Биткоин – ПИРАМИДА? | Мифы о Биткоине

Биткоин – ПИРАМИДА? | Мифы о Биткоине

Bitcoin is the currency of the criminal
of the world. Bitcoin is not provided with anything. Bitcoin is a pyramid. Bitcoin is speculative
bubble. You are on CryptoInside today
we will consider prejudice about bitcoin and will analyze in detail
each of the above theses. It is said that when
the first locomotive was launched in America, many people were
are confident that the locomotive will not be able to move
places. When did the locomotive move
and began to gain momentum, people began to doubt,
that the engine can stop at such a great speed. This story briefly describes,
how does humanity accept innovation, through ignorance
and misunderstanding, distrust, fear, objection, struggle
and even a ban on total dissemination of new
and the replacement of old technologies. For the first time massively talked about Bitcoin almost
5 years after its appearance – in end of 2013. Then the rate of the first crypto currency
suddenly took off and overcame a mark of $ 1000. That was incredible! Bitcoin was written and said
practically all mass media in the world. It was the first mass
recognition Bitcoin, but at the same time it came
misunderstanding, distrust and skepticism. People could not understand how
“Something that appeared out of nowhere” can be so high
cost and even perform function of money? Let’s take a closer look
most popular objections and statements about bitcoin. Let’s start with the saying: “Bitcoin
– currency of criminal peace “. This statement is worth
the fact that all transactions in Bitcoin are anonymous. In fact, they are pseudo-anonymous,
but this has no special values. The mass consciousness is advancing
The thesis that if a person hides its source
income and its financial operation, then he is a criminal. “Bitcoin will end badly,
this is fraud … worse, than bulbs of tulips
… but if you were a trader drugs, murder, like
things you’d better do in bitcoins than in dollars
USA”. These words belong to Jamie
Daimon – American millionaire, the chairman
Board of Directors and General director of the largest
financial holding company «JPMorgan Chase. & Quot; Later, Jamie Dimon
during an interview to the TV channel Fox Business admitted that regrets
about what bitcoin called fraud worse
tulipanomania. Of course, criminal
The world uses Bitcoin to conduct their financial
operations. But, criminals also
uses US dollars, euro, Japanese yen
and many other currencies of the world. I think that the thesis about the criminal
the origin of Bitcoin is based on the fact that people
do not understand “who is for Bitcoin? “. This misunderstanding, in its
The turn comes from the historical practice of humanity – all
financial institutions of the state Somebody is governed by central
banks, reserve funds etc. These structures produce
release (issue) of money and control
their circulation. And, if for Bitcoin there is no state in
face of his institutions, then, probably he is run by
the criminal world. Such a logics!
At the core this understanding lies ignorance and inertia
thinking, it is difficult for people to realize and, moreover, to accept,
that the financial structure may not have a single
center of management, and based distributed peer-to-peer
network in which all nodes are equal, and managed by a network
protocol, i. computer the program in which the
all the rules. Bitcoin is a pyramid.
Very common statement skeptics crypto currency.
let’s we shall understand for the beginning in
himself definition of the Pyramid or
the same “Schemes of pontsi.” Pyramid is a financial
scam in which incomes of the first participants
are provided by an influx money of subsequent depositors.
Of course, it should be constant, growing in a geometric
progression of asset emissions pyramid (shares, bonds,
coupons, etc.) that would buy new members
in exchange for promises of receipt income (dividends). These
money just goes for the payment of “dividends”
to those who became depositors earlier.
Pyramid exists before until there is an influx of new investors,
which provide income previous. Usually,
money attracted by financial pyramids, are not sent as
investment in business projects, but only distributed
between the participants. When this, the lion’s share gets
organizers the pyramids. Classical pyramid
does not create a useful product or services.
Bitcoin does not have one at all concepts, as investors and dividends,
but there are users who make transactions (monetary
transfers) between addresses each other and the miners who
ensure the operability system and get paid for it
remuneration from the same system (software, without
participation of third parties). Growth or drop in value
bitcoin depends exclusively from market
mechanism – demand and offers on crypto-currency
exchanges. Since the issue bitcoin is limited, and
demand is constantly growing, then this ensures growth
market value of bitcoin. It’s like the growth of value
shares of successful companies, a bitcoin – some kind of
digital asset, growing in the price.
So what to call bitcoin the pyramid is absolutely illiterate
and stupid. Bitcoin is speculative bubble
One of the most popular analogues for the growing The price of bitcoins is
“Tulipomania”: speculative financial bubble that
occurred in Holland in 1630-ies. Bitcoin is often compared
with Tulipomania, but how much Is this comparison fair? Demand for beautiful tulips
in the 1630s in Holland gave rise to an increase in the price of bulbs,
from which they were grown. In turn, the rise in prices
on the bulbs, that so many people rushed
on this market aspiring buy them to grow
tulips, then sell even more expensive than their bulbs. Thus, first on the market
the number of customers grew bulbs dreaming fast
get rich, and demand exceeded offer, as a result
prices grew rapidly. The blister swelled. But, then came the saturation,
number of sellers increased and the offer began to exceed
demand – the market collapsed, and the bubble collapsed.
With Bitcoin the primary situation is similar – the growth
of prices for bitcoins attracts to it new users,
who must buy them for earlier users.
And for this they must connect to the network
Bitcoin. Network size is growing and according to the law of Metcalfe,
its usefulness is growing, that even more pushes the price
bitcoin up. At the same time, Issue of new Bitcoin coins
not just limited, it decreases with time.
Saturation of the market does not happen. Demand for bitcoins is not is satisfied, and
more increases. it’s the same pushes the price up.
A paradoxical the situation – the bubble swells, but it can not burst,
as demand does not fall due to lack of saturation
market. As a result, short-term periods of falling prices to bitcoin (in view of the negative
news, etc. secondary fatkorov) are replaced still
its large growth. If bitcoin, as a backup
asset, it will take the place of gold, the aggregate
the cost of the Bitcoin network (capitalization) can achieve
several trillion US dollars. It means,
that the current price of bitcoin can grow by another order
and even more. Bitcoin is not provided with anything
– it’s one of the main theses of opponents
crypto-currency. They believe, that the money they enjoy in daily life,
something is provided. Some mythical commodity mass
or gold. About this we have already released
roller and you can see
by clicking on the card in the upper right corner of the screen.
The truth is that manufactured state of fiat, fiduciary
money, such as American dollar, euro, chinese
yuan, Japanese yen, ruble and others, also nothing
are provided. They are used as a means of calculation and payments exclusively
because the state so established by its laws,
obliging all organizations and institutions
as a legal tender national
currency. Try to go to the supermarket
and pay off at the box office with foreign currency.
You will not be accepted! Even one that is clearly stronger
and more stable than the national one,
for example, the US dollar or Euro.
Yes, and the American dollar lost his of its gold security
back in 1971 and kept solely on the strength of the economy
USA. But, any economic
crisis pushes people to invest their fiat money in something
more significant and stable – gold, land, art objects
and antiques, etc. Fate money have no internal
value, value, except forced coercion
states use them. In fact, these are colored sheets of paper,
and they are practically nothing do not differ in their
Functionality from shells and arrowheads used
ancient people for mutual exchange of goods. Emission in Bitcoine, unlike the state
fiduciary, fiduciary money, is limited. And trust to the crypto currency is based
on network control and cryptographic protocol.
Bitcoin possesses not intrinsic value,
but very high utility – ability fast enough, reliable
and cheaply transfer the equivalent cost over long distances.
Since, according to the law Metcalfe, the usefulness of the network is growing
is proportional to the square number of its users,
then in the same proportion The utility also grows, so
and the value of bitcoin. Than there will be more nodes and users on the network
Bitcoin, the stronger and more expensive is her calculated
unit – bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin, as a system, a network, is
not even money, but a method, means, protocol, used
for reliable transfer of value. It can be use for shopping,
payments and other financial operations. This is new means of exchange of value
in the upcoming digital era. We dismantled the main objections of opponents
and skeptics Bitcoin. All these objections are based
on ignorance or misunderstanding The way bitcoin works.
People reckon bitcoin to the pyramid, even
not knowing the very definition the pyramids. People think, that bitcoin is used
on the black market more, than state
currency, believe that bitcoin nothing is provided, but they themselves
use paper, backed up promises of the state.
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