a bit and had some pretty fast cars Louis of course the fastest one I ever owned was a Shelby Cobra replica so it's like a 2,200 pound car and it made 430 horsepower at the wheels there's like 555 wheel horsepower and that was without the nitrous I had 150 horsepower nitrous kit on top of it but I was always too scared to use that so drivings I said I took a the Sacramento drag strip a couple of times by to drive it out you know highway 85 or 101 in the Bay Area when I was younger and then the fastest I ever grew of a car ever was I used to have a 60 65 Mercedes Benz that's the twin turbo v12 Mercedes and then I bought the aftermarket Marin tech upgrade so that was a almost it was 950 foot-pounds of torque at the flywheel and about 850 flywheel horsepower so it's over 630 horsepower at the wheels right at the wheels that's a lot of power so I rather get it up to you if you're if you're in a quarter-mile drag racing times I ran an 11 point zero second quarter mile time at uh what are you ran 133 mile an hour trap speed that's a really fast Travis speed for anybody that's a drag racing and I think the fastest I ever drove that one I could drove it up to like 180 hit one point on the track of course a little bit irresponsible yeah so you got any big plans anything that you know the world should be known I should hear about maybe a little bit before it happens something to be excited about cash shuffle coming to the Bitcoin comm wall it's a big deal oh our new our wall it's much faster than it used to be so if you make a new wallet on Android it's rolled out to 100% of Android wallets and it's still rolling out slowly to the iPhone wallets but it used to take a second or two from the time you hit slide to send in the Bitcoin comm wall to actually sin the transaction now it's basically done sending as soon as you've hit the slide to send button there so yeah give that a try if you haven't already fast money who does the fast money and doesn't love that right yeah cool what's been awesome hanging out with you hear your story so thank you for the opportunity anytime god bless thank you thanks a bunch beeps catch you the next one god bless and if you like this video share it with a friend and subscribe to the show thank you welcome back everybody huge thanks to Roger really appreciate you inviting us in your home and taking the time to tell us your side of the story there's been so many people out there over the years have been telling us your story for us that may not have been true and it was pretty awesome to hear directly from you means next to this guy you can just kind of feel how driven he is if you hear the stories of all the different companies that he's invested in and kind of given the legs to that we still use every day in crypto it's pretty freakin awesome not to mention the philanthropy side of things that he really doesn't talk about and him is an advisor for monarch you know the guy everything that he said he was gonna do for us he has so my book he's a pretty stand-up guy so I don't know be here what you think about it in the comments below but something that you know one of the things that I find really amusing and funny is that a lot of people thought that he created Bitcoin that he was Satoshi Nakamoto back in the day people accused him of creating Bitcoin and he just made it to make himself a bunch of money but obviously we know he didn't create Bitcoin he was just one of the biggest evangelists for it then he went to Bitcoin cash and started being an evangelist for Bitcoin cash and people there again think that he created Bitcoin cash but really he's a supporter so hopefully you guys learned something about this you know I had a great time hearing him I probably could've done a better job interviewing I just got done doing like a three-mile Ron had a huge coffee it was just really hard to cool down it's beautiful here as you can see this is the the backdrop you know we showed you the ocean yesterday but it is hot it is it is muggy but it's a beautiful place beautiful people it was a great time so for people that want to win the hundred bucks a Bitcoin cash we do it here every Monday just look at the pen comment follow the directions here show up here on Monday 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time see if you want but I had a great time I hope you did too hopeful you got some value out of this I appreciate your Roger thanks a bunch everybody watching Love You God bless you catch you the next one you

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